September 20th, 2004

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Nyanko bowed before Galaxia, nodding her head. "Hai Galaxia-sama." She said as she stod, bells on her costune jingling. "One star seed comming right up." With a cat-like grin she walked out of the room and went off to find a star seed.


"Uranus Planet Power!" Haruka called and once she had transformed she followed after Neptune. "What do you think is going on?"

OOC: Sorry about that, I had the baby simulator last week, so she took up a lot of my time.
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Hotaru felt Misstress nine being pushed out of her, the connection breaking. "This is it." She thought.
"SATURN PLANET POWER!"She screamed inside. All of a sudden Mistress Nine was pushed out of her and the conncection broke.
Mistress Nine fell over and held her head. "What is happening?!"She screamed in agony.
Pluto Transform

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Pluto felt a huge power surge eminate from Hotaru, through the ring of senshi, and out across the lands of time. She opened her eyes and stared at her daughter. "Hotaru!" she exclaimed. "What has happened?" Pluto asked her daughter nervously. She didn't dare break the ring of senshi in case all their hard work might be wasted or broken too soon. Instead, she stayed in place waiting for her daughters answer.

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Michiru spun round as she heard someone cry out,
Neptune Planet power make-up! she roared, and dashed over to where she heard the screams,


Galaxia sat slumped in her chair, she had an itching a craving she needed starseeds, galaxia could feel her energy lessening the longer she went without one.
"Nyanko!" She barked "Go and find me a starseed" She waved her away, "Go. Now."