history in english

the ice age
the snow age
the age of atlantis
the inflatable dingy age, the beginnings of humanity
the golden age
the iron age
the dark ages
very very dark for a long long time somewhere, not everywhere though.
the 'dinosaurs'
the age of merlin
some darker ages and out of the dark, came walking a child.
but from this time the humans fancy in themselves served the dark better, confusing the situation with, & dismissing it as, art
the party!
the depression
the dinosaur rush
narnia again
the industrial revolution
the holochaust
the forgetting years
the beatles
the 80's..
old school (back to the) this is the only world unlocked in the game
'The Imposter Story'
god's waiting outside, but the list says he's in.

we begin in 1999
act One."millenium"
1. millenium bug
2. millenium party
3. in da millenium, a musical number.
3. somethings wrong with the tv

act Two. "the treatment" spoken word accompanied by interpretive dance which follows through to the third act
act Three.
1: "Dancing for your master"
spoken word trails off during scene
St.Groove enters
2: The Imposter. a sassy musical number.
scene 3: break dance. an energetic musical number.

Act Four.
1: beauty in the woods
2: the tree we saw standing
3: the tree we heard fall. sound recordings (audio visualised)


start a band called stages of grief
write songs like hoax
& tree-united

by the light post
wait for the first letter from home.

find you

i know you didn't know of this for many many years
since the very most important year that you came
up until some random criminal day

or just the way they've been looking at you
it's slowly dawning, the meanings..

you're here, this is your place, but none of this stuff is yours or part of you. it's not good enough for you. you can make a million things better than this, you're more amazing than anyone you think you'd like to be.. you WILL be amazing one day, you already are but you give yourself the control, and you'll be whoever, wherever you want to be.

life is infinetely surprising and intoxicating! beautiful! you're made of everything it is, and your life is more advanced and exciting to create and invent than any movie, you're idea's are yet to come, you'll never know what you'll see in your mind and realise you can make come true... just

run, now
don't hear them out
run now you are free

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To Breathe Again (Working title)

fuck this noise. fuck this silence, this dead stillness
fuck this bitter taste lingering, gasping, bated never sated waiting to swallow
digesting nothing at all.
fuck these sights my branded eyes bear twisting and turning rollin' leaving me stranded
along a path I've already
felt on the tips of quivering fingers fussing about the sensation trickling
down to the pits that echo, echo, echo and resonate in a cacophonous HUSH
that falls limp at the feet of nothing.
So fuck this noise;
I'm gone.
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To all the ones who hated me the most, a toast! You really had me

She's the kind of girl
who gets her slings and arrows
from the dumpster
The kind who tells you she's bipolar
just to make you trust her
She's the kind of girl
who leaves out condoms on the bedroom dresser
just to make you jealous
of the mean she fucked before you met her

Hello mindpollution, It's been too long.

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life is more than us, a bird flying, heading into sunset surrounded by the warmth of forever
unlike us

cold in dark
cold on heart

death the smallest, smallest ever thing
only traces are measurable, our tale
sunset sky, that's forever

city dead, (name of color)
heat escaping
wrung of life

sunset, fly out forever
out of this stupid concrete fate
it's not fate yet nor will it ever be my friend

Wax Wings chapter two

read the first chapter

Only three men survived the atmospheric entry: Daidel, Ikar, and Perdix. The other sons had died trying to keep the ship intact. Forex had given his life to seal a hull breach in the barracks. Jitor had only just been able to prevent a core meltdown, but his radiation burns made him unrecognizable as his father put him out of his slow misery with a pistol shot to the head.

The ship was precariously floating on an ocean of salt water. In accordance with ancient traditions, the brave sailors who had given their lives, fifty-four in all, were gathered by the survivors and given proper funerary rights. Then they set the corpses aflame and set them upon the sea.

Daidel looked out upon the horizon from the hull breach on the command deck. The hole was four meters wide in all direction, the soft lapping of the alien tide coming in a meter or two and the strange blue sky fading to black above them.

Lost in the terrible tragedy, Daidel's eyes refused to move from a single spot on the horizon, even when Perdix walked up to him.

"Father, I have some semblance of where we are now," he said softly, "Using the instruments we still have I located Betelgeuse based on its light content and quality. I used that as a point of reference. I believe we are somewhere in the Orion Arm of the galaxy. The farthest point from home, the edge of charted space. But... those stars," he pointed up at two pinpricks of light in the coming night sky, "should not be there. Those stars' light should have stopped reaching this point five thousand years ago. That when they burned out. I believe we're in the past."

Daidel turned his head slowly around to Perdix. He was no more than a boy in his father's eyes. The tuft of ruby-red hair on his head, the glowing of his golden eyes, made him seem all the more youthful. He looks so much like his mother, he thought.

"We are not in the past," the elder scientist said softly but sternly, "we are in the present. And presently your brothers are dead, the ship is beyond repair, and we are on a world no one of our species has ever laid eyes on, even with an electron telescope."

Suddenly Perdix's face was not so puerile, and the lines of the middle-aged man's face grew hard. The stubble of his unshaved face cast a shadow in the twilight, and the bags under his eyes from days of tireless work mourning the dead became much more readily apparent.

"I have mourned for my brothers, sir. I am not ready to mourn for you, Ikar, or myself. We survived, and I intend to see that that does not change. I will not let you resign yourself to such a fate, Father."

The somber mood of the conversation was shattered by a whooping holler. Both men jolted their heads towards the source of the sound, which was on the far side of the ship. Terrified that Ikar had been involved in a terrible accident, they both ran through the tunnels, sometimes having to double back due to a caved in corridor.

"Father! Perdix! Come quick!" the shouts came faster, louder, and closer every moment. Daidel's confidence in his upcoming demise was replaced by the sound of his fast-beating heart and a chanting thought in his mind. I will not lose another son. Not today. I will not lose another son.

Finally they came to the smaller hull breach in the rear where they found a half-naked Ikar dancing and kissing some kind of fish. When he saw his father and older brother run into the room, the water streaming in from the hole in the wall submerging their ankles, he raised the fish like a trophy and cried out in another whoop.

"Look!" he cried, "I caught it myself! And there's plenty more! Look! We could never starve!" And true enough, when Daidel and Perdix looked down they saw an entire school of fish flopping around, trapped in the room by the current.

All fear and terror and mourning drained from the father and first born son as they watched young Ikar dance around in the water, kissing the fish, they began laughing. They were laughing so hard tears began streaming down their cheeks.

Ikar's soaking wet, shoulder length, bright orange hair flipped around as he began dancing to the music of his own hollering. His father reached down and attempted to capture a fish of his own, only to fall face-first in the shallow water, causing his first born to whoop and holler as well.

Soon the three men were wrestling with the fish and each other in their tiny room of bliss in a ship carcass of woe. That night they ate well.

Wax Wings chapter one

This is a story being written as you're reading it. It is _mindpollution exclusive until completion. For fans of military drama, family drama, historical fiction, mythology, and hardcore science fiction.

By Bijhan Valibeigi

In combat situations commanders are forced to make horrible decisions. On Starships, often crew members have to sacrifice themselves to save high powered reactors and plug coolant leaks. These sacrifices are made worse on Starships commanded by a father and crewed by sons.

The crew of the Starship Emperor's Joy was not expecting to be attacked on their survey mission to the Saturian System. Captain Daidel and his twelve sons were all employees of the Imperial University of Technology and Astrophenomena - not astronauts by any venture of the imagination, and hardly laborers. Their technical knowledge was limited to academia. The heavy labor was performed by uneducated plebeians, officered by the sons of Daidel.

The tiny science vessel was on its maiden voyage across the sector to investigate strange chroniton radiation readings. The University sent them to test new scanner technology and record data from a distance. What the intrepid scientists did not realize was that the people of Saturia were currently embroiled in civil war - what generations following would call "The Saturian Time War".

Captain Daidel commanded respect not only from his sons and crew, but also from all of his peers. When not in command he was known as Professor Daidel, the most regal and knowledgeable teacher on the entire planet. But he was in command now, and was referred to only as "sir".

"What's happening?" Daidel cried over the ship's alarms as he gathered himself back to his feet. He had been thrown to the ground by a forceful blast. His magenta eyes flared in the flashing lights that signaled General Quarters.

"We've entered a massive chroniton field, sir," came the response, a shout from the sensor station where his first-born son, Perdix, moved his fingers deftly over the controls, "it's not just radiation anymore!"

What the crew would never discover is that the chronitons were preventing the decay of radioactive materials, and thus preventing them from using the fuel that gave them energy. The ship was being starved to death.

Second born son Ikar tried to activate a console to gain back control of the flight system, but the circuits overloaded and the console burst into flames. Ikar cried to his father to alert him of their inability to gain control of the ship's flight as he beat out the flame with the tunic that once covered his now bare chest.

As any second-rate Imperial Scientist knew, chronitons poke tiny holes in time, allowing it to move through our universe. But such a high concentration of chronitons could do unexpected things. Besides shutting down the reactor, it could puncture time and space alike.

The Captain had to wipe his long, royal purple bangs from his eyes and the blood from his lips, leaving an iron taste on his tongue and lines of sweat on his forehead. He was beginning to get dizzy from the odd rolling of the ship, the forward viewscreen allowing the stars to rotate quickly diagonally at alarming speed. But his nausea turned to terror when he saw what rotated into view next.

It was a planet. Not Saturia, and not his homeworld. Something he'd never seen before. Something no one from his sector of space had ever seen.

"Where are we?" He whispered. No one should have been able to hear him over the sirens and the raging flames.

But someone called back, "What the hell kind of stars are these? We are nowhere in charted space!"

And Daidel knew they were in trouble.

untitiled continued

I wanted to say that this story is not my best work. It isn't even.... anything really, but it's an idea that has been coming to me and since I have not written in so long I figured I would just write....

and this is the product, no editing, no revising, no brainstorming. The character just comes to me, and I have no idea what he wants. I am still struggling to understand it since I don't have the time to explore i figured I would just post and we can all see what happens.

thanks for your patience.

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