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1. Name: Anya

2. Age: 14. I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me for it.

3. Location: The Berkshires. word.

4. Gender: I’m a chick.

5. Sexual orientation: Hetero



6. Make a list of all the bands you listen to. The more you put, the easier it is for us to see your tastes: ohhh goodness. In no order whatsoever: The Weakerthans, Muse, Iggy Pop, the June Spirit, Phish, Elliot Smith, Nirvana, (Jeff/)Beck, the Postal Service, Counting Crows, Sondre Lerche, Simon and Garfunkel, Ani DiFranco, the Strokes, CSNY, Cursive, Azure Ray, the Mars Volta, The Ramones, Billy Talent, Tsunami Bomb, Cake, Interpol, Tenacious D, Green Day, Brand New, Dream Theater, the Beta Band, R.E.M., They Might Be Giants, Bush, Piebald, Sahara Hotnights, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mest, the Libertines, the Get-Up Kids, Fountains of Wayne, Goo Goo Dolls, Eric Clapton, Modest Mouse, RHCP, the Alkaline Trio, DCFC, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Weezer, the Shins, Coldplay, Elvis Costello, Velvet Underground, Ben Folds(/Five), Stiff Little Fingers, the New Pornographers, Blondie, Jack off Jill, the Ataris, Rooney, Thursday, Ambulance LTD, Joss Stone, the Unicorns, The Who, the Doors, Flaming Lips, the Vines, the Hives, Horrorpops, Finch, Queen, Le Tigre, The Clash, the Pixies, Rufus Wainwright, Sonic Youth, Nick Drake, the Sex Pistols (laugh all you want), Bob Dylan, Hole, Bratmobile, various local bands, Something Corporate, Velvet Revolver, the Cure, Eels, David Bowie, the Dandy Warhols, Aretha Franklin, Sublime, Moby, Further Seems Forever, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, the Smiths, Outkast, Lucky Boys Confusion, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Rancid, Morrisey, the Von Bondies, Phantom Planet, Reel Big Fish, Beastie Boys, Patti Smith, and various other bands that would take up much too much space. I also listen to a lot of classical music and opera-ish stuff (Carmen is the most beautiful thing you will ever hear), because I’m awesome like that, and more Broadway than could possibly be considered cool.


7. Favorite band: Pshhhh.


8. Favorite CD: Hm.. The recent Pixies’ Greatest Hits album is pretty orgasmic, as is Muse’s Absolution and the Weakerthans’ Reconstruction Site.. and anything by Elliot Smith. And the beatles..and the Flaming Lips.. So, in conclusion, the RENT and Amelie soundtracks and the score from The Piano.


9. Favorite lyric: doctors played your dosage like a card trick. scrabbled down the hallways yelling Yahtzee. i brought books on Hopper, and the Artic, something called "The Politics Of Lonely," a toothbrush and a quick-pick with the plus. you tried not to roll your sunken eyes and said "hey can you help me? I can't reach it." pointed at the camera in the ceiling. I climbed up, blocked it so they couldn't see. turned to find you out of bed, and kneeling. before the nurses came, took you away, i stood there on a chair and watched you pray.

—Hospital Vespers, The Weakerthans


10. Favorite Book: I guess it would be really cliché to say Catcher in the Rye, but it’s up there, along with High Fidelity (also an amazing movie), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (also, probably my favorite movie ever), 1984, and anything by Dave Sedaris.


11. Favorite Movie: High Fidelity, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Spinal Tap, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Billy Elliot, I [heart] Huckabees (existential comedies = delicious creamy goodness), the Breakfast Club, Wayne’s World, Empire Records, Donnie Darko, Spellbound, Fight Club.


12. Talk about your favorite concert you've been to: Not musically, but my favorite memory of a concert was the Tom Tom Club, when I was 11ish. My dad brought me and my brother to this abandoned warehouse in Hudson, where this formerly huge(ish) band was playing to maybe 100 people. The whole place was really seedy and dark and smelled like crappy American beer, and there were glo-sticks, and there were definitely more drugs than my 11-year-old self had ever seen, but hotdamn it was fun. A few weeks later I went to camp and Patti Smith played there, and I was really upset that I missed it.


13. List some concerts you've been to: It’s hard for me to get out to shows, because I’m more than an hour to any decent venue, and at least two from every major one, but: Eiffel 65 (shut up; I was nine) with Westlife (I think? It may have been Lifehouse. Some crappy irish wannabe O-Town band), Sonique, the Refrigerators, and some other random bands; Jethro Tull; Tom Tom Club; lots of local bands, and lots of classical/jazz-ish stuff. In April (within a day of each other), I’ve tickets to Green Day and Ani DiFranco. Hooray.


14. Are you active in the local scene?: I don’t know what active means, but I go to a lot of shows, and I have a lot of friends in bands around here. There’s not really a scene though.. there’s basically this band, the Snozzberries, whom everyone loves, and then people’s friends. All my friends play funk or mad blues. I live in a tiny town.



15. Gay marriage: Absolutely 947% for it. A person should be allowed to love whomever they love, no matter what gender the person is. I mean, the arguments against it don’t even make sense to me. “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé” and Britney’s 4-hour wedding destroy the sanctity of marriage, not the relationship of two caring, committed people.


16. Abortion: Again, completely for it. If a sixteen-year-old is raped, she should not have to keep a child that is going to remind her of that every day. Not to mention, how’s the kid going to feel, knowing that s/he’s the result of rape? Plus, it’s not like you’re taking a baby and stabbing it in the face. You’re scraping some cells away. It’s a fetus, kids. + No matter what your opinion on it is, it’s completely ludicrous for the old male politicians to want to ban it. Think! Drugs are illegal, but ohmigosh! People still smoke pot! It’s not going to be any different if abortions are banned, they’ll just be really unsafe for the mother. So, in conclusion, if you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. The option should still be there.


17. Bush: skjhfsdf. Don’t get me started. He’s all, “hey! I’m going to come into a really stable, awesome country and fuck it up a lot! Hey! Let’s ruin the economy! Let’s send some teenagers with no options to a war for no reason! Let’s pretend there is a reason, and that reason is.. nuclear weapons! And let’s repeat the same key phrases 1400 times during my campaign so if you miss it the first 500 times, you’ll still have it stuck in your skull when voting time comes! Let’s force our fundamentalist Christian beliefs on anyone within a 140000 mile radius! Let’s call you a traitor if you disagree with anything! And I know! Let’s pretend that we care about gay rights, and then blame our not doing shit for it on the fact that my party won’t let me! cause I have no control over what the party I lead does!” I really dislike him a lot. I miss Clinton.


18. What does "emo" mean to you?: Um. It’s something to say when you’re embarrassed about crying, like, “fuck you, dude, you made me all emo.”


19. "CSI": I watch on airplanes in French to improve my grammar, but that’s about it. Occasionally, I watch it with my brother, because he really likes it, but it gets old fast.


20. "Seinfeld": Lame-ass crap. The only episode I saw in its entirety was the last one, which was the biggest waste of life ever. Ever.


21. What does love mean to you? ask me in a few years.


22. Why do you think we said Music Is Love? Because it’s passion. And it unites people. There is nothing cooler than 7023423 people waving lighters at a Dead show and sobbing cause they miss Jerry. I mean, that’s just awesome.



23. Make us laugh: He is god. fer serious.


24. Why should we accept you? Because the time I took to fill this out should have been spent studying for my math midterm, so if I bomb that and don’t get in, life would suck intensely. Plus, I really like judging other people based on 25 questions. And laughing at people with shitty taste in music. Because I suck?


25. Promote us to another community, and provide a link: No community, because I just did a massive community-leaving, and so none of my others are music related, except one, where I heard about this community, so!

good enough, I think.


And finally, if you have a pic of your self post it please...

I do not. Sorry.


so, i'm total ass with html. i hope this worked.

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