August 29th, 2004

Pluto Transform

Distant Pluto

Pluto was once again at her post and once again debating leaving it. She thought of Sailor Cosmos and the Sailor Scouts. She wanted to go and fight by their side to help defeat the evil that had slipped by her gate. But as much as it pained her, she knew she couldn't leave. Small Lady and Chibi Chibi had been sent back to the past; no doubtedly the evil would try and pass through the space-time door again to try and pursue Small Lady. Pluto couldn't leave her gate to have that happen, so she just had to sit in time alone. She was happy to make sure that Small Lady and Chibi Chibi were not followed, for she couldn't bare it if anything happened to them, especially Small Lady, however it hurt her that she couldn't go and fix her fault. She had let the evil in and she just wanted to fix this. She just wanted to go fight side by side Sailor Cosmos' to ensure her safety, and defeat this evil that so swiftly broke through time, to the future from the past.
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I think there was a missunderstanding, and someone had the wrong idea that I gave up my parts, but I didn't. I was wondering if I could please have them back. I am going to go and read everything that has happened and update, as my people as soon as I can, just please don't take my parts away from me.... :(

Or maybe, someone could tell me what is happening, and I can update right away.

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Chibi Chibi awoke in her sisters arms. She looked up at Chibiusa.
"Where are we?" she said as she looked around. Things looked different, yet famliar, but she couldn't put her finger on where she was.
"Where's mom and dad?" She wanted to be in her dad's arms, some how being with him made all her worries disappear, she wanted to see her mom, her mom's eyes, made her feel safe and warm....
she whispered to herself....
"I wanna go home."

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Neherenia rolled her eyes at Galaxia as she took a seat next to the woman. "I didn't get a chance to get the little pink one, I was too busy with Uranus and Cosmos to get anything done." She shook her head, brushing her hair over her shoulder as she sent the woman a pointed look.

"Anyway, you want to kill Pluto? That should be easy, she's always at the door alone, no one would know." She nodded, looking at the woman beside her, sending her a playful smirk. She leaned her shin down on one hand, looking at Galaxia more intently.

"Then, later, you and I can work alone together on getting these starlight people."

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Cosmos went to her husband and wrapped her arms around him hgging him tightly it was then she felt it something was wrong at the gates.

"You guys i fear pluto is in trouble we must get to the gates of time" Cosmos said.

Taking endymion's hand she ran out of the room towards the door that lead to the gates of time and opened it perparing to step though to help her friend and adopted mother.

Cosmos to the rescue.

OOC: minna follow me ok? IC: Cosmos stepped though the door comming out in the gates of time but couldn't see setsuna yet but could hear the battle and pointed hr staff in the direction of galaxia's voice.


Sending a big ball of energy towards Galaxia,nehlenia and mercury still holding onto her husband's hand as she sent the attack.

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Neherenia nodded in agreement with Galaxia, glancing to Mercury and then back to the woman beside her. "So, we shall be traveling back in time to get the pink ones?" She asked as she stood up, one hand running along the fabric of her long skirts, fixing them as she moved.

"When we get them, we're making them our play things, correct?" She crossed her arms over her chest, looking to Galaxia. "Then, we return to this time with little pink toys..." She started to pace, eyeing Galaxia all the while.

"After that, we go for the starlights, right?" Neherenia arched an eyebrow as she paused in her pacing to look over at her partner. "After them, who next? The outer senshi or the inners, or do we go straight for the King and Queen?"

With a smirk, she walked over to Galaxia and stopped directly before her. Her eyes moved over the woman's body before glancing back to her face, the smirk on her lips widening.

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Cosmos ran onto the scence followed by the other senshi as she stepped in front of pluto and the time door.
"I won't let you pass and get to my daughters and don't brother looking for a mirror there aren't any here" Cosmos said.

Grabbing mercury as she made a break for the door she threw her backwards.

"Like i said noone is going though the doors" Cosmos yelled.

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Neherenis growled softly under her breath as she watched Galaxia and Mercury dematerlize before her eyes. "Must be too subtle..." She muttered softly, brushing her hair from her face as she walked over to a mirror and materlized into it.

She materlized again, stepping from a mirror not too far from the time gates and made her way to them. She walked over to her partner, standing close to the woman's elbow as she looked around.

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Neherenia smirked, watching Mercury and Pluto then turned her attention back to Galaxia. She moved closer to the woman, so as not to be heard when she spoke.

"Yes, I think that would be a very good idea." She said in a hushed whispered as she remembered her encounter with Saturn at her castle of mirrors. "Saturn is only the strongest senshi in their team." She smirked, moving closer to Galaxia.

"We'll go after her next, and then the King. We can kill him, what use would we have for him anyway?" Her smirk widened as she leaned closer to the other woman. "We need to have a distraction to get the Queen's attention away from her King."

She paused to think, then glanced to Mercury. "She could pretend to be healed, gathering attention from the senshi and then we can attack the King." She chuckled softly, looking into Galaxia's eyes. "What do you think?"

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Neherenia paused, thinking Galaxia's words over. "Hmm, possibly. That would upset her if she saw her beloved husband working for us." She smirked, looking into Galaxia's eyes.

"Yes, I think maybe he should be spared." Her smirk widened as she listened to the praise that Galaxia had said and she absently slipped an arm around the other woman's waist.

"Of course its perfect, when you've been trapped inside of a mirror for a millienia you come up with thousands of revenge plans, each better than the last." She laughed a soft laugh as she looked towards the gates.

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After destoring hose mirroe pardonys she made her way back to pluto with endymion following her.

"Pluto i see you got them before they could go back in time great job my friend" Cosmos said.

"What sould we do with them i know what we should do with amy and that is heal her but if we do she will die" Cosmos said.

Walking over to the 2 she tied their hands together so neither galaxia or mercury could try and still anyone's starseeds for the time being.

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Neherenia ran at Galaxia's side, looking down at their joined hands with a smirk, glancing at the woman out of the side of her eyes. She smirked at Pluto when she went to stop them.

"I'm sorry, but you really bore me with your rightousness Miss." She rolled her eyes, holding her free hand up and sent bolts of dark enegry at Pluto.

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Neherenia stood off to the side, watching, tapping her foot idly as she watched Pluto attack Galaxia. "Can we hurry this up a bit, we really need to be getting to the past dearie."

With a sigh, she moved behind Pluto and held both her hands at the woman's back, sending dark enegry bolts at her back when she figured the senshi was least expecting it.

"Get the door, now!"

She dropped her hands, falling to her knees as she was hit by Cosmos' attack. With alow growl she forced herself to stand, eyes looking around for a mirror.


Neherenia fell to the floor once more, sliding down the wall. Her body ached and she looked at the senshi in the room. She muttered curses under her breath as she forced herself to stand weakly once again.

Glaring at Pluto and Cosmos she materlized a mirror into her hand and then threw it weakly at the ground, smirking as the shards went flying about the room. "Mirror paradoys." She smirked at the two hoping that shards had stabbed them, using the same tactic that she had before when Mamoru was under her control.

"Good day." Neherenia muttered as she followed after Mercury and Galaxia through the doors of time.

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Neherenia looked around the room once again for a mirror, her eyes moving across every wall in the room. If she couldn't find one, she doubted she could escape. With a smirk she noticed that Cosmos seemed to be distracted and she made a break for the door that lead to the hallway, there she knew a mirror to be.

Breathing heavily, she ran down the hallway towards the mirror.

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Neherenia cried out, gripping the frame around the mirror as she was hit with the attack. She leaned against the cool glass surface as she caught her breath, hissing curses at Mars. She glared at the girl who had attacked her, standing up, leaning away from the mirror.

She tried to retain her dignity as much as she could as she leveled the girl with a glare. "Go save your Queen." She spat, holding her hands up and sending bolts of dark energy at the girl before turning back to the mirror.

A smirk curled at her lips as she ran her hand over the cold surface, her hand slowly materlizing into the glass, then her arm up to her elbow.

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"Let go of me!!" Neherenia yelled as she tried to push Mars off with her free hand. When that didn't seem to be working she pressed herhand to the girl's chest and sent a bolt of dark enegry to her.

Laughing, she figured she was free and materlized further into the mirror.

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Neherenia cried out at the burning of her ankle, trying to claw her way fully into the mirror. A few more inches and she would be fully in, but she feared if she pulled her foot all the way, then Mars' hand would follow.

She roughly kicked her foot, fully materlizing into the mirror and appearing in her palace of mirrors. Neherenia collapsed into her throne and glanced around at the mirrors around her as she caught her breath.

She could see Galaxia and Mercury in one of the mirrors. Her eyes narrowed as she wondered how she had missed a shinning surface in the room through which the gates were. She thought back, trying to remember if there had been a mirror, a crystal, or even a window.

She shook her head, looking to another mirror, a room in the palace that was empty. A smirk curled at her lips as she got up slowly and walked over to the mirror. She needed to go get Galaxia, perhaps if she were to go through the mirror and sneak up on them she'd be able to get to her.

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Neherenia paused as she heard a crash and looked to one of her mirrors, growling as she saw that the mirror from which she used to leave the crystal palace had been smashed. She grabbed a small mirror or hers and materlized into the room at the crystal palace.

Smirking, she slipped the small mirror into the folds of her gown and headed out of the room and down the hallway, heading towards where she knew Galaxia to be. Carefully, she treded down the hallways, blending with the shadows.

Not too much later, Neherenia found herself at the same place she had just left, only this time she was closer to the door that lead to the gate room. Smirking once again she pulled the mirror out of her pocket and tossed it to the ground, watching as the mirror paradoys sprung to life from the shards of glass.

Again, she hid in the shadows, hoping to go unnoticed, a sliver of glass in her hand behind her back for slicing the ropes. She stood, waiting and watching for the senshi to be distracted by the paradoys so she could make her move.

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Neherenia smirked as she watched the paradoys attack Mars. She used this chance to slip through the door, letting the shadows hide her once again. She looked over at the two lying on the floor, wondering if they were awake as of yet.

She turned her attention to the two senshi standing guard and she frowned. When would they leave? Couldn't they hear her paradoys out in the hallway?

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Nehereia watched as Galaxia left, smirking, she slipped out of the room and found the closest mirror. She materlized into it and once on the otherside, she went over to Galaxia. "If you had waited a moment longer, I was about to get you out of it." She said with a sigh, letting the sliver of glass fall from her hand.

Her eyes moved down to Mercury then back to Galaxia. "Now what?"

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Neherenia almost purred as she felt Galaxia's hand in her hair, stroking it so tenderly. A half smile played at her lips before she was jolted back to reality. A frown replaced the smile that had been on her lips as she watched Galaxia.

She sat beside the woman, looking over at her as she leaned back against the throne. "At least you got through the gates, I didn't even get that far. Cosmos stopped me before I could." She sighed, resting her head on her hand.

"Mars tried to burn off my ankle." She muttered, lifting the hem of her skirts to show her burnt ankle, then let them carefully drop once again. She shook her head, looking at Galaxia through lidded eyes.

"Lets just kill all of them. Pluto and Mars can go first, they are the most bothersome...and painful." Neherenia added with a sigh, forwning.

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The minute Neherenia matirialized in front of her, Galaxia gave her a long, cold stare.
"You failed to get the girl" She spat "Now the pink haired one and her sister have been sent to the past, and the gates of time will be far to heavily guarded for us to get them back. You have failed me Neherenia"
She turned to Mercury
"Any ideas?" She enquired frostily
Mercury nodded robotically,
"We must destract Pluto - then sneak through time and back again" She said, with a slight smirk.
"And how do you plan to destract Pluto" Galaxia asked in a bored voice
Mercury thought for a moment, before saying simply
"Kill her"

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A smirk curled at Neherenia's lips as she watched Galaxia look at her ankle. It was almost replaced by a small smile as she watched her tender attention, but she retained the smirk if only because of the words Galaxia spoke.

"Yes, we shall crush them and their world, taking everything they hold wonderful and pure from them." She laughed softly, running a hand through Galaxia's hair. "Do you think they still posess the golden crystal?" The smirk widened as she looked into Galaxia's eyes.

"If they do, then we can take it from them, it will give us great power, power beyond what we have."

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"Apparently you were knocked unconscious by Pluto. After that I think she drug you out of the time gates. Then, Cosmos tied you and Galaxia up while I fought with Mars." Neherenia said nonchalantly with a wave of her hand.

"I came back to get you both, but Galaxia woke up and she brought you back here while I found a nice mirror to make my exit." She sighed, leaning her head on her hand once more as she watched Galaxia from her seat. She didn't feel like moving, her ankle hurt too much for the burn and all the walking she had done earlier.

"Now, we're here plotting...again." She sighed again, brushing a stray strand of hair from her face. "You wouldn't happen to know if they hold the golden crystal, would you?"

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"No, but that would help if we could get that girl to part with it. The Golden crystal." Neherenia paused for a moment, thinking of how she wanted to word it.

"Pegasus had it within his horn, that was then though, I don't know where it'd be now unless he has returned." She sighed. "I had hoped the Queen had it in her posession."

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Galaxia nodded, her foul mood passed, a hungry grin on her face.
"Who will go?" She mused, the answered her own question "All three of us shall go. Pluto may not know that Mercury is on our side so she might be able to convince Pluto to let her go back in time - if not then we'll just kill her"
She looked at Neherenia expectantly
"Come on, we should leave now. The senshi won't expect an attack so soon after the first one" She cackled "Chances are they won't even find out and the gates of time will be at out leisure. For a while at least"

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Galaxia stared straight at Neherenia, not wavering her glance for a second.
"We attack the starlights, then outers, then the inners, then the king and queen. We want her to suffer, we want her to die alone"
how vain Neherena is Galaxia couldnt help but think as she watched her partner preening
"We leave now" Galaxia barked, suddenly - bored of the waiting - and she de-materialized and materialzed at the gates of time, Mercury followed straight after.

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Mercury looked up at Galaxia and Neherenia
"I think you two should hide" She said calmly "Otherwise Pluto might find it a bit suspicious me coming with both of you at my heels"
She gave a tiny smirk, and adjusted her gloves so that they hid the bracelets.
Mercury walked forward to where Pluto was guarding the gates,
"Pluto" She said with a forced smile "Cosmos has sent me here to pick up Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Chibi.." She paused "She believes they will be safer here where she can keep an eye on them"
She gave a false laugh and added spitefully
"I mean, if you were to leave your post at all - even for a few minutes - anyone could get through and kill the children in the past where Cosmos cannot protect them...So you understand I need to travel back and retrieve them?"


Galaxia watched Mercury talking to Pluto from a distance with interest. Then she turned to her partner,
"So who should we target next? Once we get the kids, what about her little husband? Or one of her other friends? Mars...Mabye Venus. Or even one of the outers, Saturn would provide useful" She said thoughtfully "But I have made all the plans so far" she smirked lazily "Its your turn"

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"Saturn it is then" Galaxia said with a nasty smile "But if he works for us, it will kill Serenity to see him doing our bidding, but if you feel he will be more hindrance than help, we shall kill him"
"No, they know that once you have the bracelets you cannot be heale-" She stopped suddenly remebering Uranus and Neptune they had broken the hold the bracelets had over them...She gave a low chuckle
"That, is a very good idea" She told Neherenia "She will go to them and tell them she is only pretending to work for us and then be our spy" Her face cracked into an evil grin "Its perfect"

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Mercurys face hardened,
"I was afraid you might do something stupid like this" She spat venomously "I'm sorry Pluto - you leave me no choice"
Aqua Rapsody! She bellowed her attack heading for Pluto, while she was distracted with that, she turned around and yelled to Galaxia and Nehernia
"I think I can hold her off, while you slip through...hurry!"


I think I can hold her off while you slip through...hurry
Grabbing Neherenia's hand Galaxia yelled,
"Come on!" And dragged her along to where Pluto and Mercury stood,
She leaned over and hissed in her ear
"As soon as Pluto isn't fully concentrating, we make a breaj for it!"

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"Then I'll have to kill you" Mercury replied steadily, her eyes cold and steely.
She was about to attack her again, when Galaxia grabbed her shoulder and dragged her back.
"I will kill her" She snarled,
Why is she so offeneded? Mercury thought, a little stung. I thought she would be glad


Galaxia pulled Nehernia back, but a little more gently.
"I'm doing this" She said sharply
Galaxia faced Pluto, she wanted to do this on her own, she wanted to destroy the senshi of time. She gave a cold high laugh.
"Sailor Pluto!" She said with an unexpected burst of emotion in her voice "I am the strongest Senshi in the whole Galaxy! can you tell me you honestly think you will survive this battle?" She watched Pluto and her lips formed a triuphant smile "You will Lose Pluto!" She screamed "Surrender now and join me!"

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Galaxia did not scream with rage as Pluto attacked her, but her skin went white and her eyes glinted dangerously with venom.
"I have given you a chance Sailor Pluto" She hissed her voice dripped with anger and hatred "And you dare to attack me like this" She stopped too filled with rage to continue, But then she swallowed and said "Goodbye Sailor Pluto" And she held up her hand, letting all her anger flow through onto the end of her finger, where it turned into a large ball of energy, with a sudden roar she pointed her finger straight at Pluto and the ball of energy shoot out
Pluto Transform

Pluto stands gaurd

Pluto eyed Mercury carefully and contemplated her words, however she didn't need to waste time to know that no one was passing the gates of time. She tightened her grip on her time staff and stood her ground firmly. Only she could bring forth the space-time gate and she was not doing it for Mercury. She could feel the evil very strong this time, stronger than in the hall.

She thought of Sailor Cosmos. "She had told me to take Small Lady and send her to the past when I was thinking the exact same thing...we are always on the same page. I know she wouldn't change her mind so quickly. Plus she and I both know that Small Lady and Chibi Chibi are perfectly safe in the past. Even if she wanted her children back, it would be her or the King telling me so, not Mercury."

Pluto stepped forward, and took her time staff in hands, putting the front against Mercury's chest and pushed her back a step. With this action a surge of energy slipped through her body and in that instant she could sense a great evil coming from Mercury. This was not the real Mercury, she would definatly not pass.

With stone cold eyes, she looked directly into Mercury's and saw this true evil and emptiness behind them. With that, Pluto said, "I am Pluto, guardian of the space-time door and you can NOT pass. I will eliminate you if you violate this law."
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Galaxia was unprepared as the attack hit her, she would have been okay, if another attack hadn't slammed into her from behimd. Galaxia went reeling back and fell to the ground, hitting her head.
Damn that stupid bitch! she though half drowsily, Galaxia beckoned Neherenia over
"Kill her" She whispered, then she drifted into unconciousness,


Mercury ran forward alarmed, she slapped Galaxia hard across the face. But she didn't wake up.
"I'll Kill you Pluto!" She screamed, She let Galaxia drop as she stood up prepared to destroy Pluto. But the a little voice spoke in her head
Save Galaxia! The others will probobaly join Cosmos, let neherena deal with Pluto
"Destroy her" Mercury told Neherenia, she was about to de-materialse when she saw Pluto kneel forward, suddenly without warning she darted forward, dragging galaxia along and dived into the future
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IC: Mercury was about to de-materialise when she saw pluto kneel over, without thinking Mercury suddenly darted forward, dragging Galaxia along and dived into the future, just as she ran through the gates she twisted her head and screamed
"Come on" To Neherenia
Pluto Transform

Pluto takes action

Pluto quickly, but determinedly whishpered "Dead Scream", and with that she held her staff into the air, spined it and released the power taking the form of a planet. She sent it straight for Mercury's attack, blasting through it easily and hitting Mercury in the process.

Then she saw Nepherina and Galaxia running arm in arm for her. She calmly looked at them and said in a loud, deep voice, "You shall not pass. I shall elimante you if you try."
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"Shit!" Mercury yelled as she saw Pluto through the mist
Oh god! I can't hold her off and help galaxia at the same time! Mercury thought desperately
"Galaxia!" She slapped her again "Galaxia, Galaxia wake the hell up! I need you to fight"
But still Galaxia stayed unconcious
she'll kill us both!" Mercury thought, her teeth grittted. think... but for once her brain seemed to be failing her.
I'll just have to hold her off for a while. At least now Galaxia has given me these bracelets I can steal her starseed Mercury's mouth formed a sneer, as she suddenly whirled round and shot a blue ball of energy at Pluto
Pleease hit her Mercury prayed, sweat ran down her back.
Pluto Transform

Pluto stands through time

Pluto quickly spun her time staff around and blocked most of Nepherina's dark energy bolts. The ones that hit her she didn't let break her, she just stayed focus and didn't think of any pain.

When she had deflected the last of the dark energy bolts, she turned to face Galaxia. Pluto then tightened her body while looking into the deep, dark eyes of Galaxia. She simply said, "I have survived all eras of time. I am the oldest senshi and more wise than you know. With this wisdom comes power you can not fathom. You will not pass."

She took her time staff, and with it against Galaxia's chest, she shoved her hard and sent her back flying. With this, she calmly placed the time staff to her left side and stood, waiting for more.
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When Rei came to she thought that she had been dreaming. But then she saw that the room was empty.

She struggled to her feet. "Mars Star Power! Make up!" She appeared in her uniform again and took a second to steady herself. She then heard footsteps and shouting nearby. The evil must have run away. And Mercury...

Rei staggered out of the room and down the hall, following the sounds. "Cosmos!" she yelled.

Then she saw Neherenia in the hallway, stepping out of the door that led to Pluto's post. She was heading towards a mirror.

"Stop right there!" Mars yelled. "I won't fail a second time! Mars Flame Sniper!" She sent the attack flying towards Neherenia.
Pluto Transform

Pluto's prepared

Pluto quickly ran out of the way of the attack. She said, powerfly, swiftly, and cooly, "I will never betray my Queen!" With fury in her eyes and fire on her lips, she yelled "Chronos Typhoon," and sent it straight for Galaxia.
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"Go to HELL!!" Mercury screamed into the mist, panic taking over.
No. I must be calm" Mercury thought if I lose my head this bitch will kill me. I muist remain composed. Galaxia isn't waking up a crafty smile crossed her face.
"Go on then Pluto, go on! Kill me, kill your old friend," She spun round, and came face to face with pluto. She stared Pluto straight in the eyes. She forced her eyes to fill up with emotion.
"Kill me" She said quiely. She dropped Galaxia and spread her arms out "I'm right here, so kill me." She repeated, her voice steady.
Pluto Transform

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Pluto fell to her knees in pain as she felt all of Nepherina's dark energy bolts surge through her body. She turned to face Nepherina and swung her staff with all her might, sending Nepherina flying. With the last of her energy she whispered, "Dead Scream" and let the energy planet go straight for her. With that her time staff dropped and she was left panting, supporting herself on her hands and knees.

She heard running and saw Mercury dragging galaxia through the time gate. Pluto jumped to her feet and ran after them, a new adrenaline pumping through her for she would NOT fail her Queen again.

She used all her sense and mapped out where Mercury and Galaxia had gone. With a smirk on her lips, she realized they had gone forward in time and not past. She ran ahead to meet them in the future and surprise them.
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If Mars had been at her best, perhaps she would have been able to avoid the attack but she was still shaken from earlier and hadn't fully recovered. She managed to dodge some of the attack, but some of it hit her. Mars screamed as the pain enveloped her but she remembered what Neherenia had said. "Go save your Queen."

"I can save my Queen by stopping you!" Mars lunged forward with all of her strength as she saw Neherenia starting to disappear into the mirror. She grabbed Neherenia around the waist and pulled backwards, trying to stop her from going through.

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Mercury didn't even have time to scream as the attack pelted into her. She stood there for one ghastly second, a surprised look on her face, before her legs crumpled beneath her and she crashed to the floor.
She attacked me... She thought as her eyes closed and her mind went blank.

Both Mercury and Galaxia lay, side-by-side knocked out on the floor. About to meet their doom.
Pluto Transform

OOC:Ok, how about this

Mercury went through the gates of time with galaxia to the future, accidently. Nepherina didnt go because she sent an attack to Pluto and Cosmos, but Pluto went through time to stop Mercury and Galaxia in the future. That leaves Cosmos to defend herself with the other senshi...and/or to follow Pluto to help fight...sound good?
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Mars screamed as the energy bolt hit her directly, and because of the close range it hurt even more than the last one. It was if something was trying to tear away at her heart and soul.

And through all of the pain she thought of Mercury. I'll...bring you back... The pain was intense and even when the energy bolt faded, it still hurt. Mars opened her eyes to see that she had fallen backwards onto the floor.

She saw that Neherenia was disappearing further into the mirror. She was almost the whole of the way through. Mars then suddenly had an idea and ignoring her body's protests, she crawled forward and grabbed Neherenia's foot.

It was just like that time at the North Pole. Mars smiled with the memory and then her expression hardened as she whispered, "Fire Soul."
Pluto Transform

Pluto heads them off

Pluto was close to Mercury and Galaxia, she could hear Mercury running as fast as she could, dragging the unconsicous Galaxia. She stopped and whispered, "Dead Scream," blasting the powerfullest attack yet at her unsuspecting victim. Through the mist, she presented herself to Mercury, with a gleam in her eye.
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When Neherenia screamed as the fire hit her ankle, Mars smirked. She was annoyed when Neherenia disappeared into the mirror but slightly glad that she had made her own small victory.

She was tired. Mars breathed heavily and lay on her back, the pain from Neherenia's energy bolts still present as a sharp ache in her chest. She looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror: battered and bruised. She could feel the remnants of Neherenia's aura.

"Neherenia," Mars muttered. "I will get you the next time I see you."

With that, she drew her foot back and kicked the mirror as hard as she could. Her heel connected with the surface and it cracked. Mars did it again and it cracked more. She kept on kicking with her heel until the mirror fell into shards on the floor. When the broken pieces had all fallen and settled on the floor, Mars lay back down and closed her eyes. She need to take a brief rest before she tried to find any of the others.
Pluto Transform

Pluto won't go down

Pluto saw the fear behind Mercury's eyes and the desperate attack that headed for her. Poor Mercury needed to realize she was now on Pluto's territory--she would not go down easily. Pluto slipped off among the mist and circled Mercury, easily allowing her attack to go unnoticed. She could see the sweat roll down Mercury's back, and now face. A nervous expression formed on Mercury's face because she didn't know where Pluto was.
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Pluto Transform

Pluto unshaken

Pluto looked directly into Mercury's eyes. She searched for any bit of the real Mercury to come forth. Alas, nothing came forward. Pluto knew that Mercury wanted her to back down because she was one of Sailor Cosmos' closest friends, but this wasn't about friendship. This was about a mother and her daughters. This was about good vs evil. This was about preserving the future. Pluto whispered, "Ami, if you can hear me, I'm sorry." With that, Pluto yelled, "Chronos Typhoon" hitting Mercury head on.
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OOC: Are the paradoys those women/creature things? I hope so cos if not I'll have to redo this post!

Mars was resting when suddenly she felt something. Her eyes snapped open and she focused on listening and sensing.

She could hear laughter. Suddenly wary, Mars sat up slowly and then raised herself up, the broken mirror shards crunching under her feet. She turned, her dark hair swinging as she did so and saw the paradoys.

She remembered what it had been like fighting them the last time. She clenched her fists, getting ready. How had they gotten there?

"Focus," she whispered to herself as they drew closer. She gathered all of her energy together and raised her arms. "Burning Mandala!" she cried, whirling in a circle. They were all enveloped in fire and broke into shards.

Mars knew that wouldn't hold them off for long. She had to get to the others, she couldn't fight alone. She was already weakened and she feared that she didn't have much energy left. She started for the door that led to Pluto's post. That would have been where they went.

Then she felt that prickling at her conscious again. She turned, uncertain for a moment. Her eyes scanned the shadows.

"You," she spat. She couldn't see Neherenia very well, but she knew that she was there. "Where do you think you're going?"

But before Mars could launch an attack, the paradoys returned and jumped for her. Mars dodged out of the way. The door was close.

"Burning Mandala!" Mars cried in desperation, launching the attack towards the paradoys, hearing them scream and shatter once more before they began to regenerate and multiply. Some of the circles of fire flew in Neherenia's direction but Mars didn't waste time to see if they had hit. She ran towards the door.
Pluto Transform

Back to Crystal Tokyo

Pluto heaved Mercury on to her shoulders and dragged Galaxia by the hand back through time to Crystal Tokyo. She had stopped this evil before it successfully traveled through time. A slight smile crossed her lips for finally she felt she had done the Queen good.

She walked through her gate and dropped Mercury next to Galaxia. They were both heavily unconsious. Now it was up to Sailor Cosmos as to what to do with both of them. Pluto looked around, but as usual, she was alone. Where was Sailor Cosmos? and Nepherina? Pluto just stayed at her gate, hoping someone would find her with unconsious Mercury and Galaxia.
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Galaxia gets angry...

galaxia stirred, but kept her eyes shut. Not fully concious, she knew not to open your eyes until you were aware of your surroundings.
slowly she remebed everything that had happened. Galaxia burned with humiliation!
I have been caught and tied down like a fool! she thought angrily
fury welled up inside her, she the strongest senshi in the Galaxy had been trapped and caught by these idiots!
she started to boil with rage, steam was practically rising off her skin. When Galaxia could stand it no longer she let out a roar of fury, she shot up as the ropes binding her snapped and flew off, ser eyes glowed Red,
"You'll regret the day you fucked with me Sailor Pluto!" She bellowed her eyes burning.
With a snarl, she snatched up Mercury - zolts of electricity started flying off her body and with a final roar she disappeared.
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OOC: Last post for the day, I really need to get to bed. I'll pick this up tomorrow morning.

Mars felt the paradoys clawing at her as she ran for the door. Their laughter was filling her head. She kicked and punched wildly, trying to fight their grasping.

"Cosmos!" she cried. "Pluto! Somebody!"

Just as Mars was reaching for the door, one paradoy grabbed her around her neck. Mars coughed as the paradoy's grip tightened and she giggled into Mars' ear. Mars struggled to breathe as her fingertips edged towards the doorknob. Her free hand was trying to pry the fingers from around her neck. She could feel the lack of air starting to get to her. The rest of the paradoys were surrounding her and laughing, clawing at every part of her that they could reach.

With a burst of strength, Mars stopped trying to pull away the fingers at her throat and instead thrust her elbow back hard. She heard the paradoy squeal as she was thrown backwards but as soon as one was gone, many more rushed to take her place. However, that had been the one chance Mars had needed. Her fingers closed around the knob and she threw the door open, stumbling inside.

There she saw Galaxia disappear with Mercury. Her friend had disappeared again before Mars had had the chance to save her. She also felt Neherenia's aura disappear. Mars' eyes narrowed and she held her hands together, focusing. Then with a scream of pain and fury, she released another Burning Mandala attack. Her anger and frustration strengthening the blast, all of the paradoys were destroyed completely, their screams fading into silence.

"I did my best," she murmured as she fell to her knees with exhuastion and pain. She looked towards Pluto and Cosmos and then closed her eyes. She desperately needed to rest, her entire being was hurting. Her body from the attacks she had withstood from Mercury, Neherenia and the paradoys, and her heart from seeing one of her dear friends with those bracelets around her wrists and that evil look in her eyes.
Pluto Transform

Pluto and Cosmos

Pluto's eyes filled with happiness as she heard Sailor Cosmos's kind words. However she quickly hid this and began to think about Mercury and Galaxia.
She turned to Cosmos and said gently, "Cosmos, the real Ami is not dead. She is some where throughout time and sapce. We can get her back. How is something we must figure out. Our main concern is defeating this evil first. We must defeat Galaxia and Nepherina. Mercury is controlled by Galaxia so if we defeat Galaxia, we have a better chance of returning her starseed before breaking the braclets and getting Mercury back. Be strong, we will triumph.
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Galaxia's mouth twitched into a grateful smile, and she absentmindedly stroked Neherenia's beautiful hair,
"How do you get it so soft?" She asked quietly.

She glanced over at Mercury, and it was as if it Jolted her memory, tossing neherenia's hair aside, she threw herself in her chair furiously,
"I can't believe it, Those IMBECILES They-they attacke ME whats more they actually HURT me and knocked me UNCONCIOUS!! DAMN THEM TO HELL!!!!!!! I'll KILL THEM I'LL KILL EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM!!!" She was shaking with rage her face white
"I'll NEVER live down this humiliation" She spat
Pluto Transform

Tired Pluto

Pluto began to lean heavily on her time staff as she realized how tired she was from the battle she had just endured. She took Nepherina's attack straight on and still went forth after Mercury and Galaxia. She had used a lot of strength in her attacks and was now feeling hwo drained she truly was. She looked over at Cosmos and stood up as straight as she could. She didn't want to worry Cosmos by being so tired from the battle.
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