September 30th, 2004

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OOC:I guess I could post as Chibi-usa until we find another person to RP her. Sound okay with you guys?

Hotaru looked up at Pluto while she tried to catch her breath. "Okay, that sounds good to me."
She stood up and started to stretch.
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I made a new community, if any of you are interested in it. ^_^
All of you are more then welcome to join. It's an anime and manga review site. There are some rules, but I'm sure most of you would follow them. If you want to join, just post in the welcoming post. Thanks to all of those who join!

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Moon squealed when her husband snatched her up into his arms and giggled some.
"Endymion I love you my dear Tuxedo Kamen" Moon said.
Squealing again as she was pinned to the ground and kissed passionately back and sighed happily.

"Mmmmm There will be time for this later dear when the training is done" Moon said with a smirk.

Letting him pull her to her feet she smiled and kissed him quickly then began stretching as well reaching down to touch her toes without bending her knees.
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Tuxedo smiled at his wife as she came over to him. He smirked at the idea of his wife pampering him. He returned her kiss happily and then snatched her up in his arms holding her tight. He grined, a gleam in his eyes. He then gently but swiftly pinned Moon to the ground and smirked. "This is just where I wanted you. You came to me, and now I got you."
Tuxedo winked At Moon and kissed her passionatly. When satisfied, he got up off her and pulled her to his feet. "Time to stretch darling." He said as he raised his hands over his head and began a stretching routine.