September 27th, 2004

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Holds her husband's hand and folows him and nods.
"Sounds good to me but I don't think I will train my comos form Endymion I miss being eternal so do you mind if i use that form to train" Serenity asked?
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Sailor Pallas followed Tin Nyanko back into the throne room as she shoved Princess Kakyuu forwards.
"Why do you follow Galaxia's rule? What made you become one of her 'senshi'?"
Pallas looked up towards her captive with a hint of confusion in her eyes. "made me become? Why I follow her? I... I... don’t know."
The senshi of the second largest asteroid stared directly ahead at Kakyuu’s back as her voice echoed in her mind.

Galaxia is our master now. What did those pitiful moon senshi ever do for us? Nothing. They just demanded our help. Galaxia will reward us for good work.
But...but... the princess. They’re our friends. Galaxia’s going to kill them.
Exactly. They are weak. Worthless. Pick the winning side. Galaxia’s.
... Princess.

Pallas’ inner voice fell silent as she shoved Kakyuu into the throne room.
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