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new cd review from virginian pilot

On it's new disc, Mississippi-based 3 Doors Down appears to mostly subscribe to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to songwriting. It would probably be easy to dismiss the band were it not for the phenomenal sales of its first two albums; critically acclaimed or not (trust me, they are not), somebody is listening to 3 Doors Down. So what's the key to their success? The answer can be heard here. There's more to "Seventeend Days" than the band gets credit for. The lyrics are straightforward, deceptively simple, and the arrangements are melodic. The album's first single "Let Me Go," opens with guitar strumming to the lines "One more kiss could be the best thing/One more lie could be the worst."
"Landing in London" is a story of a lonely life on the road. The hidden gem here, though, is a vocal appaearance by Bob Seger, whose easily identifiable voice gives the song a richer vocal texture. In "Right Where I Belong" and "Father's Son," 3 Doors Down tells the story of loss - one of innocence, one of love. So maybe 3 Doors Down is on to something here - heartfelt songs that touch the hearts of those listening. Since when was that a bad thing?

-Chelsea J. Carter, Associated Press-
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