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My First Post

I posted this on my own journal a little bit ago - that is where someone posted a link to this community - so I signed up. I'm not exactly sure what's the deal here - so if someone wants to fill me in - I'd appreciate it. Thanks! So, here's the repost of my Nirvana blog along with a few songs for ya'll to remember Nirvana was pretty damn good.

I have a confession to make.

Even though I rag on them – Nirvana is one of my favorite bands and I’m currently in a Nirvana obsession phase right now. Another thing I want to confess is that when Kurt was found dead – I thought, “Oh, big deal another dead rock star”. He died well before I got into them. His suicide (or murder depending on what camp you fall in) actually mesmerized me after a lot after time. Maybe it was because I was in a suicidal phase back in high school – or maybe it was something different.

I bring this up because a little while ago I watched LAST DAYS, which was a fictional retelling of the last days of Kurt – with the names changed to protect the filmmakers. They didn’t go in and show his death – but they showed him wandering around his mansion and property basically hiding from people. The actor who portrayed him looked spot on in some scenes and he mumbled all his lines – I don’t think I heard a single word he said clearly. It’s not a talking action packed movie – but for people curious about what could have happened in Kurt’s last days – it’s worth a watch. It brought me down and I felt bad and moody the rest of that day – until I watched an MST – but in it’s own way it was powerful.

The things that bother me about Nirvana – they didn’t put out enough albums and I need to be in the mood to listen to them every so often and how certain parties are selling Kurt out with a sub-par box set (there was nothing NEW – just demos and junk aka the Beans song) and his journals.

The things I love about Nirvana – how Kurt played his guitar like punctuation to his lyrics. His lyrics amaze me. The fact that before I even knew of ‘You Know You’re Right’ – I wrote and recorded a song that had practically the exact same chorus. The mystery of Kurt – what was he like – because I get the feeling he was similar to me and how I felt when I was depressed. Breed & Negative Creep were both songs my band played and had a blast cranking out every time.

I made a single artist mix for Nirvana – it’s like my own greatest hits compilation…

If You Listen You Will Judge
01. Tourette’s
02. Breed (rough mix)
03. Milk It
04. Token Eastern Song (demo)
05. School (live)
06. Lounge Act
07. Love Buzz
08. Dive
09. Very Ape
10. Negative Creep (live)
11. Come As You Are
12. You Know You’re Right
13. Drain You
14. Serve the Servants
15. Smells Like Teen Spirit
16. Rape Me
17. Scentless Apprentice (live)
18. About a Girl
19. Old Age
20. All Apologies
21. Verse Chorus Verse
22. Oh the Guilt
23. On a Plain
24. Pennyroyal Tea

I don’t want acoustic Nirvana on here – so the live songs are from the Muddy Banks CD – which is amazing! Another thing is that I used the greatest hits version of Teen Spirit and Come As You Are because those came through mostly untampered with. Kurt thought that Nevermind was too heavily produced – so out of respect for him I didn’t want to put any other songs that ended up overly produced from the self titled disc that came off of In Utero, Incesticide or Bleach on here.

Breed (rough cut):
Scentless Apprentice (live):
Oh The Guilt:

And if anyone can help – I’ve been trying to track down the Chemical Brothers song “Where Do I Begin” featuring Beth Orton for a little while now. I’m too lazy to buy the album ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ and I don’t feel like spending .99 on it. So, if someone could upload it for me I’d appreciate it!

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