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You Can't Buy Style

Damn Greedy
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This community is chic. Our make-up is always perfectly applied, we put together the best outfits, we are classy, we are smart, and you will never, ever see us throwing us a hissy fit, in public at least. We are chic.

This community is for you if... You are classy, smart, witty, well-dressed (not necessarily the most expensively but if your clothes, whether they're from Goodwill or the runways of Chanel are put together well), original, creative, and compassionate.

This community is not for you if... You own a Burberry bucket hat (Sorry dear. NO!) and carry a bag with hearts, stars, and rainbows. This community is for lovers of Louis Vuitton not Lucky Charms. It's not for you if you don't give a flying fuck about what people think, you are rude, you are mean, you are digustingly judgemental.

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