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Basic information:

1. Name:Ssej (Jess)
2. Age:15
3. Location:Maryland
4. Gender:Female
5. Sexual orientation:Heterosexual


6. Make a list of all the bands you listen to. The more you put, the easier it is for us to see your tastes:Marilyn Manson, Atreyu, AFI, Slipknot, Zeromancer, Antiflag, Thursday, The Used, Within Temptation, Velvet Revolver, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Therion, The Chariot, System of a Down, Taking Back Sunday, Spitafield, Soulfly, Smashing Pumpkins, Slayer, Shadows Fall, Silverchair, Rammstein, OTEP, Novice, Nightwish, Murderdolls, MCR, MSI, Megadeth, Letterkills, Lacuna Coil, Kittie, Killswitch Engage, Kill Hannah, Kataklysm, HIM, Jane's Addiction, Hawthorne Heights, Hatebreed, Halifax, Green Day, STOY, Halestorm, Sandboxbullies, Death or Rememberance, Flogging Molly, Brand New, Evergreen Terrace, Earshot, Eighteen Visions, Dying Fetus, Disturbed, Black Sabbath, Cursive, Crossfade, Thornley
7. Favorite band:Marilyn Manson
8. Favorite CD:Depends on my mood really. It could range anywhere from Bach to Holywood. That's the best thing about music don't you think?
9. Favorite lyric: "I'm not a slave to a God that doesn't exist. I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit."
10. Favorite Book:Hard Long Road Out Of Hell
11. Favorite Movie:I like documentaries -- so I would have to say Bowling for Columbine.
12. Talk about your favorite concert you've been to:Went to a Three Days Grace concert in DE and it was pretty cool. They were a lot more hardcore in person than on their album -- which was a plus. I also heard about another kickass band at that concert -- Halestorm who has a female vocalist. The other band was okay - Thornley, which were also much better in concert. I'm sure the Atreyu concert (my second favorite band) on the 25th of this month will be 100 times better - we'll have to see. =)
13. List some concerts you've been to:Mostly local bands. Favorite band around here -- Sandbox Bullies, they opened for Chevelle in DC a year back. Pretty cool. It's nice when you know the people in the bands personally... makes the whole experience more enjoyable.
14. Are you active in the local scene?: Very, I'm a sucker for local bands.


15. Gay marriage:Go for it. I have tons of gay friends, I find that the guys are really great talkers and listeners -- I can tell them anything and if they respect me enough to listen -- I have enough respect for them to do what they want -- be that may, gay marriage.
16. Abortion:Speaking as someone who is sXe and I believe in full control of ones-self; mind, body, and heart -- I think that if you conceived the child you should give birth to it. The only circumstance that I can think of off the top of my head that I would deem appropriate for abortion would be rape or something one has no control over. But who am I to judge what is appropriate?
17. Bush:I believe in the war and all that Bush is doing. I can't say that I would do anything better in this country. It's hard to have so much pressure built up all around you and I think he does quite well compared to other presidents. Maybe it's just around here, but people make it seem like he's the only president that's ever declared war on another country? If he had support I think more things would happen for the better.
18. What does "emo" mean to you?:*Sigh* Just another way to judge someone. Put a label on them, we do it so well don't we?
19. "CSI":I don't watch T.V. to tell you the truth. I watch the Simpsons when I need a chuckle though...
20. "Seinfeld":I've never seen the previews -- nor the show.
21. What does love mean to you?Love breaks -- hearts do not. Hearts get wounded and they heal. This is just a personal statement because I can only make this judgement on what I've been through. I've gotten over every pitfall in my life quite well.
22. Why do you think we said Music Is Love?A life without music is no life at all.


23. Make us laugh:My stepdad -- a tad cold.I got a bit bored...
24. Why should we accept you?I'm very openminded yet critical. I like hearing other people's point of views... I know I have enough of my own. =D
25. Promote us to another community, and provide a link:http://www.livejournal.com/community/__atreyu/84225.html?mode=reply

And finally, if you have a pic of your self post it please... Not the greatest pic -- I know. Sorry.

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