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maintainer post

a member of this community IMed me with her concerns. they were as follows --

The main problem is I don't think the members understand the rules of the community. It seems they dont understand that the community is for posting songs and you have to post an actual MP3 in every post.

I'm also concered that members don't understand it is rude to take other links from other communitys and post them here. I caught someone doing it had evidence and she just said "I never said i uploaded any of these songs. i don't see the big deal really. they're putting the links out there for anyone to use, soo." (I took a screen cap if you would like to see. I knew she would delete the post because she knows what she did was rude and wrong.)

It just really pissed me off because NO you aren't supposed to take them and use them for their own and yes, she didn't imply they were directly hers or not but it is expected that you took the time and uploaded them yourself. Not have them stolen by someone else. I mean if you have the permisson of the orginal poster sure go ahead, but credit them! And thats the other thing she admited she took it without permission and she isn't even a member to that community. That means she has a fake livejournal account. I'm not sure if you are familar with music communitys but a lot of mainters have that problem. Fake journals and ungreatful members.

Which raises another reason why all posts should be locked. Not mentioning that they should be locked because if you're going to take the stuff have the decency to join the community.

Sorry if it doesn't make sense, but hopefully you get what I mean. I don't mean to come off bitchy or anything either it just really bugs me how ignorant people can be.

so basically, if you take links from another place & you, yourself, have not uploaded them then please make sure the person you took them from is aware of this & does not mind, & also if you do take them from somewhere else, let us know. i am trying to figure out how to make all the posts friends only so everyone does not have to do it on there own becuase i know that people won't remember to, so if anyone knows how to do that, let me know.

thanks for listening!!

mainatiner ♥
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