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Courtney Ann

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Name: Courtney Ann

Age: 15 almost 16

Birthday: April 25th

Location: Tampa, FL

Status(pictures would be nice): taken
Image hosted by there’s my baby
Image hosted by Photobucket.comand there’s us at homecoming

Sexual Preference: boys

10 bands: tbs, fall out boy, my chemical romance, green day, switchfoot, brand new, dashboard confessional, coheed and cambria, the killers, something corporate

5 Likes: acting, makeup, boys, rock music, movies

5 Dislikes: allergies, school, little brothers, dumb cell phone rings, slow computers

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment: I had just started going out with this guy and our friend had a birthday party. His parents didn’t care if we all had the door shut, so we were all in his room, and each of us had someone to make out with. Well it’s quiet for a couple minutes when we all hear this slurping noise…it’s REALLY loud. Everyone stopped making out and looked at me and my boyfriend. He had been slurping REALLY REALLY loud and had been practically sucking on my face, so my face was all red.He was the worst kisser I’ve ever met and no one ever lets me live it down.

What Is An Interesting Fact About You: I play 4 instruments: flute, piccolo, saxophone and drums


Suicide/cutting: suicide: sometimes I feel like it’s the easy way out. Everyone I know who has done it had so much going for them but they just couldn’t seem to get through this one part in their life and ruined everything for themselves. Cutting: I’ve never understood it, but I know that the people I’ve known who have done it have said that their emotional pain was so overbearing that the physical pain didn’t even hurt anymore. It made me sad to hear that and I feel like it’s an easier way out than suicide.

Alcohol/Drugsafter my first time getting drunk I looked up stuff about alcohol and read that it destroys your brain and whatever, and so I’ve never touched any since. I believe that because most teenager’s minds aren’t fully grown that drinking alcohol and doing drugs can leave permanent effects so I won’t support anyone who does them until they’re 21 at least.

Premarital Sex: I never really thought this was important until I realized how much trouble someone can get into and how much pain can be involved. Getting caught is the absolute worst and the pain can either be emotional (from being hurt because that’s all the person wanted) or physical (if the girl gets pregnant). Unless you know that this person is right, I’m not an advocate for this.

Abortion: I’m not going to label myself pro-life or pro-choice because I don’t even think that people should have the right to an option to be opinionated about. There are so many people out there who believe this is a right and a luxury it makes me sick. There are people in the world depending on these mothers to give up their children to them because a woman or man is sterile. I think people who get abortions are selfish.

Other Stuff

How did u find us: an interest search

What do you think of the Mods: omg could they get any cooler?

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