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(I'll Love You) Till the End of the World - A good portion of this is more spoken word than not. It's delicious and rather like a movie.
"It was a miracle I even got outta Longwood alive, this town fulla men with big mouths and no guts. I mean, if you can just picture it, the whole third floor of the hotel gutted by the blast. And the street below showered in shards of broken glass and all the drunks pourin' outta the dance halls starin' up at the smoke and the flames. And the blind pencil seller wavin' his stick shoutin' for his dog that lay dead on the side of the road. And me, if you can believe this, at the wheel of the car closin' my eyes and actually prayin'. Not to God above, but to you, sayin', help me girl, help me girl.
I'll love you till the end of the world."

What Can I Give You - I adore his sense of romance.
"All my life I failed to see one good thing standing in front of me. And the planets gravitate around you. And the stars, the stars surround you. And the angels in heaven adore you. And the saints, the saints all stand and applaud you. What can I give you? What can I give you in return?"

Scum - About an music critic that Nick felt did he wrong. Musical pistol whipping.
"He was a miserable shitwringing turd, like he reminded me of some evil gnome. Shakin' hands was like shakin a hot, fat, oily bone, holdin' on for far too long. Yes he took me in, he took me in. He said that I looked pale and thin. I told him he looked fat. His lips were red and lickin' wet. His house was roastin' hot. In fact it was a fuckin' slum. Scum! Scum! Well then he hooked up with some slut from the same game. Black snow! Black snow!
Cocksuckstress, and I should know. Mean and vicious, her microphone always smelled suspicious. His and herpes bath towel type."

God's Hotel - Hilarious and tongue-in-cheek.
"Everybody got a harp. Everybody got a harp. Everybody's got a harp in God's Hotel. Everybody's got a harp. You'll never see a sign hanging on the wall saying, 'there ain't any harp-playing allowed in here anymore.' Everybody holds a hand. Everybody holds a hand. Everybody holds a hand in God's hotel. Everybody holds a hand. You'll never see a sign hanging on the door saying, 'there's absolutely no hold-handing in this hotel anymore.'"

Lucy [Version #2] - So beautifully sad. When he moans the chorus I want to die.
"Now the bell-tower is ringing and the night has stole past. O Lucy, can you hear me wherever you rest? I'll love her forever. I'll love her for all time. I'll love her till the stars fall down from the sky. Now the bell-tower is ringing and I shake on the floor. O Lucy, can you hear me when I call and call?"

Little Empty Boat - The lyrics alone are killer.
"You found me at some party. You thought I'd understand. You barreled over to me with a drink in each hand. I respect your beliefs, girl, and I consider you a friend. But I've already been born once, I don't wanna to be born again. Your knowledge is impressive and your argument is good. But I am the resurrection, babe, and you're standing on my foot. But my little boat is empty. It don't go. And my oar is broken. It don't row, row, row."

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