September 8th, 2004

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Do you think it's alright if I make some stuff up for Pallas seeing as how we don't know a heck of a lot about her team? (only her senshi name and 1 or 2 group attacks are known...)

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Diana sat in am empty field. She was all alone in the quiet. Then 2 people appeared at her sides. One was her father one was Helios.
"Come Diana, come with me." He father said and held out his hand toward her.
"Don't listen to him Diana. He is still eveil, go with him and you will never wake up, come with me.
Diana looked from her father to Helios.
Her father stood in front of her a dark forest. Helios stood infront of the King and Queen's place.
She looked up at Helios' face and he smiled at her.
She ran to him and hugged him. She turned to where her father once was, and he had disappeared along with the forest.
Diana felt Helios woarm hands holding hers. She opened her eyes to see his worried face. She smilled at him. Her entire body ached, but with Helios beside her, the pain seemed to soften. She was glad that he was there.

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Endymion looked at his wife and smiled. He held her tightly. "We train here, with Pluto at the space-time gate. I know we are close to Galaxia and all her minons, but we can still plot and train. If we leave Pluto alone, we put her in too much risk to get taken over by Galaxia, ultimatly putting our children in risk. What do you think?"


EDITED AGAIN: Mamoru was in his kitchen baking a cake. He was bored and decided to cook; he liked cooking. He slightly chuckled to himself. "Oh meatball head." he said to himself. He was thinking of the clumsy, crybaby Usagi who LOVED cake. "She actually LOVES all food....the pig." he said to himself again. He blinked and looked down at his ingrediants. "Why am I thinking of meatball head?????" He said to himself as he looked up and stopped what he was doing. He shook his head and kept on cooking, leaving the thoughts of Usagi behind.