October 3rd, 2004

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Hi all...

I’m waiting for el_mihoshi to post again as Princess Kakyuu before I can post again as Pallas. Since sailorneptune13 appears to be unable to post, perhaps el_mihoshi could post as Galaxia and Kakyuu in the next post.

With sakuradolly having left, I’ll take both Mars and Jupiter (I think I might make a new LJ for Jupiter, already have one for Mars, but I’m not sure) unless someone else comes to take Mars. I have some vague ideas about what to do with Pallas, but none for Mars and/or Jupiter as of yet. I’d like to talk to Pluto and I think Endymion about plotting for that if possible.

Since sailorneptune13 is MIA and we’re down Ami *haggles evil ami-sama*, Galaxia and Michiru for now, maybe we can have them as NPCs until she is able to get access to a computer again?
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Galaxia sat on her throne in the dark throne room. Leaning slightly on her right arm and looking bored, she sighed in discontent. Her yellow eyes were now red with furry.
"What is taking them so long! Those senshi are usless! I can't wait to get rid of them..." Galaxia hissed. The doors plowed open and there stood the senshi with Kakyuu.
"Why didn't you take her starseed?! Wait... Princess Kakyuu... The princess of the weak planet with her three slaves..." Galaxia laughed slightly.


"Galaxia..." Kakyuu walked closer to Galaxia but was tugged back by one of the senshi. "I want my revenge... I want you to feel what I felt when you took away my family and kingdom... I want you to feel the pain that I feel! The rage grows deep inside my soul and will be released onto your pitiful soul!" Kakyuu transformed into Sailor Fireball. A red sphere of power glowed in her palms, as Galaxia laughed quietly to herself.