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"Yes" Galaxia said, her mood lightening slightly "I will destroy Pluto, you can kill mars" She gave a half hearted smile.
"Let me see your ankle" Galaxia said, almost gently. She pulled up neherenia's skirt a bit to reveal a reddened, swollen ankle.
Galaxia nearly cried,
"How can she blemish something so perfect" Galaxia said angrily "I will destroy everyone of those sailor senshi! And ther stupid galaxy! I will take away everything most precious to them!" She swore, her fists clenched
Pluto Transform

Stunned Pluto

Pluto had just become aware of the fighting behind her, as well as the two eyes staring at the back of her head when Galaxia stirred. She quickly flew infront of Sailor Cosmos to protect her from the flying electricity bolts off of Galaxia. She then spun around Cosmos, still in front of her, and watched as Nepherina slinked away. With fury bellowing out of her, Pluto snarled, "Nepherina, you had better get out of here! You can't touch Sailor Cosmos and you had better go follow your precious Galaxia before I destroy you!" Pluto had enough for one day and with the exhaustion creeping over her, a slow anger settled along side it for this wasn't even the worst to come. She fell to her knees panting and all she could think about was Small Lady and Sailor Cosmos...she needed more training for she wasn't strong enough if the worst was yet to come...

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Straightening up Galaxia nodded,
"I don't doubt they do," She said "Yes, if we can take it" Her dark mood had disappeared for now.
Galaxia glanced in Mercurys direction.
"She's waking up" She said suddenly, as Mercury stirred, then her eyes snapped open.
Galaxia strode over
"Are you okay?" She enquired coldly - as if Mercurys health meant nothing to her.


Mercury nodded blearily
"I'm fine" She croaked "What happened?"

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Mercury nodded wearily
"I remeber now"
Golden crystal?
"Don't you mean the silver Crystal?" She asked Neherenia, a puzzled look on her face.
Her head was still throbbing - she didn't even want to bother standing up.
Pluto Transform

Regaining strength

By taking deep breaths and letting herself feel the exhaustion Pluto was able to deal with pain that seared through her body. She shakily stood up and slowly stretched. Each movement ached but stretching felt good, despite the slight pain her muscles bellowed from her battle. She wasn't afraid to let Cosmos know that she had endured a tough battle: taking a direct hit from Nepherina, using all the energy she had in attacks, and still running after, battling, and bringing back Mercury and Galaxia from inside the time gates. However no matter how exhausted and sore Pluto was, the battle was worth it. She fought her ground, knocked Mercury unconsious, and with the help of Cosmos, knockd Galaxia unconsious, but most importantly, nobody successfully crossed time on her account.

Pluto looked over at Cosmos who stood straight, fists clenched, muscles tense, and snow white. No doubt Cosmos was shocked from the rapid rage Galaxia portrayed. And no doubt it hurt her to see how loyal Mercury was to Galaxia. Pluto took her clenched fist and loosened it, giving her hand a tight, reassuing squeeze, and taking it in a comforting hold.

Standing side by side, looking out into space with the time door to their left, no words need be said. Each were gathering strength from the others presence.
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Mars felt that she had recovered at least a little bit. She got up and walked over to where Pluto and Cosmos were. She stood nearby, watching the two. They had a bond that could be seen clearly by anyone, regardless of their spiritual sense. And lately, Mars felt that she had been lacking some of that sense. If her skills were as good as they used to be, then she could have...

No. Don't think about that. There was no time to feel guilt. Mars realised that after taking a breather. She knew that there would be harder battles to come. She looked at Cosmos and Pluto, both reflecting quietly on events. The time for discussion and strategy would come in a moment. She knew that Neherenia, Galaxia and now, Mercury, were plotting. And they should be forming their own plan. But that would come later.

Mars really wanted to go back to her room and rest. She was tempted to, but then she remembered that going off on her own had started this whole mess in the first place. Nowhere was safe and that had just been proven. She wouldn't disobey Serenity again. So for now, she stood there with the Guardian of Time and her Queen, wondering if the other senshi, Kakyuu and the Starlights were safe.

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Mercury stood up shakily
"I wish to be alone" She said to Galaxia and Neherenia shortly before striding outside onto a balcony.
Mercury gazed up into the sky, she couldn't help but think of her old friend Rei, and how she had given up everything to save her.
I wonder if she knows Mercury doubted it very much, but she couldn't help but wish she did. It was if Pluto's attack had restored a tiny part of her humanity. Only a tiny part. She's an idiot. I'm a lot better off working for Galaxia and Neherenia - I wonder...Mabye I can get Mars onto our side?
A cruel smile spread across her face.
Thats what I'll do I'll go and get Mars! We can fight together again. I won't tell Galaxia I'll make it a surprise The real reason Mercury didn't tell Galaxia was becausen she feared Galaxia would say no.
Without thinking of her health or of the extreme risks she was taking, Mercury de-materialized.

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Neherenia watched as Mercury walked from the room to the balcony and roled her eyes. She sighed softly under her breath before turning her attention back to the woman beside her. Her eyes graced the woman over, a small semi-smirk curled at her lips as she leaned closer to Galaxia.

"I was just thinking, would it be possible to destory the silver crystal that Cosmos holds?" Her smirk broadened as she leaned closer. "Just think, it'd kill her, the Queen of the white moon would be destroyed. That is a beautiful thought." She chuckled under her breath, a lazy smirk perched upon her graceful features looking like a cat toying with a mouse before attacking.

"Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself, first we must take the ones she loves from her. Kill her slowly and painfully, make her feel all of the pain she caused us. Me, by forcing me to seal the mirror to remain beautiful...I'm afraid I don't know your story. What did she do to you?" Neherenia asked, casually leaning her head on her hand as she looked closely at Galaxia.

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Neherenia smirked, listening to Galaxia speak. She nodded at all the right times, muttered a vague 'ah' or 'yes' at all the right times, all the while she was looking into the woman's eyes, caught up by their beauty.

Her eyes moved down to Galaxia's lips, watching as they moved while she spoke, a small smirk curved her lips once more. "You've lived an interesting life. I've only been around since the Silver Millenia. I was sealed in a mirror by Queen Serenity for trying to over throw her."

She sighed, brushing her hair over her shoulder.

OOC: I've been reading up on her, and it seems that in the manga its hinted that Neherenia is Serenity's sister...which would make her Usgai's aunt if that's true...I don't know, I haven't read SuperS in the manga...just all the other seasons...even though I love SuperS...and now I am rambling...

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OOC:sorry ive been so inactive ;_; anyway, onto the post!
chibi-usa looked at chibichibi, who was sitting in her lap. then she glances over at the window. she sees usagi on her way home from school.
boy wont she get a kick out of how much ive grown? she thought to herself and smiled. they were sitting in her room, waiting for her to get home, so she pick chibichibi up and sat her next to herself on the bed.
"chibichibi-chan im going to go greet usagi at the door." she said with an even bigger smile. she hoped smileing and looking happy would cover up the fear she had in her heart. i mustnt worry chibichibi or usagi. or the girls for that matter. she got up and walked down stairs. usagi was opening the door as she reached the bottomstep.
chibi-usa leaned on the banister and waited for the door to open.
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Neherenia thougt it over, a smirk slowly curling at her lips as she nodded her head. "Yes, I think those two would make an excellent addition to our team." She laughed.

"Yes, how do you think we can go about getting them?"

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Neherenia arched her eyebrow, looking over at Galaxia. "How do we go about luring them here?" She shook her head slightly, pondering over that question.

"I don't think I can bring them thourgh the mirrors..." She muttered under her breath as she glanced to the mirrors and then back to Galaxia.


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Galaxia looked up thoughtfully, a slightly annoyed expression on her face. she disliked talking about her defeat in any way.
I may aswell get it over with She thought a little sulkily
"Where to start" She muttered to herself,
She cleared her throat and said
"I Sailor Galaxia, nearly ageless, have lived since before the Sailor Wars. These conflicts fought across the galaxy, were initiated by Chaos, whose nature was to consume the entire galaxy and all of its inhabitants. Sailor Senshi from all reaches of known space held back Chaos as it ravished the galaxy, and it was a battle of unmatched power...and unmatched casualties. Sailor Senshi from many planets, reknown as heroes in their own worlds, fell victim to Chaos and its minions, leaving their homeworlds to fall to Chaos as well. Chaos was unlike any enemy the Sailor Senshi had ever encountered, and had to be stopped, or the whole galaxy would be lost.

One Sailor Senshi stood against Chaos with unmatched vigor and courage. me, my long golden hair fluttering in the wind, her massive sword by her side, I was a picture of strength and nobility. I knew that she alone had the power to defeat Chaos, and thus to forever guarantee the safety of the galaxy. I was THE champion of love and justice, Sailor Senshi Galaxia, guardian of the galaxy.

Driving my sword deep into the heart of Chaos, she felt the waves of power wash over her body, power which would have shattered any weaker being. Chaos seethed and battled with me, but my power and goodness were able to contain it. I placed Chaos in the one place where she knew no one would be able to free it, within my body. Knowing there was not a single individual in the galaxy more powerful than I, I knew this was the only choice...for the future of the galaxy.

Chaos vanished from the galaxy that day, and the war ended, with many completely ignorant of how Chaos had disappeared. As planets rebuilt, the greatest battle raged on within me with each heartbeat, as Chaos tore at my soul. I had forsaken everything for the galaxy, a sacrifice that every Sailor Senshi would make, but only one that I could perform. Alone, I felt Chaos' rage in my heart, and as I felt her soul begin to succumb to the reign of Chaos, I knew I would be defeated unless my soul could be free of the curse. However, I could not release Chaos from my body, or the galaxy would perish, so I released my star seed, the very essence of her soul, into space, where it would be untainted by Chaos and remain true to my beauty, innocence, and ideas.

I was no longer able to stave off Chaos' assault, and soon became the galaxy's greatest enemy, where once I was its savior. Donning a suit of golden armor, my body was bound to Chaos by golden bracelets. As the most powerful being in the galaxy, I realized that the entire galaxy could be mine.

I found that with a single blast, I could take a star seed from anyone, and make it mine. With such a source of power, I could rule the galaxy and eliminate any opposition. Each person has a star seed, but only the star seeds that shine forever belong to the Senshi. One by one, I took star seeds from Sailor Senshi across the galaxy. Tales of lost ancient civilizations recount stories of a golden goddess whose coming was heralded by a storm of black lightning, followed by the destruction of the world.

The few that could stand to oppose the omnipotent Galaxia soon fell before me, and some became her servants with an offer they could not refuse: Die, or don my golden bracelets and become more powerful than you ever dreamed. Many Sailor Senshi served me in collecting star seeds, and were rewarded with death upon failure.

The blast that came from my bracelets became like a song to me, as it came with the knowledge that I had collected another star seed. The projectile sang its requiem of death as it helixed through the air, nearly unstoppable in its path. I had nearly collected the entire galaxy's star seeds until I came to Earth. After collecting the star seeds from this planet, her conquest would be complete....

...within weeks, I had located the star seeds, with little help from my incompetent Sailor Animamates. Then, on a day of a Three Lights concert, I unleashed a deluge of black lightning onto the Earth, calling the Sailor Senshi of the Solar system to battle. These senshi were among the finest in the galaxy, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker, and Eternal Sailor Moon, but none of them could withstand my fury for long.

The first star seed to be claimed by me was the star seed of Earth, held in Tuxedo Mask's soul. As his spirit ascended, he warned me that the Sailor Senshi would stop her. Gazing into the moon, he softly spoke his last word as he departed..."Usako..." - what a fool.

The glimmer of the inner planets faded first, as I showered the inner senshi with her blasts. In rhythm, the blasts shredded each soul, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars. I, content with adding four of the strongest star seeds to my vast collection, knew that the galaxy would soon be mine, if these four were among the last hope for the Solar system.

The mighty outer senshi, guardians of the solar system, fell to my unbeatable power as well. As I gained more power from star seeds, Chaos completely dominated my body, shattering my bracelets and turning my armor black, and transforming my appearance to a perversion of my former beauty. With my trademark sword, an ancient artifact from my days as a Sailor Senshi, I attacked Eternal Sailor Moon, whose reluctance to fight angered me even more. Eternal Sailor Moon, the purest of all hearts, was able to see through Chaos' control of me and found within her the goodness that was long forgotten and succumbed to Chaos. Reaching out to me, Eternal Sailor Moon liberated the former champion of love and justice, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Galaxia, from the chains of Chaos that bound me for centuries. Together, Sailor Moon and I defeated Chaos, finding strength in our unity, a power far greater than even mine.

But we were both decieved. As soon as I travelled back to my home planet I was greeted by an old friend. Chaos. We battled for years, as she killed all my friends and family. Finally I had no choice but to contain her inside of me"

Galaxia stopped.
"The end" She drawled "Or is it?" She smiled cruelly "Sailor Galaxia meets up with old enemy of Sailor Moons - Neherenia - the two join together and elimainate all Sailor Moon loves and cares for. Then together they gain control of the entire Galaxia"

OOC: yes, I copied it all from a website :p

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Galaxia nodded, a little smugly
"Yes, I have"
"Now to make a new plan. We cannot go through the gates of time. Not at the moment anyway - we shall find a new target. What about the outer senshi, neptune and Uranus? Incredibly strong...What do you think?"