Visions Of Infinity... THEY ROCK!

So.. I was at work the other day when I heard the phone ring, and I answered it.. of course. It was my ex boyfriend and he was calling to tell me how good my boyfriends band was and how sorry he was for acting like such an ass to him the whole time. I said no problem and I know they are talented. He just kept ranting about how good they were and how he now knows Matt will make it and that he's sorry for thinking that Matt was a loser. Just in case you haven't checked out the band.. there is a link here...

Hopefully that works. And if anyone is interested I have cd's for sale at 5.00$ a peice. Just let e know and I'll even mail them if needed. :D Thanks!

Booking Agency


I'm starting a booking agency to work with local metal and punk bands in California and bands outside of California. I do booking with clubs all around California and Nevada, I also do prmotions with radio stations, online radio stations, online zines and more. If you're interested in working with me that'd be awesome. I'll have a website up soon and page on myspace but for right now you can contact me here or at my e-mail address. Thanks!
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About 13thcadaver
Formed in Salt Lake City, Utah in January 2006, after several past bands did not work out, 13th Cadaver's version of death/grind/thrash metal is brutal and sure to melt your face off! Enjoy!Please.. check them out.. and come to the SHOW on the first!!


name: mike/mikie/mikage

metal bands:in flames, caliban, bullet for my valentine, underoath, A7X

albums: come clarity, reroute to remain, clayman, colony, whoracle.
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Honestly, Jack Johnson makes the most ridiculously dull, souless music this side of Snow Patrol. However, the university crowd eats his bullshit like its chocolate covered gold. I don't get it.... I mean you can't even play his songs near a campfire in fear that someone will fall asleep and burn in the flames as a result. A group of my university friends are going to see him live to which I ask, "What does one do at a Jack Johnson concert?" I suppose you either sway at 22BPM or drink some warm milk, eat animal crackers and take a nap. Johnson's music combines things I love endlessly too, crappy dorm-lite poetry and Fred Penner guitar playing. Thank you Jack Johnson for plaguing me with music thats as soft as a kitten and as exciting as a twelve hour flight, you sir are the cure for insomniacs everywhere.

Insanity Within

My name is Red and I have a love for METAL .....

Here is a list of some of the bands that are (in my opinion) brutal

1. Darkthrone
2. Bloodbath
3. Gorgoroth
4. Immortal
5. Dark Funeral
6. Napalm Death
7. Obituary
8. Amon Amarth
9. Death
10. Rotting Christ

..... xXxThrive in Anger, Bathe in Hate, and Live EvilxXx .....
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