August 27th, 2004

Pluto Transform

Pluto speaks of danger

Pluto ran along the palace halls, trying to sense where Small Lady was. She just had to get to her, had to make sure she was safe and to ensure she would stay safe.

Sweat was running down her face and her heart was racing. Then a lingering, cool feeling moved across her body and she stopped dead in her tracks. Evil was in the palace, she could feel it. Something bad was going to happen.

Pluto hesitated...go find Small Lady or go and follow the evil present?

"Small Lady could be where this evil is!" she thought to herself.

She began to creep swiftly among the shadows, sensing where the evil was. With each step she took, she could feel it growing stronger.

Then she stopped in frusteration. The evil present was very close by, but she couldn't sense Small Lady.

"You have a choice to make," she said to herself, "You can go find Small Lady or you can go and seek out this evil presence and confront it."

Pluto breathed heavily.

"If there is evil here, then what makes you think evil isn't waiting to pounce on everyone...on Small Lady?!? What makes you think you should go find this evil, and alone? You know better! You need all the scouts. Plus, you know Small Lady is in danger!"

She made her decision...she had to go to Small Lady. So she turned in place and quickly raced through the corridors, sensing where Small Lady was. She made her way to the thrown room, where she felt Small Lady's presence. Once again, she burst through the doors and this time, with a sigh of relief to see Small Lady there, she swiftly walked over to her.

She kneeled low and this time, directed her words to King Endymion, Queen Serenity, and Small Lady, however she took time in what she was saying.

"My Dear Queen, My King, Small Lady...forgive me of my second interuption in your royal thrown room, but I have to tell you what I know. It can't wait any longer!"Here Pluto paused and looked at the three faces she knelt before. She waited for a response, but got nothing of the kind. She could see Queen Serenity had lost some of her energy, she could sense King Endyimon's worry for his wife, and she could see the Small Lady had been snapped back into reality. With this, they said nothing, they just looked at Pluto to continue.

There is a great evil coming, I have felt it. You must prepare youreselves for the worst. I also have sensed a lingering evil...." she paused to let what she had said sink in so far, " evil that wants to take over Small Lady. And, this evil is in the palace as we speak!" With that, Pluto said no more.
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Pluto Transform

Inside war

Pluto looked abruptly to Small Lady. She could see she was shocked and could feel how puzzled she was.

"Small Lady, you can't go anywhere alone. You must stay close to the others all the time. This evil is very powerful. Watch yourself. I, for one, am willing to keep you safe and protected. Maybe you should come back to my time space door with me, that way you will always be with me and away from the palace, where this evil is lurking around."

As soon as these words passed her lips, the Queen collapsed on the floor. Pluto went over to her and held her head on her lap, continuously wipping away the constant flow of tears down her cheeks.

"Evil has struck," she thought to herself, "That's why Serenity is crying...she's felt it's attack..."

Pluto had an inside war going on. This was awful and the other scouts in the room had no idea what she knew, she could tell by their shocked and confused expressions. They had only seen her bust through the doors twice!

Pluto then directed this at King Endyimon, not meeting his gaze, "King, I don't mean to impose, again, but you need to warn the scouts of the intruder that passed through my gate...the evil in the they want Small someone has been attacked...."

With this, tears rolled down Pluto's cheek and she continued comforting Queen Serenity.

"They just don't know..." Pluto thought to herself "They have no idea...."
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Serenity was about to bury her head in her husband's shoulder when she saw venus leave the throne room a vision of the last fight she was in the one that cost her the lives of her prince and her friends as her eyes where closed she muttered 2 words.

"It's back" Serenity said.

Opening her eyes to look at everyone in the room.

"I fear chaos has returned and has once more taken over the body of galaxia" Serenity said.

Holding onto her husband she then saw venus leave the room and shouted.

"Venus no come back" Serenity shouted.

"Pluto you need to send chibiusa back to the past to a time and place where she will be safe from this evil" Serenity said.

Standing up she pulled out her locket.


In a flash of light Sailor Cosmos stood where the Queen had ben.

"I am now known as Sailor Cosmos Senshi of Light and Hope I need you all to transform. You to kakyuu unless you'd like to go to the past with my daughter and protect her" Cosmos said.

Cosmos ran out of the throne roo followed by her husband and senshi and into the room where venus was.

"Venus we are here to back you up and don't listen to amy she is no longer on our side i felt it and i also got the telepathic message she sent before her starseed was taken" Cosmos said.

Going to mars she helped her friend up off the ground.

"You ok mars" Cosmos asked?
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Endymion ran to his fallen wife and embraced her. He held her in his arms. Endymion also felt pain from Ami's lost. He already knew who the enemy probably was. The only enemy that could cause this much pain for Serenity. He didn't want to say who it was, until he was completely sure.
"Serenity... I will protect you. We will bring Ami back..." Endymion said as he kissed Serenity's forehead.


Kakyuu ran to the side of Serenity. Her body was limp from the pain. Kakyuu knew that the evil that invaded her kingdom was already here. The immense evil in the castle was already present. Kakyuu looked around with her clutched hand. She would use all of her power to kill this evil. Kakyuu brought her problems to Serenity and felt responsible for Ami's lost.


Taiki clutched his fist as he heard the news from Serenity. Ami's presence was no longer present in the castle. Whatever happened to her, Taiki would get her back. His hidden feelings for her were still present from the time of the last battle together. He had to get Ami back, nothing would stand in his way.
"We have to get Ami back..."

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Cosmos watched as venus was blasted.

"Venus are you ok" Cosmos asked?

Looking at galaxia she glared.

"Luck had nothing to do with it good always triumphs over evil" Cosmos said.

Pointing her staff at galaxia.


Sending her attack towards galaxia.

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Haruka held Michiru close, whatever was happening she wouldn't let her be harmed by it.

"Don't worry Serenity we are all here to protect you, even if it costs us our life."

Minako nodded her head in agreement "Ami" she muttered under her breath, why hadn't she notice her leaving?

"Where's Rei?" she said panicking and looking around the room, she hadn't noticed her leaving either. She ran out of the room and down a long corridor, she heard fighting.

"VENUS CRYSTAL POWER AKE UP!" she gracefully transformed into the Sailor of Love. She came to the scene and was shocked at what she saw.

"Ami-chan what are you doing?" she yelled out. "VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!" she shouted as her chain surronded Sailor Mercury, "Stop this" she commanded and hoped her chain would hold.
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Rei was counting when suddenly a sharp pain hit her head. Before she knew it, tears were running down her face and she was sure that everyone must have felt that something was wrong. Something was incredibly wrong.

"Mars Star Power! Make up!" She threw her henshin wand up into the air and caught it again. Red light surrounded her and she appeared in her uniform, fists clenched. With that, she kicked open the door to Chibi-Usa's room. Her eyes widened.

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Galaxia laughed wickedly as the blue starseed was fully formed in her hand. It throbbed with energy, Galaxia snapped her fingers and it dis

"I got tired of waiting" Galaxia replied coldly "I think we should leave the pink haired one,, you will be suspected immediatly and she will be to heavily guarded." Thinking fast she said "We let them know of our prescence and where we're staying and wait for them to come to us and when the little brat is not as protected thats when we strike"


Ami looked up as Sailor mars burst into the room.
"Hello mars" she said calmly, he looked up at Galaxia, as if waiting orders. Galaxia nodded sharply.
Mercury star power! make-up! She yelled, Sailor Mercury faced Mars her eyes glinting. With warning she lunged forward and punched Mars hard across the face, she stepped back satisfied.

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Sailor Venus looked from Mercury to Mars. Mercury was not one to lie but what about what Serenity had said.

"Serenity said she could not feel your presence why is that?" she asked not letting go of the chain "How can I believe you after what the queen said!"

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Venus nodded to Sailor Cosmos and tightened her chain around Mercury.

"Sorry Ami but you are no longer one of us" she said and a tear escaped her eye. "Don't think yoru getting away with this Galaxia!" she yelled

Uranus looked at Michiru and nodded.

"URANUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP!" she shouted and transformed into Sailor Uranus.

"We must help Cosmos" she said running out of the room and down the hall. She spied Galaxia and glared.

"I thought we already kicked your ass once!" she said spitefully.

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Venus fell back and lost her grip on her chain as it vanished around Sailor Mercury.

She looked at Sailor Cosmos then back to Galaxia as she picked herself up.

Galaxia seemed so much more powerful this time, this would not be good.

Uranus glared at Galaxia as she spoke to Sailor Cosmos.

"You won't be saying that when she beats you again!" she growled

Ami has a plan

Mercury said nothing as Venus trapped her in the circle, she looked to Galaxia for guidence.
Galaxia shook her head said coldly,
"Get out of this yourself" was all she said,
Ami nodded. Thinking, she had a plan.
"Minako! Minako! Please - I'm not on Galaxia's side! Rei is! Thats why I hit her! She was attacking me, they were all attacking me! Please Minako, please let me go! They'll kill you then me!" She pleaded

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Mercury did not hesitate, she stared Venus straight in the eye and said calmly
"She did not feel my presence because Galaxia attemped to steal my starseed. Mars came in and managaed to regain it for me in exchange for her own. Now we must destroy Mars - there is nothing we can do for her, her soul is gone Mars is dead. Either we kill her, or she kills us, thats the way it works"


Galaxia nodded in aproval. She is learning well, She will be s a most valuable member of my team

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Mercury looked at Galaxia desperately.
Galaxia looked as if she was about to leave, but she changed her mind. She pointed her finger at Venus and blasted her - not enough to kill her.
She didn't even bother to reply to Uranus, but she turned to her main enemy, sailor Cosmos.
"Don't think you will win again Sailor Cosmos. You're still just a stupid little girl who won by pure luck. I have grown in strength I can not be so easily defeated this time"
Pluto Transform

Pluto takes Small Lady

Pluto let the King take Serenity in his arms. She saw how his strength calmed Serenity down and comforted her. She needed that in this time of hour. They needed to be together and gather strength inorder to be prepared for battle.

She went to Small Lady and decided to lead her away from the scene. She was going to take her to the Time Door with her so they both would be away from the evil in the palace.
At least there Pluto knew every corner of her post and would be better prepared to fight, if any evil dared come to her. As well, she could protect the time Door so no one crossed time again, and in the case of desperate measures, she could send Small Lady back to the past to ensure her safety...

Just as she started to walk away she heard Queen Serenity address her. "Pluto you need to send chibiusa back to the past to a time and place where she will be safe from this evil" Serenity said.

Pluto smiled inside, she and Serenity were always on the same page. She nodded her head. Then she saw Sailor Cosmos standing in the thrown room, addressing the others.

She looked at Princess Kakyuu, waiting for her response to see if she would accompany Small Lady to the past.

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Galaxia dodged the attack easily,
"Pitiful" She said, shaking her head.

As soon as the chain was released Mercury yelled
Aqua rapsody! sending her attack at Uranus.
"Sailor Venus is right. I'm not one of you anymore and I will not hesitate to kill any of you if you cross my path. I'm on the winning side, it would be wise if you joined me" She spat,
Galaxia listened to her little speech with amusement. When Mercury was finished she said coldly
"Come" And disappeared. Now Mecury wore the bracelets she found she could to.
With a final sneer, Mercury disappeared.
Pluto Transform

Goodbye to Small Lady and Chibi Chibi

Pluto watched as Sailor Cosmos and the others ran out of the thrown room. She held onto Small Lady's shoulder tightly. She didn't want to wait for a response from Princess Kakyuu. She was taking Small Lady, and she was taking her now.

She decided to exit the thrown room from the back door since all the comotion was in the front...she definatly was NOT bringing attention to her and Small Lady. As she started to walk, she noticed Chibi Chibi sleeping peacefully behind Queen Serenity's thrown, uninteruppted and oblivious to the evil around her. She picked up the little child in her arms, and with Small Lady, led her through the backways of the palace.

When they finally reached the Space Time Door, she gently placed Chibi Chibi in her sisters arms. She looked Small Lady directly in her eyes, "Small Lady, you are now responsible for you and your sister. I'm sending you both to the far past, back when your mother had just been discovered by Luna as Sailor Moon. Even though evil will still be in the past, Sailor Moon and the scouts defeated the Negaverse, and all evil to come after...that gives you a lot of time. I will send with you you Luna P to keep in touch with you. I will let you know when it will be time to return you to the present, here with your mother, Queen Serenity."

With that, Pluto turned her back on Small Lady and Chibi Chibi. She raised her key into the air and shouted out "Time Guardian! Tear apart the sky, and open the space-time door to me! I call the true name of the almighty god of time, the time guardian's father! Chronos! Reveal to me the path of light!"

The wind picked up from the sky and a mist creeped down through the clouds, creating a heavy fog. In a sudden flash of light, the time space door was revealed and Pluto stood holding her staff at the entrance. She nodded at Small Lady and saw her walk through the door. When Small Lady and Chibi Chibi vanished from sight, the door closed and Pluto stepped away. In a blink of an eye, the door was gone, and there Pluto stood, alone, once again.
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