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Happy Xmas

fyi: I am killing the "order of RP" section, seeing as there's only two of us, and stuff.
RP Leader(s): Meep, Moriel
RP Theme: Christmas!
Types of Characters Allowed: any of our characters from our "classic" RPGs: Playing God, The Wonders, Band on the Run & others
Specific Rules: keep it Christmas-y, try not to have too much bloodshed (please.)
Background Info:

Everybody is home for the holidays, sort of. An AU-world where all of the characters from our RPGs exist in one classy hotel for Christmas.
Are we having fun yet?

Name: Moriel
Type of Character: human
Sex: female
Physical Description: 5'7", too pale, green eyes, shoulder length black hair, thin. She wears primarily black everything, and has a general sense of weirdness about her. Ususally incorperates cat appendages and collars into her daily look.
Powers: can "pop" around when she's very motivated, other wise good swimmer.
Character Flaws: can be an intolerant bitch, wacked, cranky, caffeine addict, can be dark if pressed.
Brief History: Has lived in a tiny hick town with her parents until she moved to the Crystal Palace two years ago. She's had a happy childhood. Thusly, everyone who's tried to figure out where she "went wrong" has been driven nuts.

Name: Neva
Type of Character: ~80% angel, 20% pain demon
Sex: female
Physical Description: Usually lives in her human form, hair that's more white than blond, curling slightly just past her shoulders, pale skin, and blue eyes that are so pale that the irises are almost white. There are many interesting scars that cover her body. She wears loose raggy clothing that's too large and usually falling apart. In her angelic form, she growns stunted angel wings, with a single grey feather on one of the wing tips, but it's rare for her to let her wings out.
Powers: swift healing, flying
Character Flaws: catonic, appears to have a lot of trouble keeping attention on what she's doing, doesn't speak
Brief History: Neva's the bastard child of an angel and one of the most powerful pain demons. Ever. So when Neva was born, her mother left her in the nearest alley and left, which was really as close as killing as an angel can get. By some miracle, Neva lived, and's been living on the street, at the mercy of any demon/gang that comes her way. Lulu saw her sitting in the center of a group of demons preparing to beat her pretty damned well, and fought the demons off and brought her to her zoo for "safekeeping". All experiments have either failed or not been attempted because they would probably have killed Neva.
Played By: lucichan

Name: Julia Davise (Call her Jules and suffer the worst revenge she can think of. She's very, very creative.))
Type of Character: psychotic drummer
Sex: female
Physical Description: 5'9", with curves to DIE for. Naturally dark skin, think mocha. GIANT blue eyes, curly black hair, with the bottom inch dyed neon pink. When she's not playing on stage, she wears over large cargo shorts, black long sleeved shirts, and Teva sandals. On stage, she dons the skimpiest things she can get away with, usually employing double sided tape to keep them on, striped tights, and giant boots of DOOM.
Powers: excellent make up artist/ hair stylist, very, very high pain tolerance
Character Flaws: where to begin? She's possessed. Sort of, though they're not really demons. She believes that everything, except the twins are real. She's paranoid, hallucinating, and manic by turns, thanks to entirely useless medications. She's also addicted to caffeine, and cloves on the rare occasion.
Brief History: Julia was a fairly normal kid, growing up in Nowhere. Well, up until she turned five, at any rate. Then two boys appeared, introducing themselves as Greg and Mark. They were her only family, so they said, and so she believed them. They were fairly normal older brothers, cruel, nasty, and decent only once in a long while. She made friends with Mary when she was in kindergarden, and treats her much the same as all the other 'voices', that is to say, everyone.
Played By: lucichan

Character Number: X
Type of Character: experiment
Age: 20, at leas in appearance
Sex: female
Physical Description: 5'4", wiry. Grey eyes so intense that they can almost look right through you. Coffee colored hair, a little longer than her shoulders, held back in a low loose ponytail, straight. Wears a heather grey wife beater, over soft iron colored leggings, tucked into soft black boots. Her skin is light, with hints of a brown tan. She carries a sniper rifle on her back, and two smaller handguns, plus all the ammunition a girl could ever want. Has the figure of a well formed fifteen year old male. Sans reproductive organs. Her X lable is over her left hip bone, and she has a small web of scars on her right wrist from where she removed the Chip.
Created For: the president as an elite body guard.
Powers: inhuman reflexes, pinhole shot, ambidextrous, immune to all artificial drugs
Character Flaws: Completely and totall ruthless. Emotionless. Shoots first and asks later. Never, ever aplogises.
Brief History: In the scientific world, she's refered to as The Mistake, capital T, capital M. A part of the ANGEL experiments, she was supposed to be neither female, intelligent, or allowed to survive. Somehow she managed all three. She was created by a Doctor Sonja Ragi, and given to the President as soon as she was 'passed' on her programing. She was neither abused (from her view) or loved, and suffers no hate against anyone in particular. She isn't capable of it, lacks the hormones and whatnot. She decided, after a handful of years in the President's service, that her talents could be put to more use elsewhere. She cut the tracking chip out of her right wrist, and became a part of the NeoUnderground, working as a smuggler, mercenary, and whatever else she really wanted. She has a rather impressive bounty on her head, more because the President wants her back, more than because of any misdemeanor she's caused.
Played By: lucichan

Name: Tess
Type of Character: god. Rather, a god
Sex: Female, for the most part
Physical Description: Tess is completely run of the mill, appearance wise. Middle height, middle weight. Most people can look at her four or five times before they really even notice her. She has frizzy brown hair, and grey eyes that look a little washed out. Actually - all of her looks kind of faded. Right down to her leather shoes heavily patched with tape, long cotton skirt tied around her knees to reveal holey leggings, and loose men's shirt. The only thing that makes her the least bit different from common laborers is the reddish birthmark on her neck in the shape of an ironing board.
Powers: Many. She's an excellent dishwasher/house cleaner. She can scream for help better than most, run like a demon. And she can weild her cast iron frying pan in times of dire need. She's also immortal, but that really doesn't count as much, seeing that she never ever means to test it out.
Character Flaws:  Has either too little or too much backbone. Can never say the right thing at the right time. Can be a grouch. Is addicted to caffeine. Is too honest to go far in a place like the Carnivale, and lacks a sense of humor.
Brief History: Tess was once the goddess of everyday women, plain janes, and house keepers on the planet Tennoria. Then a massive plauge came along and decimated the population. At the end of it, there were only about three plain women left, and all of them married good Christian men, became good Christian women, and had nice Christian babies. And that was the end of Tess' life, for lack of a better word, on Tennoria.
So Tess spent a long time wandering around, and eventually turned up in the marshes. She's stayed here ever since, and has been fairly content with just about everything.
Played By: lucichan

Character Name: XIII (his full, legal name is Nanashi Xavier)
Being Played In: Playing God
Type of Character: experiment
Age: 27
Sex: male
Physical Description: of average height and a slender build; pale, somewhat yellowish skin; one red eye, one all milky white; barcode on the nape of his neck; wing-heart-number-feather markings under his left (blind) eye; long black hair
Created For: the Queen, to be her "son"
Powers: quick on his feet (both literally and figuratively)
Character Flaws: a bit of a fanatic, self-rightous
Brief History: the final (legal) experiment, XIII was created to be the Queen's son, who she'd lost during childbirth twenty seven years ago. Obviously, XIII didn't turn out they way they'd intended. About four years ago, XIII lost it. Half blind as he is, he saw a woman he thought was the queen, and shot her without thinking. (Oops.) When he found out the woman he shot wasn't the Queen, he swore himself to silence as pennance for his sins. Unlike X, who was able to remove the tracking chip in her arm, XIII's is in his left eye, and thus far he has not had the guts to try to remove it.
Played By: meepalicious

Character Name: Savior
Type of Character: human scientistst/prince
Age: 30something
Sex: male
Physical Description: tall and broad shouldered; short silvery hair cut close in a military-like cut; wears suits (most of them grey); there's a badge on the left shoulder of his jacket with the same marking that XIII has under his eye, only sans number; steel grey eyes; very imposing
Powers: massive political & economic power
Character Flaws: fanatical, greedy, massive hubris
Brief History:  the Queen's eldest son, which makes him XIII's older brother, but not really. He was the head of the ANGEL lab funding, but has very little scientific knowledge. He continued to fund the labs even though his mother outlawed them.
Played By: meepalicious

Character Name: Kryn
Being Played In: The Wonders
Type of Character: angel/demon hybrid
Sex: male
Physical Description: The first thing people notice about Kryn is his wings - on his left is a feathered wing, like an angels. The white feathers have a glittering, irridescant quality. His other wing is demon-like, midnight black, the membrane between the bones has an irridescant purple-black quality, almost like his angelic-wing. When they get over that, they notice his dark, purple-black hair, cut short around his cheeks. His eyes are like his wings - one a demonic purple-red, the other a angelic purple-blue.
Powers: mild demon magic, mild angel magic
Character Flaws: angry, doesn't really 'belong' anywhere, hates most people with a passion
Brief History: Lulu found him in New York City, and decided he would make the perfect pet for her Zoo. He's been living there ever since. Not much is known before that point.
Played By:

Character Name: the Prince
Type of Character: faerie
Sex: male
Physical Description: tall (6'7") and long-limbed, pearly white skin, unnaturally large silver eyes without any pupil, pointed ears, silvery-white hair, his fingers (including his thumb) are about seven inches long, with four joints, instead of three, between his fingers is a transluscent web - he can still spread his fingers fully apart, his clothing is old and worn, but made of fine silks and velvets and leathers
Powers: can sense people's auras
Character Flaws: is blind, has a wicked sweet tooth, is a sucker for small critters (though he'll never admit it)
Brief History: the Prince ended up in Carnivale due to a string of mysterious accidents at the Seelie Court (which he swears were not his fault), ulitmatly ending in the Queen's death, with him standing in the room with bloody hands. He left after that, and the faerie girl Zusanne was ordered by his father - the King - to go with him. Suspected murderer or not, he is the Prince.
Played By: meepalicious

Character Name: Madamoiselle Zusanne Meriadoc Love III
Type of Character: faerie
Sex: female
Physical Description: small (14cm), fair skinned, with dark auburny hair pulled into lopsided pigtails, green eyes, large irridescant monarch wings attatch at her shoulderblades, wears blue jeans and combat boots, with an anime (?!) t-shirt*
Powers: flight, pixie dust (sort of like Tinkerbelle's, but can also be used as a defense)
Character Flaws: bossy, super annoying, can't resist pulling people's hair
Brief History: she was sent with the Prince to Carnivale, to act as his eyes. Basically, she tells him what's going on, and in return, she can sit on his shoulder/in his hair and not have to worry about being smushed. It works out fairly well.
Played By: meepalicious

Character Name:  Sméagol Casmir Kisoka Kaleigh Thranduiliel  ("Meep")
Type of Character: android/angel/fox spirit/thing
Sex: female
Physical Description: 5'2" or so, waist length brown hair, wears the Holy Pants and a black t-shirt with a bright pink "M," has pink chibi-style wings, one eye blue, one eye brown, etc, etc.
Powers: ?
Character Flaws: really, really childish, annoying as fuck, doesn't know when to SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY
Brief History: blarg. *laaaaazy*

edit: [6:42pm, 24.03.06] finally fixed the coding errors. ~_~;
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