September 1st, 2004

The king and his queen

King Endymion kissed Serenity back gently and looked deeply in her eyes. He smiled. She was what kept him living. She was what kept him fighting. Nothing would ever harm his Queen, he would make sure of it, or die trying. He wrapped one arm around her and held her tightly, rubbing her back slowly. He looked back at the others in the room, waiting to see what they had to say to his little 'speech.'
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Pluto Transform

Training time

When Pluto had walked away from the King and Queen, her mind raced with a thousand thoughts. Cronos had taken her space-time door away from the spot it had been; away from those who looked, because hidden they would never find it. The space-time door was safe for now. No one could enter.

But something pricked at her consious. She had never noticed the mirror behind the space-time door before. She wondered how many other mirrors were lurking around that she hadn't seen. She had to search as far as she could in the depths of her space to make sure no more mirrors were around: for if they were, she would destroy them.

She stood in place and closed her eyes. She needed to relax herself. If she was tense and her mind clouded, she could never sense and be one with her space. She soon felt all tension release and her sense become extremely sharp. She set off at a swift space, not looking with her eyes, but feeling with her senses, if any lurking mirrors were hidden. She came along three more: One at the west, one at the south and one at the east. The first one was at the direction of north, where her space-time door appeared.

She broke each mirror into little shards. However, instead of using her time staff, she used her attacks to practice aiming and to draw up the power and speed of each. At the north direction, she used Dead Scream and noticed it's variably high swiftness and power, not to mention direct aim, when she was perfectly calm and all her senses in tune. She noticed the same at the south when she used Chronos Typhoon. At the last mirror she found, she became creative and used both her attacks. She first whispered Dead Scream and as soon as she let it launch, she yelled Chronos Typhoon. The attacks hit and caused a huge blast. It was so huge Pluto had to use Garnet Ball to protect herself from the explosion. This mirror was reduced to dust. She was very please with herself, for now she realized how much power she could draw up from herself when she calmed herself. She felt drained after this double attack attempt so she sat down and again, closed her eyes and meditated, drawing up strength.

She soon walked and found herself back at the north direction. She had been all around her space, training her senses and strengthening her powers. She was at top energy and felt perfect. She felt she had accomplished a lot today and felt more ready to face the evil at hand. If she spent most of the time she spends alone, training, she would become very powerful. Pluto was pleased because she needed to become more powerful.
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