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mkay, so i'm new, and I've got a BIG problem. Me and my friends are having a Xmas party, and they want me to provide the music. I don't have half of the songs they requested, though. Plus, I've got a time crunch. The party is on Saturday, and I won't be home tomorrow to check to see if anyone put anything up. So, can you help me out, please?

My list:
- P!ATD album
- Stick Wit U- Pussy Cat Dolls
- Don't ya- Pussy Cat Dolls
- ANY Mike Jones

There's my requests... Now for you! I got 3 Ashlee Simpson songs from her new album. Just tell me if you want any more of them.
- Boyfriend:

- Beautifully Broken

- Burning Up

Thank you SOO much!
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