Eve (sailorneptune13) wrote in __makenai,

"But they won't be asleep" Galaxia objected "I think its best if we go on for a full attack while they are alone"
"I'm going" She announced. But before she left, she wrenched one of the many full length mirrors of the wall,
"Now you can come" She smirked
and closely followed by Mercury she de-materialized, again she was in Chibi-Usa's room,
clicking her finger Galaxia's throne appeared, she sat down and glared at Mercury
"Go" She snapped "Go and announce them of out prescance"

OOC: wow, this is like the 3rd attack in one day ^^;

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    i am new here

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    THIS RPG IS DEAD! Thanks for everything guys. This RPG was fun but now it's time has come to end.

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    Hello all I must too drop out of the rpg! I really enjoyed it but due to the fact i'm in so many rpgs already and I run my own and I have my C.N.A…

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