September 7th, 2004

break the silence

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Sailor Fireball stood in the throne room. A battle went on between Pluto and Galaxia. Fireball looked everywhere for Galaxia. She kept her gaurd up and would let no one attack her.
"I know you're here, Galaxia..." Fireball said as she looked around the throne room. The once crystal walls were now black with evil. She entered the room more, getting pulled in by the evil force. Laughter was heard echoing through the room.
"I will get you Galaxia... I couldn't defend my kingdom, but I will defend Serenity's... You know no love! You don't know what it's like! You're pure evil, Chaos!" Fireball's screams echoed.

Future and past!

Cosmos stood in her husband's arms listening to his speech and waiting to see who would join them in training. Looking up at her husband she smiled.

"Endymion my love where are we gonna train at" Serenity asked?
Usagi feed the 2 girls dinner then put the both of them to bed.
"I don't have school tomorrow so how about the 3 of us go out tomorrow and have some fun" Usagi asked?
Pluto Transform

OOC: frusteration

this is the THIRD sailor that has just apperaed from NO WHERE in this rpg. i understand these characters were going to become part of the plot but i DONT understand why people keep materializing characters from thin air, INSTEAD of having them being slowly developed into the plot. i thought it would only be the first person who just, jumped in, but now its been three people.
can someone PLEASE explain it to me?

(girls, you know its that time of the month, so if i come off as bitchy or cranky, i apologize now. please don't take it to heart).