September 21st, 2004

break the silence

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Sailor Fireball walked around the darkened castle, in a daze. This energy she felt was like no other. It was the same evil and darkness that was in her kingdom. Everything started to go black in Kakyuu's mind. She shook it off and continued to search for Galaxia. She wanted nothing more then to have revenge on Galaxia. She took away her land, now Kakyuu wanted something of Galaxia's. She wanted Galaxia's starseed, her life, anything that meant something to her; the same way Kakyuu's kingdom meant to her. She clutched her fist and continued searching.

OOC: I think it would be cool if Kakyuu went evil for a little while. ;) So if any of the baddies want to fight me, ha.

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King Endymion felt a strange power run throughout him, followed by Pluto's crys to Hotaru. King Endymion remained calmed and something told him that everything was alright. He relaxed himself but kept his energy flowing, just incase. He waited to hear Hotaru speak before he broke the connection.