August 28th, 2004

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OOC: Woah, I disappear for one day and all this happens?! Sorry for the delay, everybody.

Mars reeled from the punch that Mercury delivered. She fell to the floor in complete shock.

It was like she couldn't move. Mercury was gone. And she had been there just a second ago as her normal self. Rei cursed mentally. If only she had gone straight after Ami, if only she hadn't been so stupid to leave the meeting at once! I'm a bad person Mars thought. She looked up at her friend with Galaxia by her side and saw those bracelets on her arms. The evil in the room was so powerful and Mars felt herself close to drifting away. Her head hurt.

So she was glad when Venus, Uranus and Cosmos came in. She nodded at everyone. "I'm fine," she said shakily whenever anyone asked.

But Mars still couldn't bring herself to fight as she stared at Mercury and Galaxia. Mercury's eyes were cold and Galaxia managed to dodge Cosmos' attack easily.

If only I had been here earlier... Mars clenched her fist and struggled to regain the will to fight. SHe was enduring her own inner battle. Half of her wanted to cry and scream at herself for being so stupid and the other half wanted to launch herself at Galaxia and set her on fire for doing this to her friend.

As soon as Mercury disappeared, Mars turned to Cosmos. "Sailor Cosmos..." she said quietly, "I'm so sorry." Then she collapsed on the floor, unconscious. Red light surrounded her again and she reappeared in her red dress, her henshin wand lying at her side.

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"If you insist..." Neherenia muttered as she she sat down to watch the fight having nothing else really to do. However, the mirror caught her eye and she looked at her reflection in the pristine glass.

In her mind she was a flawless beauty with which none could comapre...except possibly her partner who she had started to eye in the mirror's surface. With a smirk she stood up and walked over to the woman's side.

She held her hand up and shot dark energy bolts from the tips of her fingers at Sailor Cosmos.

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OOC: haruka galaxia and mercury left already i think it's nehlenia that attacked cosmos.IC: "Uranus" Cosmos called out.

"Becareful and watch what your doing" Cosmos said.


Sending the blast at nehlenia.

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Sailor Uranus saw the energy fly and jumped in front of Cosmos to block the shot, if they were ever to defeat the enemy they would need Cosmos not her.

Her mind was focused on protecting Sailor Cosmos and she closed her eyes as the energy hit, but it didn't hit. She opened them and saw Sailor Venus lying on the ground hurt from the attack but still she rose although wobbily.

"SPACE SWORD BLASTER!" yelled Sailor Uranus as she lept at Galaxia, she was the ring leader and she needed to be destroyed first.
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OOC: Oopsie


Neherenia did her best to dodge the attacks thrown her way. She made her way to the mirror as quickly as possible and materilized into it as she had done for her enterence.