Dana Lin Giammarino (kiss_my_spandex) wrote in __meltincherry,
Dana Lin Giammarino



Name: Dana


Age: 15


Birthday: 1-7-90


Location: FL


Status(pictures would be nice): have none :(. I will though


Sexual Preference: straight


10 bands: daughters, rembering never, CTTS, fear before the march, locust, me without you, roses are red, a thorn for every heart, planes mistaken for stars


5 Likes: music, friends, starbucks, colors, lovers


5 Dislikes: bondage pants, anarchy, cats, salt shakers, microwavable food


What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment:  Me and a bunch of friends were stuck at the mall and had to take a taxi home. In the car and I asked the taxi driver if he had a lj. And yeah well whatever and when we got home we were in so much trouble and we didnt have enough money and my mom did a fucking handstand in the car when she found out.


What Is An Interesting Fact About You: I make the weirdest voices. and Im a good impersonater



Suicide/cutting: Suicide. Dumbest way to die 


Alcohol/Drugs I think there are other ways than alcohol and drugs to have a good time . I dono . I think its a waste of money and brain cells . But not everyone see's it that way .


Premarital Sex: I don't agree with it , but people do it if I care or not .


Abortion: Depends, if its against your will then I guess . I mean you dont want to be carring around a baby for nine months that wasnt with the person you love . Otherwise . I dont agree with it . If youre adult enough to have sex than you should be adult enough to deal with the consequences that may come along !


Other Stuff


How did u find us: fake_flxwers
What do you think of the Mods: HOTHOTHOTHOTTT
Promote in 2 places(direct links please): http://www.livejournal.com/users/lifeonstandby3/19741.html?view=164893#t164893

5+ Pictures:

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