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We're In The Pit

Headbanging and moshing

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In our humble opinion, we're the best metal community on LiveJournal. We aren't biased, and we're quite open-minded to other people's opinions.
Join us, and spread the word.

Click here to go to the banners page. These banners are for promotion use only! Post them on your LJ user info, or promote to other communities!

- Zero tolerance if rules are broken.
- No disrespecting the mods...period.
- Stay metal, that's what we're about.
- Don't bash on one another, we're all metalheads here.
- Fill out the personal info after you join, no "if's", "and's" or "but's".
- Promoting for other communities is allowed, but if that's all that you're here for, you will be banned.

Bringing you weird ass designs, but keeping it metal is Korczyk! Check out our layout every once in a while, he comes up with some weird shit!!


We've got a news anchor bitches! Read his entries for updates. If you need to know what a certain artist has been up to, put up a request and our anchor will get that information to you. After all, it's only his fucking job!

Don't remember anyone but you want to know about a specific metalhead in this community? Click here to see a list of active memebers with information about them! Also, if you have not filled out a member information survey, click here to do so!