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08:39pm 15/08/2004
  Billy and I at Cedar Point

My senior pic

My ex, Eric and I, at Denny's on my 21st

Hey Guys! 
09:45pm 14/08/2004
mood: chipper
Well I thought I'd post this stuff. Most of it's been in my journal before, but for those who aren't on my friends list I thought I'd share. This is me encouraging people to post pictures & stuff! heh

and everything we've come to makes you youCollapse )
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08:39pm 05/08/2004
  Just wanted to give a quick little hello to y'all.

If anybody sees JA (Jenny) tell her I said "Sup" lol.

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i love you all. 
12:53am 02/08/2004
mood: bouncy
i just want to commend lily (lyly to some of you) on making this little deal. it's an excellent idea. those talkcity bastards WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SEPARATE US!!!! hah, TAKE THAT! anyway, i also wanted to say that i truly love you all and i hope we can all meet up someday. then we can have an orgy and relieve all of that sexual tension i know we have. then after the orgy we can go to disneyland....or something.
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welcome hehe 
09:47pm 01/08/2004
mood: accomplished
i decided to start this mainly cuz i was bored. but i also think it could be fun! so hopefully youll post in it. lol every once in awhile atleast. :) we dont want a dead community. aha..


P.S. theres not a cute layout yet but ill be workin on it. ;) im very layout illiterate. :P
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