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My First Post

I posted this on my own journal a little bit ago - that is where someone posted a link to this community - so I signed up. I'm not exactly sure what's the deal here - so if someone wants to fill me in - I'd appreciate it. Thanks! So, here's the repost of my Nirvana blog along with a few songs for ya'll to remember Nirvana was pretty damn good.

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Our ninth theme will be any and all songs dealing with country songs. Songs that fall under the genre "country", in any way, can be left as a comment to this post :] I have plenty of themes saved up, but if you have any that you would like to see as a theme in the future, let me know and I'll add them if they're not already on the list! Thanks!

Themes I already have saved:
A strike through means that it's all ready been used!

heartbreak, betrayal, irony, friendship, liars, cheaters, rape, loneliness, death, funerals, drugs, tears, water, the weather, the ocean, the beach, surfing, shopping, religion, holidays/christmas, seasons (summer, winter, spring, fall), confusion, disapproval, abusive relationships, sex/lust, suicide, escaping, thrills, happiness, amusement parks, rebellion, school, movie soundtracks, songs from tv shows, country songs, really cutesy love songs, sappy love songs, saddest songs, best dance songs, songs that make you cry, songs that make you want to die, songs that make you want to fall in love, songs that make you want to dance, "i don't want to like you songs", songs to wake you up, songs to put you to sleep, songs to put on make-up to, songs to take showers with, songs that get you pumped up before a game, and your favorite song(s) of all time, i don't love you anymore, a little too late, change, there's no chance for us, crushes/butterflies, starting over, do you really/did you ever care, eating disorders, panicking, the monkees, theme of your choice, songs to dance in your underwear to & break ups.

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the Used;; All That I've Got

anybody has the song which goes:

Santa can you hear me
I have been so good this year
And all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near
He's all I want just for me
Underneath my christmas tree
I'll be waiting here santa thats my only wish this year
I hope my letter reaches you in time
Bring me love can call all mine(yeah yeah)
cause I have been so good this year.