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This is how we like to do it in the murder scene


The Murder Scene
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Use an el-jay cut for large posts.
Pictures are a must in your app. If you don't have pics, don't bother.
Post app within 24 hours of joining.
Do not post or comment until you are accepted.
If you are rejected, remove yourself immediatly.
If you get rejected don't be stupid about it, just leave.
If you are stupid, you will be banned.
Promotions are allowed, but the must be under an el-jay cut or it will be deleted. And if you promote another community here, you must promote us to them.
When applying put "I'm in the murder scene" in the subject line so we know you read the rules.
NO nudity. No one wants to see your shit.
If you fight with the mods, you will be banned. What we say goes.


10 bands:
5 books:
5 movies:
What's your style?
5 sentences that describe you:
Tell us a secret/confess something:
Why should we accept you?

Teen Sex:
Gay Marriage:

Promote in at least 1 community and to 1 user and show the links. (If you can't do this then don't bother.)

Post at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself and a 100x100 picture for the members page.






if there is something you want to have added to the interests part comment it to yourxdyingxstar
a static lullaby, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, an albatross, anatomy of a ghost, armor for sleep, at the drive-in, beat happening, beneath the ashes, birth rites, black, black and white, blue sky mile, boy sets fire, boys night out, brand new, bright eyes, coheed and cambria, conor oberst, converse, count the stars, countdown to life, cuddling, cursive, death cab for cutie, degrassi, desaparecidos, desert pyramids, don't look down, drive-thru records, eagle and arrow, elliott smith, emo, emo music, fall out boy, forever is forgotten, forever is never, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, further seems forever, glassjaw, guitar, hey mercedes, hidden in plain view, him, hit parader, homestar runner, hott ruxx, indie films, iwouldsetmyselfonfireforyou, jesse lacey, johnny depp, jones soda, jude law, juliana theory, kissing, lewis black, long since forgotten, love, matchbook romance, maxeen, mest, midtown, modest mouse, moneen, morrisey, motorcycles, movies, much the same, music, my chemical romance, night wounds, no motiv, norma jean, northstar, outkast, photography, pink floyd, poetry, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, r.s.t.a.i, radio berlin, radiohead, rilo kiley, rise against, rites of spring, robert smith, rose hill drive, rufio, saosin, saves the day, screamo, senses fail, sex, sick of it all, sigur ros, skateboarding, slurpees, something corporate, sparta, stars hide fire, steel train, story of the year, sugarcult, sunny day real estate, taking back sunday, the (international) noise conspiracy, the a.k.a's, the anniversary, the appleseed cast, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the bled, the blood brothers, the cure, the early november, the get up kids, the mars volta, the movielife, the new amsterdams, the postal service, the promise ring, the rain, the revolution smile, the smiths, the starting line, the used, the vandals, the weakend, thrice, thrift store shopping, thursday, time controlled keys, truth in fiction, underoath, unsung zeros, vagrant records, vintage tshirts, whatever it takes, yesterday's rising,