luis (canyouhearus) wrote in __manhattan,

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so if you guys havent checked it out, then please do so now:)
we just got a website up and were way stoked about it. so take a stroll if you wish and well see you all soon!


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    hey guys, We're sad to inform you that manhattan is no longer gonna be a band. thanks to everyone who ever helped us out by going to a show, buying…

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    hello everyone. once again, please please come out to the Manhattan show, tomorrow, December 13th, 2004. w/Jenoah, This Providence, and…

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    heres all the information on tonights show:) :)much love. Dec 3. The Calabasas Rec. Center 27040 Malibu Hills rd. Agoura hills, CA. 7:15-Manhattan…

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