September 6th, 2004

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Carefully, Sailor Pallas crept through the Crystal Palace as she searched for her friends. A short time before, she had felt a flash of darkness wash over the palace reminding her of her time as ParaPara when she and the other astroid princesses were under Neherenia’s control. Shuddering at the memory as she approached the throne room, Pallas peeked around the door. "Princess? Usa-chan? Are you in here?" Stepping into the room, the young senshi could make out Artemis in the darkness, "Artemis? Have you seen Small Lady anywhere? I can’t seem to find anyone."
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Saturn tried to fight it as best as she could. She didnt turn into misstress nine...soemthing was keeping her from turning into Galxia's pawn for now. She got up..."Silence Glaive SURPRIZE!" she yelled it hit Galixia with much power and saturn ran out of hte room and the castel. "I'm me! I'm not evil!"
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Pallas smiled back to Artemis, "You’ll take me to her? Thank you." She took another step into the room then paused, "um... Artemis... what do you mean by ‘we’?"
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Hearing a faint rustling sound to the side, Pallas paused in mid sentence. She looked to the side in time to see the golden orbs slam into her side. The young senshi felt a loss of some sort as she toppled sideways, then nothing as her starseed moved away towards Tin Nyanko.

Trying to look towards the cat like senshi, Pallas saw golden lights begin to appear around her, and then felt a weight on her wrists. Moments later, Pallas’ eyes closed and she fainted.

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school starts for me and and i know i just joined but i already know that this move to fast for me, when i think i can handle school and this i'll come back Sailor Ceres and Luna out
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OOC: Just got back online after waking up, and I’m curious;

Saturn saw Palla Palla fall and ran to catch her before she hit the ground....

Just how did Saturn (or anyone else for that matter) know that Sailor Pallas was falling or had had her starseed taken? Pallas is in the Crystal Palace throne room. The only people there at the time was Galaxia, Artemis, Tin Nyanko, Mercury, and for some odd reason, Cosmos.

So therefore, Pallas couldn’t have been caught by Saturn, placed in Neptune’s arms or have Endymon move to her side.

Since Saturn doesn’t know about Pallas and wasn’t in the room to catch her, she wouldn’t have had any reason to suddenly go rushing back from the time gate (on another planet no less), back into the Crystal Palace and fight the two most powerful villains the senshi had ever faced alone. So she wouldn’t have gone.

Since she wouldn’t have gone, then Pluto, nor anyone else, wouldn’t have had to follow anyone. The whole of that last posting spree doesn’t make any sense.

Is it really too much to ask that people stop and think about what they know and what the character they are playing would know? Just because you as the reader knows what is going on everywhere in the game, doesn’t mean that your character does.

Is there really any reason to have a long battle every "real time" day? Isn’t this something like the 4th battle in the same "role play" day? How about having some plot development or planning and not just yet another fight? I realise that they are effectively at war, but even when you’re at war, you aren’t fighting battles 24 hours a day.

And stop calling Sailor Pallas "Pallas Pallas" or "ParaPara". The name "Pallas Pallas" never existed and she isn’t</i> an Amazon any more. She is a senshi.
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OOC:School starts tommrow for me! It's my senior year...I'll try to post as much as I can but if you go a few days w/o hearing from's school...I'm alive....Don't worry!

IC: Saturn looked around and noticed that people didn't see her or recognize her. She looked down and saw she was a ghost... a spirit.
"Looks like the enemy has taken me over..." She said to herslef. She saw Neptune and Uranus kissing and smiling. "I bet they don't even care, or will care when Pluto tells them the news." She said. She turned and walked back into the castle and back to her body.

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Uranus sent Pluto a cold glare, squeezing Neptune's hand in return. "Pluto, if you contuine to attack her the way you have been you will regret it. At the moment I'd rather be on their side than standing her listening to you attack Michiru for doing what she feels is right." She stepped between the two woman, her hands clentched at fists at her side.

With a sigh she unclentched her fists, after having counted to 10. "Where do you think we should go Michi?" She turned her back to Pluto, placing her hands on Michiru's shoulders. "I'll follow you to the ends of the world."


Nyanko moved to Galaxia's side, a hand absently batting at the bells on her fuku in an overly cat-like way. "Galaxia-sama, what do we do now?"

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"You were." Uranus muttered with a sigh as she looked back to Pluto. "You were telling her how wrong it was for her to think the way she does, that is attacking." She looked to Neptune and sent her a small smile, she leaned over and placed a kiss to her cheek. "We hadn't planned on going through the gates of time, so you have no reason to worry about that Pluto." Uranus spoke against Neptune's skin, nuzzling against the woman's neck.

"We fight the way we have always fought, to the best of our abilty. If that means that we should go off an train by ourselves, then so be it. Neptune knows what she is talking about." Her arms wound around Neptune's waist, hugging her close as she placed her head on Neptune's shoulder and looked to Pluto. "You are welcome to join us, but I do think it would be better for us to leave the palace and train elsewhere away from Galaxia's prying eye. Here she can watch our every move and make notes, it would be stupid to allow her that."

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Diana layed on the ground beside Helios and her mother. She could hear there voices, but they seemed so far away. She started to shake, she wanted to stay asleep forever, the real world was too scary, here should was safe from harm, and pain. She wanted to stay just where she was, and never wake up...

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Helios dropped down to Diana's side as her mother Luna placed Diana's head on her lap. Helios spoke to Diana, in sweet, soft words. "Diana, I know somewhere you can hear these words. Try to hear what I say and do what I tell you. The golden sun power that I gave you can help you in times like these. You must look into your inner peace and silence, for that is where you can access it. Try to concentrate really hardly and search for the silence beyond the pain, search for the peace beyond the havoc. It's there, but you have to have faith in yourself. You have the power, you just have to believe. Search and you will find it. Once you find it, harness it and pull it out. Itwill help you get past the pain and bring you back to full consiousness. I know you can do this my little one, now please try. Your mother and I are both here for you." As Helios said these words, he took Diana's little hands and held them sweetly. He looked at her face and waited. He knew she could do this.

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The King kisses his Queen back and looked into her eyes smiling. She was his life force, he was so happy to have her sweet love and kind words. It was her that he woke up for in the morning.

Just as he finished kissing his wife, he heard Pluto bust through the palace doors into the space time realm. He saw her drop down to her knees and start balling. He took his wife's hands and squeezed them tight, dropping his head and looking to the ground. "We've lost another one..." He muttered.

He was losing his team and they were getting weaker. He let go of his wife's hands and looked around at everyone. Everyone had battled non stop and there was no time for training or plotting. It was time to leave the enemy to themselves so they could train and plot.

Raising his voice for all to hear he announced, "Nothing we have done so far has helped us triumph over this evil. Instead, we have only lost more of our home, and our loved ones. We are not going to attack or go after our foes for now. We need to unify ourselves and train. As we lose more of our senshi and beloved ones, we lose strength. We have made stupid mistakes and now is not the time to act rashly. We are going to stay here with Pluto at her space time door and train. We are going to follow all the rules and once we have finished our training, then will be the time to plot. No one leaves here until we are ready.

These are the rules and I want no one to disobey the laws set anymore. If you have objections, say them now but act maturly and present them nicely. We don't have the time to waste arguing, but I certainly want any and all objections and comments brought forth now, in a calm manner, so we can smooth aside all wrinkles and start training without resentments.
With that, the King finished and looked around at his fellow team, waiting for what was to come forth in response to his rules. He held his wife tightly.

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Neherenia watched Nyanko as she batted at the bells on her suit, eyebrow arched in a show of vague amusement. She looked from Nyanko to Galaxia, smirking. "Why did you employ a feline?"
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Rei bit her lip. Maybe she hadn't quite gotten that inner peace thing yet that she knew Pluto was working on. She had felt rather than seen Artemis attack Diana and now Diana was injured and being comforted by Helios. Rei scolded herself sharply for failing again, and then scolded herself for thinking of failure, something that there simply wasn't time to dwell on.

Perhaps if I focused on one specific thing rather than just generally trying to sense my surroundings... Her mind drifted for a moment. Ami still had some good in her before I ruined things. Maybe those recently turned have something I can appeal to?

She thought for a moment. Ami's too strong anyway. She nearly killed me, who knows what it would be like if I tried to get inside her head? Who could I... Rei closed her eyes and scanned, not trying to enter, but simply trying to sense the people in the throne room. It was then that she came across someone dark, yet not as full of energy as everyone else. Pallas. Is she sleeping? She was turned so soon...

Confident that she wouldn't be blocked, Rei pushed forward gently with her mind, brushing aside anything that came in her way. Let me in... she prayed silently. There must be some part of you that I can connect to...

And there was. A small glitter. Its warmth was only slight and looked like it might fade soon but it was still there. Rei reached for it with her mind and held onto it. She saw Pallas' memories of Chibi-Usa and focused on trying to make them stronger, attempting to push back the cold that threatened to freeze the only part of good left in her.
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Makoto watched as Rei closed her eyes so decided not to disturb her.

We have to get stronger. It's the only way we'll defeat them and make things go back to what they were. She walked away a little bit, feeling that she should use some of her energy for training. She had no wounds to recover from, since she hadn't been involved ouright in the recent battle. There was still something in her that itched for a chance to use her strengths.

She jumped up and down a few times, restless. She clenched her fists and admired the strong shape of her hands and arms. She looked over to the other senshi and smiled. This area was powerful, it would be since it was the portal between times. There was a lot of old and new energy here, and a lot of space, a place perfect for training. Although you could get lost if you went too far. Makoto made sure she had the others in sight. She then raised her arms and focused on trying to capture the energy around her, draw it into her. She felt like a sponge soaking up the energy in the air around her and the more she concentrated, the fuller she felt.

She shot her hands in front of her and watched the electricity come out of her hands and go shooting into the distance with a sharp crackling and zapping noise. She dropped her hands slowly and looked at them proudly.

If I keep this up, I'll definitely be able to help.

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Neptune kissed her back, softly
"Thank you" She said quietly "That means so much to me"
They stopped for a minute, lost in the moment. But after a while Neptune stopped back reluctantly.
"I think we had better start training" She suggested "galaxia and Neherenia are too strong, we have to be prepared"
She took Haruka's hand and gently led her back to the gates of time,
"I don't think we should train here" She said loudly "We need to find a new palace or something"

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"You leave the Senshi; you leave our King and Queen; you weaken us as a whole; you take a different path and abandon us; then YOU can NOT go through the gates of time. You walk back into Galaxia's power source, our old palace, and YOU find your way out to a new place."

"From here you can not cross into the past or the future. As watcher of the space-time door, as gaurdian of the underworld, I am Sailor Pluto! I will NOT let you pass. And I will eliminate those who violate the law."

Neptune stared at her coolly.
"I am not going to join Galaxia and her Animimates" She replied with a hint of disgust,
"I merely said that we cannot train here, for one Galaxia knows we are here. And how can we train at the gates of time? Pluto, you have been at my throat ever since I asked you what you knew" She paused for a moment, studying Pluto carefully "And when I refused to help Saturn, you almost attacked me. I had reasons for not running into the hands of our enemy, which I did explain"
This what a lot for Neptune to since she most often followed Haruka's lead, squeezing Haruka's hand, she continued.
"And I did not attept to cross the gates of time, I was walking over to you to suggest we move to a more suitable area" She added snottily.
Whats happening to us? She wondered, The out senshi rarely battled, but she and Setsuna had been at eachother for a few days now...
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After Pluto dropped to her knees and sobbed, she soon had become very quiet. She cried all the tears she could and she felt all the saddness she permited. She stared of into space, her mind wondering.

Soon, she had fallen asleep. During this sleep, her mind was still quite aware and awake. She could feel the calm, the inner peace, the silence she felt all around her. She started to half wake up from sleep, but only to dive into this darkness that was all around her. She harnessed it and found great power. But this was not evil darkness, this was the darkness when you are left in silence with only yourself. This is the darkness that your true inner peace hides itself in. This is the darkness before the calm.

All the pain, all the saddness, all the hurt, all the anger, was gone. However this time, it was banished for good. A new power took over Pluto like she had never felt before, and this time, she knew she had transformed into a new Setsuna, Gaurdian of the Space-Time door, Sailor Pluto.

She opened her eyes and looked all around her. She then heard Neptune announce, very loudly, she was going somewhere else, possibly to a new palace. Sailor Pluto whipped her head around and saw Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, heading to her space-time door.

Pluto jumped to her feet, ran and jumped over Neptune and Uranus. She flippd around and landed in front of them, facing them. She held out her staff and flat out said, "You leave the Senshi; you leave our King and Queen; you weaken us as a whole; you take a different path and abandon us; then YOU can NOT go through the gates of time. You walk back into Galaxia's power source, our old palace, and YOU find your way out to a new place."

Pluto stood tall and proud, put her staff to her left and said, "From here you can not cross into the past or the future. As watcher of the space-time door, as gaurdian of the underworld, I am Sailor Pluto! I will NOT let you pass. And I will eliminate those who violate the law."

She gave Neptune and Uranus a cold hard stare.

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Neptune had been about to reply to Pluto's words, when Uranus stepped in harshly.
Following her old habit of agreeing with her love, Neptune nodded fervently.
"Thank you Haruka-San" She whispered, cuddling up to her, "In response to your question...I don't know, I don't know where we can go. I just don't think we should stay here"

"We know where Galaxia is, but that doesn't stop her from strengthening her evil forces. There is lots of space and strength here at the gates of time. Taking yourself farther away from Galaxia won't help your training any more, it only weakens this team from you and Uranus leaving."

"I agree us knowing where Galaxia is doesn't stop us from attacking; do you even know why that is? Have you even thought about it? Evidently not. The reason we are not attacking Galaxia is because she is stronger, every time she has attacked us, she has destroyed one of us; she could come here at any time and kill every one of us single handedly while we're even beginning to train. The only reason she doesn't is because she's playing with us, she's biding her time. Killing us slowly and one at a time so that we all feel intense pain, and when the time comes that we do launch an attack, the few of us left will be broken" Neptune said calmly, but her eyes shone with tears,
she turned back to Uranus,
"I just want us to be safe" She said to her partner "I just want you to be safe..I want to get away"
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Pluto heard Neptune's words, and once again she had misunderstood what Pluto had said. Taking a deep breath, Pluto said, "Neptune, I did not tell you to go and join Galaxia. I simply said that if you want a new place to train, you can not go through the gate of time. What you can do is go back into our old palace, and find your way out of Galaxia's new head quarters, and find a new place to be. However, Galaxia knowing we are here does not stop us from training or plotting. We know where Galaxia is, but that doesn't stop her from strengthening her evil forces. There is lots of space and strength here at the gates of time. Taking yourself farther away from Galaxia won't help your training any more, it only weakens this team from you and Uranus leaving."

Pluto sighed and looked at her friend, who was changing for the worse, in her eyes. She then asked, "And if you wanted to talk to me, why were you walking away from me, when I was still infront of the palace doors, and towards the gate of time where everyone can easily see thats where helios, luna, and poor diana are?"

Pluto paused for a minute but didn't give enough time for Neptune to respond. She just looked at her friend with love. She did love Neptune, and Pluto wanted to understand why her friend was distancing herself from everyone all of asudden. Pluto put her hand on Neptunes shoulder and continued. "My friend, you are changing, and its for the worse. I only was upset with you because you said that I didn't believe in my Queen! When my Queen is the person I would do anything for! I live for her. You hurt me deeply with that remark and dissappointed me because I guess I expected you to understand what I had said. However, now I realize that the knowledge I know and hold, can't be held by anyone else. No one else has seen or lived what I've been through and with that comes great knowledge and responsibility. I'm sorry I told you so much. However, I was very upset you wouldn't go after your own daughter! Us outers are supposed to stick together, but you wouldn't go after Hotaru, you wouldn't come with me. That hurt."

Pluto took her hand away from Neptune's shoulder and looked at her. She had said enough. She had probably said too much. Now, it was Neptune's turn once again to respond.
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Pluto looked at Uranus and sighed.

Now Uranus was threatening her.
Now Uranus would empower Neptune more.
Now they would both leave and weaken this team.

She then heard Neptune's words and just looked at them both.

Pluto feared for them. Being distant from the other senshi would make them weaker on their own, easier for Galaxia and her evil to target and win. Being this selfish and absorbed into each other made them weaker still. Pluto was scared to let them go. She didn't want to see them go. She, Neptune, Uranus, and Hotaru were the outer senshi, and always together! They were a powerful force. Pluto had already lost Hotaru, she couldn't lose Neptune and Uranus. Pluto doubted Neptune and Uranus cared that Hotaru was taken over.

Pluto closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She reached out and touched Uranus' wrist and looked at her, "There is no need to threaten me Uranus. I'm not attacking Neptune for what she thinks." Pluto then turned to face both of them, "I want you two to stay here with me, with the others. We are a team, doesn't that mean anything to you? I just don't understand why you want to distance yourself from all of us. If you two go away aelready lost Hotaru, which seems to mean nothing to you, and now you two are putting yourselves at risk. Why can't you stick with me? with us?"

Pluto looked into Uranus' eyes with a soft glare, and then to Neptunes. She hoped she was getting to them. "I have my duty, I'm the gaurdian of the space time door. I have my responsiblities to uphold. I stood my ground here in front of you two because you can not pass through time. I didn't know where you would want to go to find a new place to train but I would not let you pass through the gates. I don't support you, in your thinking and in the decision to leave us. I'm not attacking you, I'm merely not agreeing."

Pluto then thought of what Neptune had said.She understood what Neptune was saying, but just shook her head as she thought about it. "Galaxia is stronger yes, but nothing we can't beat. I can sense and feel the little changes that bring us togther, that strengthen us. We can win, we can triumph, you just have no faith. Running away is no better than what Sailor Cosmos did the first time with Galaxia, when she sent Chibi Chibi back to Eternal Sailor Moon." She took Uranus' and Neptune's hand and held them tightly. "You both have great strength but you can not fear what is. However, the fear is taking you over Neptune and I can't help you. That is your own battle. You both must conquer your fear and have faith. You both must harness your inner peace and silence and gather strength. I can't do this for you. I won't do this for you. I just wish you would stay."

Pluto then let go of each of their hands and stood up straight. She hardened her expression and then said, "However, I will not force you to do anything.The decision is yours and yours alone. I have said all that I can, and I can do no more. You make your decision. I will only stop you from going through time. Anywhere else you go, I will let you.
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Pluto sighed and turned around, her back to Neptune and Uranus. "Demand your Queen. Demand your King. Demand your fellow Senshi. Do not demand me. Even if I want to join you, I can not. You know my duty lies here with my space-time door. I can not leave, especially not with Small Lady and Chibi Chibi in the past. I understand why you want to leave, I am relieved you want us to come with you. It scared me and saddened me that you would want to leave us to be by yourselves. I know now its different. Just do not ask me if I can come, I am not the one to ask. Go ask the others."

With that said, Pluto walked to her space time door and stood there, not looking back at Neptune or Uranus. They had made their decision and even though Pluto, now than ever, wanted to stay with her fellow outers, she could not. She could not leave her post. This pained her, but she just stayed strong with her inner peace, silence, and faith.
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