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Galaxia positioned herself in Chibi-Usa's room and waited impatiently.
Neherenia Had better get that brat up here Galaxia thought venomously If she doesn't I will kill her - I don't have time for incompetence, anyone who fails me dies
With these thoughts in mind, she started looking around Chibi-Usa's room a sneer on her face.
Galaxia stopped at a drawing Chibi-Usa had done, pinned neatly to the wall, it was of her, Serenity and Enymion.
One big happy family Galaxia thought scornfully I can't wait to destroy it
She picked up a small, pink horse. It was as if she remebered it? She ran her long fingers across its mane,
I..I remeber this toy She thoughtI used to have it when I was a child
A child... It had been so long since Galaxia had been a child, she had completely forgotten she had been one.
She remebered so little of her childhood. Galaxia's eyes lost some of their coldness as a thought skitted through her mind,
what were my parents like? Galaxia had no memories of her parents.
She suddenly snapped out of her dream like state and mentally slapped herself
Eurgh! What a fool I am! Thinking about such stupid things! Family are nothing, they get you killed, they prove no use to you at all
She pocketed the horse absentmindedly
where is that stupid little girl!?

A Dear Friend Is Lost

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Serenity stood up when she saw Pluto but then she got amy's telepathic message and collapsed to the floor tears rolling down her cheecks as she cried.

Sending a telpathic message to her she hoped amy would hear it.

~Amy my dear friend your so brave and i promise we will get you back to normal.~

Serenity just laid there on the floor crying.
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Without waiting for any other responses, Rei nodded to Queen Serenity and left the room. She couldn't stand waiting around.

Whatever the evil was, she wished that it would at least show itself instead of a feeling of doom nagging at her. Her red dress trailed behind her as she swept along the corridors. Everybody had agreed it wasn't safe to be alone at this time, but Rei didn't think that they would risk an attack in the palace at the moment. Nothing would dare to show itself yet, everybody was in the same place and the senshi were a lot stronger than they used to be. She was completely confident that whatever evil had targeted them, they would defeat it. Not just for what it had done to the Starlights and Kakyuu, but for even daring to come near them and ruin their peace.

Thinking about this, Rei's eyes narrowed. She made it back to her room and shut the door and the curtains, going to the fireplace that was over to one side. She wanted to see if she could do what she used to do years ago. Her powers had developed since then, surely she would be able to see something, anything. Everybody else was going to see Pluto, she would know something at least but Rei couldn't wait for them to go and then return and report. She wanted to know for herself.

The fire was lit and Rei kneeled and closed her eyes, preparing.

They weren't to be alone if there was danger around, but Rei couldn't do this while anyone else was present. She wanted to know what they were up against for herself, without having to see how Kakyuu looked pained, or how the Starlights looked both proud and subdued, or how they had all begged for help.

She tried to clear her mind as the flames started to burn brighter.

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Ami watched as Rei slipped out of the room,
we're not supposed to go anywhere slone she though half irritably I suppose thats just Rei. Never bothers to listen to anyone, she thinks she's always right. I'd better go and see if she's alright
Unoticed by anyone, Ami followed Rei into Rei's bedroom.
She watched with interest as Rei kneeled in front of her fire, she knew better than to disturb her while she was reading her flames.
I'd better wait outside she thought and tiptoed outside and leaned against the door, she knew Rei could spend hours in front of her fires.
Pluto Transform

Pluto's Sense's

The longer Pluto was alone with her thoughts, the stronger her feelings got and the sharper her senses became.

She was worried for the time yet to come. Now that she knew of this disruption she felt was because of the evil lingering along the side lines of time, a growing disturbance settled in the pit of her stomach. She wondered if the any of the other scouts, the starlights, Princess Kakyuu, King Endymion, Queen Serenity, or anyone, felt, or knew what she knew.

Sitting at her post, she was somber and mentally preparing herself for anything to come. She continued to think of those few people who she loved so dearly, the people who meant so much to her...Queen Serenity and Small Lady at the top of the list, for whom she’d do anything...along with the inner and outer scouts, who she didn't feel that close with, but who she still cared for....

“Small Lady....” She whispered, as her thoughts trailed off.

“Small Lady....” She whispered again, still not aware of the words that came out her mouth as her thoughts kept snowballing and building.

Small Lady!” She said with expression as she snapped out of her thoughts and heard the words that slipped from of her lips.

Pluto’ heart began to race as she let this feeling and her thoughts sink in. Something was waiting to pounce on Small Lady and take her over...she could feel it...and Small Lady had no idea...

Pluto jumped up and grabbed her staff. She was off in a sprint to go and find Small Lady. This time there was no hesitation in leaving her post. Next to Queen Serenity, she would risk everything for Small Lady...even disobeying the laws, once again, and the promise she made to herself, in order to ensure her safety.

Pluto only hoped she wasn’t too late...
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Neherenia materilized in the room through the mirror, looking over to her partner. "How are things going?" She brushed her hair over her shoulder as she walked over to the two. "Already? That was quick."

She brushed her hand over her long skirts as she turned back to the mirror, admiring her beauty. "Where's the pink one? Has she showed herself as of yet?"
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Rei began to feel the familiar calm as she watched the patterns in the fireplace. She felt at home looking into the fire, the fire seemed to hear her questions and through the hues of orange and red, she focused on the black and blue centre of the flames. She felt herself being drawn in, she felt her spirit responding to the warmth. It was a feeling she hadn't felt so strongly in a long time.She watched and she focused. She gradually saw a face appear in the flames.

"Ami?" Rei whispered. Her heart began to race as the feeling of something being very close clouded her senses. Something so close, she felt she almost had her grip on the meaning. Rei gasped breathlessly as the feeling started to overcome her. That feeling of being nearly able to grasp what was in her reach, she was so close to understanding, she knew it.

Then all of a sudden, it was gone. And there was no feeling whatsoever, just the burning fire. Rei realised that she was still kneeling and breathing hard. She got up shakily and leaned on the wall, no longer staring into the flames. Such a powerful feeling. Then she felt it again, just for a moment. Running to the door of her room, almost as if she could catch it, she threw the door open...

...and came face to face with Ami standing there.

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I wonder what destroyed the starlights Planet...It must have been incredibly powerful. Ami felt a flicker of doubt Can we really fight it?
Ami mentally scolded herself,
Of course we can fight it! We have faced Death before and we have triumphed! As long as we have hope we will always prevail. As long as we believe we can win, we can never be completely destroyed-
Ami had been lost in thought the door suddenly went flying open and Rei came out looking frantic,
"Rei? Rei!? What happened? What did you see!?" She asked urgently, she grabbed Rei's arm
"Rei" She said slowly "What did you see?</i>
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Rei felt a sharp burst of shock when she saw Ami standing outside her door. Ami's eyes were wide and Rei barely heard her question. Her head was spinning and her heart was still racing. She could hear the blood pounding in her ears. Seeing Ami's concern, she tried to calm down and then realised that she hadn't answered Ami's question.

"You were standing outside my door." Rei shook her head. "All that time you were standing outside my door." She looked towards the fire and then shook her head some more.

"I saw you, Ami-chan. And I had this feeling of something being close." She laughed again, a cold, unbelieving laugh. "And you were standing outside my door." Rei turned away and clenched her teeth. "I was so sure I could sense something, like I was close to knowing something...But maybe my sense is wrong. I could have just been feeling your aura nearby, and not some great universal answer to this problem." She threw her hands up in frustration. "What is wrong with me lately?"

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"Rei" Ami said cooly, "We were instructed not to go wondering around on our own, now I'm sorry you feel no need to respect the rules set to assure our safety, but when a friend comes to ensure you are okay it is pure politeness to show a little gratitude" She turned her head coldly "I am sorry I disturbed your vision. Next time I will not be so quick to rush in" And with that she turned on her heel and walked swiftly down the hallway, as she walked past Chibi-Usa's room, she was sure she saw something move.
Poking her head in the room she called out uneasily
"Hello?" The room was dark, Ami flicked the light switch on and stepped into the room. But to her intense relief it was empty. Ami turned around to leave and came face to face with Galaxia!
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"Ami..." Rei started but Ami had already turned and walked off back to her own room.

Rei sighed heavily. Ami had misinterpreted what she had said. Rei was never the best at trying to put her feelings into words.

She had seen Ami in the fire, and she had felt something nearby. And it had turned out that Ami was nearby. Rei was fairly sure that she hadn't been having a vision of any kind, she was probably just sensing Ami nearby. Had she lost her touch and her spiritual sense? The idea of losing something that was previously so strong was disconcerting.

It wasn't like Ami to be angry. But she was right. Rei had rushed off and not thought about the consequences. Everybody was trying to stay safe and yet Rei was almost asking for trouble.

Rei decided to go and apologise. She extinguished the fire and then shut the door to her room. She looked around the corridor for a moment. Was everybody still at the meeting? How had the others gone with Pluto? So many questions. It was eerily quiet, the only sound being Rei's footsteps as she made her way towards Ami's room.

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Galaxia could hardly contain her glee at having the water senshi come right into her hands! But forced her face to stay sinister, slightly amused and cruel
"Hello Ami" Galaxia said calmly "No doubt you remeber who I am?"
Galaxia stopped suddenly, she could hear footsteps.
In one quick movement she had her hands around Ami's throat
"One word" She warned, She raised her hand to the door "And I blast you're stupid little friend and steal her starseed...You wouldn't want that now would you?"
She watched the girl shake her head,
something about her was bugging Galaxia, what was it?
her eyes...
"Your eyes!" She hissed "They hold no fear! Do you not fear me child? Are you not scared a will rip your throat out here and now? Do you not fear your life? or the life of your friends and family?" She stared into her eyes
"Tell me the truth" She tightened her grip "I will know if you're lying"
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Rei raised her hand to knock on the door. She paused for a moment and took a deep breath, then lowered her hand. Then she raised her hand again, and then lowered it. Finally, she frowned with determination and knocked.

"Ami? I...wanted to apologise." She swallowed. "I just meant that maybe I was sensing you there instead of having a vision of some kind. And I shouldn't have rushed off like that, but you know me." She laughed uncertainly. "And besides, if you didn't want me to be alone, then I don't think you should be alone either. Ok, Ami-chan?" Rei waited for a response. There wasn't one and she frowned.

"I can come back later." Slightly disappointed, Rei walked back towards her room, passing Chibi-Usa's room on the way.

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Ami choked as Galaxia tightened her hands around her neck, in the distance she could hear Rei trying to talk to her Ami wanted to scream out, but she knew she couldnt.
In a flash she saw she had done precisley the thing she had scolded Rei for she had gone off on her own She cursed herself how could I? The palace isn't safe! Nowheres safe!
Galaxia's hands were ice cold and her nails were digging into Ami's neck.
She coughed and tried to answer Galaxia's question. She
"I'm not scared because...I know as long...As long as my friends...are by my side...I can't be...Destroyed..I will always live....In them...That is why I do no fear...Death!"
She looked at the door desperately, she knew Galaxia would not hesitate to kill her - or anyone else who got in her way.
"How...Did you get back" Ami asked with extreme difficulty

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Galaxia threw her head back in laugher at Ami's response
"you fool!" She snickered "Once you're dead, you're dead! having you're friends remeber to visit your grave once a month doesn't make you alive, you niave little idiot!"
She looked at her thoughtfully
"For such a smart person you really are stupid" Then she added "In response to your question-" She cut off suddenly and
clamped her hand over Ami's mouth as yet again they heard footsteps go past the room,
A gleam in her eye Galaxia decided to have a little fun with the two girls, her hand still clamped around Ami's neck, she called softly in a sweet voice.
now to have some fun she thought wickedly I hope Neherenia and the brat get here soon...What fun. two senshi!
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Rei couldn't help but feel sad and disappointed. It really wasn't like Ami to be so angry that she wouldn't even talk to her.

As she passed Chibi-Usa's room, Rei thought she heard something, almost like a tiny cough. She frowned and then felt a creeping feeling along the back of her neck.

"What is this presence?" she said to herself. Chibi-Usa was with the others in the throne room, she was sure of it. Maybe her sense was off again.

She thought she heard Ami's voice calling her name. She was just being paranoid, sensing doom everywhere since things were so tense. "Ami-chan?"

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Galaxia could hear the senshi calling Ami's name, and she suddenly thought of a way to bring Ami to her side.
"Ami" She said coldly "If you do not agree to work for me I will kill your friend Rei, its a simple choice. Your life. Or hers" She nodded in the direction of the door, "If you decided not to do it, then I will steal your friends starseed. and she will die."
"You must hurry" She added, "If you have not chosen in the next 15 seconds I will kill your friend anyway"

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Ami closed her eyes briefly, dispair and pain shooting through her body.
I must save Rei she thought instantly But I'll be a traitor...Once I go over to her side I know there is no going back, I'll be rejected as a senshi forever. and no one will ever no why I did it - they will think I'm a weak fool. Mabye I am? A senshi wmust never go against her friends. If it wasmylife she was threatening I would say no and let her kill me. But its not me...Its Rei, I can't let her kill Rei I MUST sacrifice myself for her, she is so much more useful as a senshi. If only she was offering to kill me, not corrupt me. If I go bad...
"5 seconds left" Galaxia said maliciously.
Ami could hear Rei outside the door, she wanted to scream
"Get out!!! Leave!! Save yourself!!" But she couldnt.
Ami lowered her head. A tear fell down and splashed on the floor, then another.
I don't have a choice. I can't let Rei die I can't I cant!"
She looked up, and looked Galaxia straight in the eye.
"I've made my decsion" She said, she tried to be brave but her voice trembled.
She raised her arms.
"Take it"
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"Ami-chan? Is that you?" Rei knocked once more. She thought that she heard another sound inside Chibi-Usa's room. Maybe Ami was in her own room. Why would she be in Chibi-Usa's room anyway?

"I'm going to count to fifteen, and then I'm coming in."

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Galaxia's cackled maliciously
What a fool! Sacrificing herself and all she knows to save her friend!
Galaxia raised her hand and slowly pulled the starseed from Ami's chest, it was bright blue and so shiny it made Galaxia's eyes hurt.

The end of Ami

Ami closed her eyes and braced herself for the attack, she felt it immediatly - it was as if something was pulling at her very soul, she was vaulted backwards onto her back
She could hear screaming in her head, her eyes bled tears as she opened her mouth and let the pain out. she tried to scream but nothing more than a whisper came out. She ceased to move she could see her starseed above her head,
With her remaing life she managed to whisper
"I didn't mean to..." she willed the message to be heard by all - please...please hear me, my friends. I didn't mean.. Then her eyes closed the pain was lessening, but there was a constant ache somewhere in her mind. She gasped a few times,
I'm dying
But then she felt something cold and heavy clamp themselves on her wrists. Her eyes snapped open, the pain was gone. But she could still hear the screaming in her head.
"Stand" Galaxia snapped somewhere above her head, Ami stood obediantly.
"Who do you serve?" Galaxia barked
The words were barely out of Galaxia's mouth before Ami said proptly