September 3rd, 2004


hello all bsically i'm doing this to all my rpgs and the ones i'm in since many of you are in my rpgd as well so i'm posting! i need the people who have parts in these rpgs listed below to please start posting as your charater and if you can't handle it or keep the part let one of us mods know so we can find a replacment for you or something! i don't want to see my rpgs die which is what i feel like is happening! some people have a reason for not posting and i have oked them for it but others have not so please be sure to post asap and as many times as possible.


before I update, does anyone else agree these parts should become available?


I just think its pretty unfair these people never update when we want to continue the storyline...Please don't think I'm trying to take over the mod or anything ^^;; but this storyline is really good and these people dont update >.>

also, the person who played Michiru has also left but the part hasnt become open >>

and where is the mod?

Again, sorry! I dont wanna be all bossy and rude and shit but this is one of my favorite RP's and I really want it to stay alive :D

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Neherenia sent Galaxia a coy grin as she said she'd bring a mirror with her. She laughed softly, nodding her head in agreement with the woman's plans. "Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea. We could very easily get away with that."

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Serenity stood beside her husband looking into his eyes then to the group waiting for them to say something to the speech he made when she saw rei covered in blood she hugged her husband tighter looking at a guard.
"Make sure noone enters the palace without being invited that for the time being includes amy or sailor mercury as well and make sure you check every single guest to see if they are hidding something and no mirrors are allowed inside the palace at all do you understand" Serenity said.

The guard nodded and left the room to inform all the palace guards of the queen's orders.

"Endymion my love i know with your strength i can get throught anything" Serenity said.

Usagi stood looking at chibiusa.

"So your chibiusa right? So what are you doing in my house" Usagi asked?

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Mercury listened to Rei talk with growing dispair.
Rei has abandoned me, she would rather be with them, than be I have nothing else.
with nothing else to hold on to Mercury's eyes darkened. She went white and stared at Rei, her eyes growing darker and emptier by the minute.
She could not speak words to express her rage, Rei. Rei had betrayed her, she was so sure Rei would do anything for her. she looked down for a moment, then looked up again. Mercury's eyes had gone completely black, nothing remained in them. No hope, no life, no sanity.
with the her last remains of sanity destroyed. Mercury lunged forward and grabbed Rei by the throat, she shoved her up agains the wall, pushing harder and harder, she no longer recognised Rei, she didnt even recognise herself.
As she held Rei there, her face expressionless, her life slipped away and her sailor uniform slowly turned darker, until it was nearly black. In her clenched fist a long dark blue sword grew, without a word she held it up to Rei's face.
Leaning in she whispered,
"This is the second time you've destroyed me. Now its my turn"


ooc: I'm updating as neptune since our old one left and the mod hasnt replied to my plea's to play her *shrugs* if she wants I'll delete the post, but we need to keep this RPG movin >.>

IC: Unsure of what to do, Neptune de-transformed.
Michiru was mentally cursing herself for not getting there sooner and helping.
Mercury has been taken...I could have helped stop it..But I didn't She closed her eyes and buried her head in her hands.
Why didn't I stop this? I didnt even try. I didn't get there in time. No, I can't make excuses. I was scared Michiru flinched slightly I was...I am scared. I've never been scared...I've faced death in the face and still I held my head up and faught till the end. And now I'm cowering away like a child. Weak is something I've never been..Why am I so terrified now? I wasn't last time...
In her heart Michiru knew the answer
I know whats going to happen. It'll be exactly the same as last time, only worse. Now Neherenia and Galaxia have teamed up and they have Mercury,
Neptune stopped. She couldnt think about it.
Then another stronger voice spoke in her head,
Listen to yourself you stupid little coward!! Shying away, I know you want to hide or go and work for Galaxia, make it all easier, stop the pain you know you're going to feel! Well you Can't. You have to stay and fight for you're true queen, Serenity. You know she will win because she fights for love. Galaxia fights for power, and because of this she can never win. Remeber that, when eveything is lost and you feel like you have no choice. Remeber, you do
Michiru straightened up at this new found courage within her.
I will never betray my queen, no matter what happens! We are strong, We have something galaxia never will. Hope. Galaxia thinks she will win. We hope.
I will lay down my life for her.

Michiru turned to Uranus,
"Haruka...My love" She said softly, stroking her cheek, "Whatever happens, remeber I will always love you"
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This is the second time you've destroyed me. Now it's my turn.

Mars struggled against Mercury's grip. She watched the last shreds of humanity leave one of her dearest friends and she was replaced with a monster of a being. She felt the edge of Mercury's weapon being pressed to her skin.

So it's all my fault. She knew that from the beginning, she had done nothing but blame herself. She thought that I didn't love her. She misunderstood again... Mars was gasping for air. She looked at Mercury with great sorrow. Just once...I want her to know what I mean...

The sword was cold. Mars could feel the cold infecting her, threatening to burn out her fire inside. I am not afraid to die. And if I had been faced with the choice, I would have sacrificed myself for her also. She doesn't know that.

"I...would have.........done the same, Ami-chan," Mars choked. "And if you were the same. We're similar....And no matter what, you'll always have....a part of me."

She moved one foot back and brought it hard against Mercury, stunning her. Then she grabbed Mercury in a tight embrace. Tears running down her face from the pain and also from her great sadness, Mars squeezed her tightly. "You said that you'll kill me...well, I'll kill both of us. Would that make you happy?"

Not waiting for an answer, she Mars gathered her strength. "Burning Mandala!" She shut her eyes as the fire enveloped them both.

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Mercury's eyes didnt even flicker as Rei hugged her
"You said that you'll kill me...well, I'll kill both of us. Would that make you happy?"
Mercury did not reply as the bright flames surrounded them. Rei was clinging to her rigid body as she surveyed the surroundings.
she looked down in Rei's honest, strong eyes. and saw nothing, she did not recognise the girl holding to her, with a hiss she shoved her away roughly.
"Get away from me!" She snarled, holding her sword up "I'm warning you, you little bitch"
she looked at the flames, and saw no escape.
With an irritated sigh, she gripped her sword tightly with two hands and flung it round so it skimmed the heads of the flames, whule she did this water flooded out and downed them completely.
Now for Rei
she turned round slowly to the girl and raised her sword above her head.
"Good bye Rei. I'm disappointed you're death was so quick and without a fight" She said acidly.
Without a sound, she brought the sword swooping down aiming for Rei's head.
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Mars rolled out of the way as the sword slammed down and left great marks in the floor. She looked up at Mercury. Her lips were curled in a sneer and her eyes were dead. It didn't's come down to this.

She wiped away her tears. She was still sad, but filled with love. But I was never as good at that sort of thing as Usagi. "You shouldn't be disappointed," Mars said out loud, feeling remarkably calm considering what was happening. "I'm not dead yet." With that, she lashed out with one leg and kicked Mercury powerfully in the shins, sending the girl falling to the floor. It was slippery from the water and Mars struggled to her feet.

This makes it slightly easier she thought. Ami-chan...I'm sorry...

"Although," Mars said with a slight melancholy smile, "I did tell you that I don't fear death." She flicked her wrist and an ofuda scroll appeared. She chanted the words. "Akuryo.....Taisan!" Instead of aiming for Mercury, she aimed for Mercury's sword. The scroll hit the sword and stuck with a great hissing sound as the force of good fought against the force of evil.

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"I...I..." chibi-usa was stunned. why didnt she know who she was? just how far back did they send her? she didnt know what to say, many questions ran through her head, but they all seemed to jumble together.
she did the only thing she could think of.
she ran past her and out the door. chibi-usa had no idea where she was headed, but she was sure that she needed to get away for a while to think. she found herself at the park.
as she ploped down in the grass, she glanced around for any sign of people she knew. she spotted a fue of her old pals, and waved. they stared at her like she was insane. then she remembered that they hadnt met her yet, and she looked at least twice their age now.
she put her face in her hands and cried for a moment. she missed helious like mad. i didnt even get to see him before i left..i hope hes ok...
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Mercury let out a sharp yell as Mars kicked her down. She stood up immediatly to see Mars breaking her sword with one of her stupid scrolls!
she slapped Mars hard across the face, and snatched her sword, sh tried to prise the scroll off, but it burnt her hands. With a strangled scream, she tore at it frantically, and finally managed to rip it off.
She turned back to Mars, and raised her sword and yelled,
Mercury ice sword ATTACK and pointed the sword at Mars. Letting a stream of bubbles and ice go shooting out,
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Mars fell back with the slap across her face. She shook her head to clear her mind and then heard Mercury yell her attack. Mars rolled out of the way again and the stream of bubbles and ice hit the floor where she had just been, leaving a pillar of ice crystals.

Mars got up again. She was glad this room was quite large. Her eyes flickered towards the fire still burning. Her mind was clear. It was almost as if she wasn't inside her body, she could hear her own voice telling her what to do and she was watching herself do it.

It's because I have nothing to lose. "Akuryo...Taisan!" She threw another scroll, hitting the sword again with another hiss. The sword was weaker from the first scroll she had thrown. With that, she dived across the bed and rolled towards the fire. She stared into the flames. Help me...someone! She tried desperately to send a message through. She thought of each of the senshi as fast as she could and sent a message to them. Help me! As she did so, she reached for one of the pokers used for tending the flames and threw it towards Mercury, the sharp end of it heading straight for her.

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OOC: My poor sword ;-;

Mercury whirled out of the way of the poker, but not before it skimmed across her arm.
Mercury didnt cry out, but she winced as she inspected the wound. Again she tore the scroll of the sword and tossed it aside. Her sword was slightly damaged and had a long dent running along it. This angered Mercury,
She strode across in two steps and shoved the sword deep in Mars stomach (NOT killing her :D)

ooc: HAHAH!...Hope i didnt hurt you ;-;
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OOC: Owwwwie! :(

Mars' mouth was open, ready for her to scream but no sound came out. It was like she was slowly being frozen. She could feel the pain and cold spreading from the point where the sword had entered her.

Warmth...she needed warmth...She knew that was probably going to die but after thinking about it so much, it really didn;t bother her.

"Not without a fight," Mars gasped. She reached with two hands and wrapped them around Mercury's sword. "Fire Soul!"

The fire travelled up Mercury's sword, breaking it into two and connecting with Mercury's hand. Mercury's arm was on fire which was quickly spreading. However, part of the sword was still in her stomach. With a cry of pain, she wrenched it out and saw her blood on it. She turned it around and with a calculating expression, lunged forwards, stabbing Mercury in the leg. With her free hand, she clutched her wound.

OOC: Violence! ^^