September 10th, 2004

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Helios smiled at Diana and scooped down, picked her up in his arms gently, slwoly, and softly. "Yes, my ltitle brave kitten, you can take a nap. You deserve it. You've had a hard day." He kissed her forhead and looked around him. A frown came over his face. "Well, there really isn't a comfortable place to sleep, so why don't you turn into your cat form and sleep on the floor? As a cat, I'm sure you will find it more comfortable." He looked at Diana and smiled. "What do you say kitten?"
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Rei focused harder. She could sense Pallas' longing, her reaching out to her princess.

Rather than urging Pallas to go closer, Rei pushed forwards with her mind, trying to let the image of Chibiusa go towards Pallas. She focused harder on bringing forard Pallas' memories, so that the whole thing would become more vivid for her, and possibly help to bring her away from evil. She has to know that we're still here for her. She shouldn't feel like anyone's running away...

Rei was present in Pallas' mind, her 'dream'. She stepped towards Pallas but found that she couldn't go too close. The darkness was threatening, and her feet felt unsteady. She knew that if she maintained this connection too long she would use up all of her energy just being present in a mind that was slowly being claimed by evil.

My guardian planet...Mars thought, seeing a red light emerge from her hands and spread through the black, help me guide Pallas to where she really should be...with her princess.
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Makoto had watched the whole exchange between Neptune, Uranus and Pluto with growing feelings of awkwardness. The Inners are staying together...Well, at least I hope they are. She looked over to Rei who was sitting on the floor, eyes closed but with a look of utter concentration on her face. Makoto knew best than to disturb her. She looked over to where Neptune and Uranus had walked off. What was that the King said about us all staying together?

Makoto sighed. Maybe she had been out of the loop too long. Maybe things had just changed too much and she was left with the unrealistic ideal that everyone would agree with each other, stay together and fight together. Everyone seemed to have their own agenda these days.

And where was I when Ami-chan was taken? She sighed. We are falling apart...and yet nobody's willing to put things back together. And I'm not one to be a leader.

Perhaps I'll just honour my own oaths, like everyone else. I'll stick together with Rei and Minako, and I'll train to make myself stronger. It looks like evil won't break us apart, we'll do that ourselves. But I won't let evil defeat us!
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Saturn was still unconsious, she suddenly started to hear voices that she knew.
Memoires of her family came flooding back to her. Michi-mama teaching Hotaru how to play the violin. Haruka messy after feeding a 2yr old Hotaru. Setsuna teaching Hotaru how to read. Michiru and Haruka taking Hotaru to the beach for the first time. Setsuna building snowmen with Hotaru. Hotaru waking Haruka up to check for monsters under the bed at 2:00am. Hotaru cuddling in bed with Michiru and Haruka.
"My family...." Hotaru thought.
"Princess Saturn, they need you! Here take the power of Saturn to free your starseed." A chibi Sailor Saturn said.
"Power of Saturn?" Hotaru said.
"Yes! Now take it! Hurry!"Chibi saturn said.
Hotaru felt a warmth within her,She regained her starseed.
She heard Pluto,Neptune, and Uranus. "Michi-mama...Ruka-papa...Setsu-mama..." Suddendly she woke up and walked up behind Glaxia. She struck Galaxia with her Glavie. "GO RUN! SAVE YOURSLEVES!"She shouted at her family. As Galxia hit the floor Hotaru took off after her family.

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Galaxia gave a snarl as Saturn struck her down, but made no attempts to attack her.
Mercury rushed over to assist her, but Galaxia pushed her away, a dangerous look in her eye.
I don't need anyone helping me!
Instead she stood up, utterly composed and resumed her normal position in her throne.
She must be killed She though sharply,
She turned to Artemis with a frown
"And where is Diana's starseed?" she enquired coldly, "Did I not tell you to retrieve it?"


Mercury saw Saturn attack Galaxia, and darted over to help her boss, only to be roughly shoved away, her eyes showed no emotion as she backed away with a curt nod. But inside she was confused
Why is Galaxia annoyed at me. Have I offended her in some way? No...She would have killed me if I had


Neptune snuggled up to Uranus,
"I honestly don't know where we should go" She admitted, "But I am right, Galaxia will seek them all out and destroy them"
The senshi are tearing at the seams she thought dejectedly Galaxia will win, the only thing we can do
She turned and looked at Uranus, sadness in her heart.
"We have to run. Galaxia will kill us, if we get away...mabye we can become strong enough to combat her?"
But Neptune wasn't stupid. She knew that there was no way just the two of them could defeat Galaxia, as well as she knew, that if they ran Galaxia would fine them...But if they could get away, they would live. at least for a while...
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"Michi-mama! STOP!" Hotaru said as she detransformed. "Its me Hotaru, your daughter...Please don't attack me! My powers saved memories saved me.... you,Ruka-papa and Setsu-mama saved me.."Hotaru said collasping in Michiru's arms. "I need to sleep...I'm so tired..."She said with her eyes half open. She fell asleep

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Cosmos closed her eyes as she watched all their past battles and how everyone stuk beside her during the fight with queen beryl when they took tuxedo kamen and the fight with galaxia as she opened her eyes she looked around at the remaining senshi and smiled.

"My friends lets all train here together so we can beat this evil and return to our home" Cosmos said.

Holding onto endymion as she talked
Pluto Transform

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Pluto looked from her space time door all around her.

Hotaru, Amy, and Artemis had been turned evil, along with Pallas and Cere.
The three left from the inners were ordered to stay together.
Neptune and Uranus were leaving the group.
Pluto was the only Outer left.
The King and Queen stayed together, side by side, through almost everything.
Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi were in the past for protection.
Helios never left Diana's side and now Luna had entered the picture to be by her daughter.
Princess Kakyuu was off on her own.
The starlights always stuck together.

Pluto shook her head and sighed. Everybody was spliting into the groups...the exact opposite of what needed to be done.

Pluto slammed her hand against her space-time door and screamed, "This is not how it should be!"

She turned from her door and looked at everyone. "We are the Sailor Senshi! We are family! We have united with the starlights and their princess, but you know what? IT DOES NOTHING!" She looked at everyone as her voice echoed in space.

"We are ALL spliting up when WE. SHOULD. BE. UNIFYING!" Pluto's voice raged through these words.

"Some of us are training ourselves," Pluto looked to Jupiter, Helios, and Diana. "Some of us are giving their all, and succeeding, and growing!" She then looked to Mars. "Some of us are letting our fears get the best of us!" She looked off into the distance where Neptune and Uranus were. "Some of us are leading." She looked to Serenity and Endymion. "Some of us are secluding themselves and not co-operating as a team." She looked to the starlights. "But one thing we are NOT doing, is WE. ARE. NOT. UNIFYING!" Pluto let her voice and words echo across space as she looked to each and every face present at her post.

She then abruptly looked away and clutched her staff tightly. For all of Pluto's yelling, her deep peace and silence never left her. She could feel it growing rather than decreasing. She closed her eyes and felt a warmth in her staff. She felt a power picking up. She saw a light in her minds eye...she picked up her staff, whiped it around,and from her garnet ord, a warm, bright, white light errupted, taking over all the senshi, including distant Uranus and Neptune.

Pluto whispered...."Can you see?"
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Hotaru woke up somewhere unfamilar yet familar in a weird way. "Where am I...I guess chasing after them was a dream...but I followed them here..." She felt a strange presence and then she turned around. She saw a bright light and then she saw Pluto. Pluto handed her a time key and left.
"Pluto! Guide me to safely to the Gate of Time!"She said and then in a flash of light she was at the Gates of time. She saw Pluto and ran to her. "SETSU-MAMA!"

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Helios was covered in light, it's strength and warmth enwraping him. All he could see was this bright, white light, but it wasn't blinding. It was comforting. He felt perfectly calm and felt this inner peace and silence take him over. This wasn't a scarey experience for him. Instead, he felt a feeling of security from it all. He seemed to be floating in space, no direction, no time, all the while enwraped by this pure peace.

All of a sudden, a feeling of great dispare washed over him as he saw Nephrina and her Circus taking dreams from all on earth. Helios panicked and didn't know what to do. He could feel himself being pulled in by her evil and negativity. He couldn't escape it. He cried and cried out but no one heard him. He was to be destroyed!!! He saw Nepheraina close in on him and closed his eyes for he could not watch what would happen next.

Helios then felt a wave of relief wash over him and a strong peace brush through him. He opened his eyes and saw all the super sailor senshi fighting Nepherina! Scenes passed before his eyes, memories of the super sailor senshi fighting together as a team and memories of them defeating Nepherina!

Helios smiled as the white light faded and he looked around at all the senshi, starlights, and cats at Pluto's post. A silence and peace like he had never felt before eminated from his heart.

'We are all a team and we can not seperate,' he thought to himself, 'I am part of this team and I will do my all to bring us back together. We must work together, not divided.'

Helios had been reminded of the importance of unity.
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Hotaru stopped and felt like something was being ripped out of her. "........" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mistress Nine stepped out from the shadows..."Glaxia...."
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Jupiter closed her eyes and let the light wash over her.

She remembered the first time she met Usagi, saving her from those mean boys. And then she remembered How Usagi had come to sit with her when nobody else would, since they were afraid of her. Rei, Ami, Usagi and Minako were the first group of friends that she had really had.

She remembered sitting with them in Crown, she rememebred going through all the battles with them. She remembered meeting the Outers, who seemed quite cold at first but then grew to become friends with them.

I knew all this already she thought as her vision came back into focus. She smiled slightly. I can see that nobody wants us to break apart. Maybe we won't, really. We're all united by Cosmos, and our friendships. Although they've been under strain lately, they still exist. Makoto came out of her own thoughts and looked towards Pluto.

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King Endymion was just begining to process all that Pluto had said when a blinding white light encircled him.

When he could see again, he saw himself in a room with a little boy crying, for he had no friends, and a little girl giving him a rose, saying she would be his friend. King Endymion smiled as he remembered this special day in his heart.

He was then flung forward to many events when he was with Usagi and all her/his friends. A feeling of happiness came down upon him, remembering all his beloved friends.

He felt a whirling sensation and many scenes raced before his eyes. The senshi, inners and outers, and him as tuxedo mask, battling each evil they had ever faced together. A sense of pride came over him, as he remembered all the times he fought with the senshi to defeat the evil that threatened his planet.

The next sensation was that of flying. He was flying above Crystal Tokyo and saw all his friends. He saw himself, his wife, his children, the cats, the inner senshi, and the outer senshi. They were all unified together as a powerful force that could not be defeated.

The King was then pulled out of the white light and back into the present time. As he was pulled out, he reflected up his unity with his scouts, wife, and children. He smiled as this wonderful feeling swept over him. He looked around at Helios, the two cats, the senshi, the starlights....he smiled at them all.

Even though they were divided in groups, they were still all a team, and he wasn't going to let these little groupings that had formed divide between and break the strong unity they had all had before on many occasions.

In his mind, King Endymion said, "Thank you Pluto for the rememberances."