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__makenai's Journal

Makenai! // A Sailor Moon RPG
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Welcome to Makenai;;______________
Welcome! This community is a Sailor Moon RPG. I [el_mihoshi] moderate this community along with sailorneptune13. So if you have any questions, you can e-mail me!


Everyone is grown up and living in Crystal Tokyo. Chibi-Usa is an older teenager and is married to Helios. Sailor Moon is now Neo-Queen Serenity and she's in her purest Senshi form, Sailor Cosmos. She had her last child, Chibi Chibi, who is now 5-6. The rest of the senshi are in their Eternal Forms and live in Crystal Tokyo.
Everything is going well for the Senshi. Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights are staying with the other senshi because of an evil that possessed their planet. Little do the senshi know, that Chaos teamed up with Nepherina. With these two powerful enemies together again, can the Senshi beat them? Will they succeed?


1. Only TWO characters per person.
2. If you're talking out of character, please put "OOC"
3. Do not god-play, and state what other characters are thinking.
4. Icons of your characters are encouraged. It's just easier on alot of people reading.
5. No PK-ing. Do not kill another character, if you're an enemy.
6. Please post 4-5 times a week. No one likes a dead RPG!
7. Japanese names only, please.
8. Manga attacks/henshins are encouraged.
9. HAVE FUN! ^_^


After a character if you see the word TEMP, then that character is open for you to play. We just needed to get all the characters together to start the RPG. So, if you want that character, then just post. ^^


Sailor Cosmos - eternal_usagi
Sailor Chibi-Moon - FREE
Sailor Chibi Chibi - _chibi_chibi
Sailor Mercury - sailorneptune13
Sailor Mars - FREE
Sailor Jupiter - FREE
Sailor Venus - graceful_lyfe
Sailor Uranus - knifeofnecatr
Sailor Neptune - sailorneptune13
Sailor Pluto - tokisenshipluto
Sailor Saturn - minioko
Helios - aikosenshichibi
King Endymion - aikosenshichibi
Luna - xxxheliosxxx
Artemis - fairyfey
Diana - _sailor_freak_
Princess Kakyuu - el_mihoshi
Sailor Star Fighter - starxfighterx
Sailor Star Maker - el_mihoshi
Sailor Star Healer - knifeofnectar

Nepherina - knifeofnectar
Chaos - sailorneptune13

Lead Crow - FREE
Tin Nyanko - knifeofnectar
Iron Mouse - FREE
Aluminium Siren - FREE
Heavy Metal Papillon - FREE
VesVes - FREE
JunJun - FREE
PallasPallas - caloris
CereCere - xxxheliosxxx