August 22nd, 2004

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Kakyuu stared up at Serenity. Her teared up eyes were obvious by now. She noticed how Serenity stumbled. Her face was pale, and her eyes were not as bright. Something was not right, not right at all. Kakyuu tried to sense where the enemy was but nothing came to her mind. 'They must be somewhere that my powers can not reach...' Kakyuu thought.
"I just hope no one loses their lives during this upcoming battle..." Kakyuu folded her hands. 'Please... Give these senshi all of my power to protect them and give them strength... I wish nothing but goodluck on my friends,' She prayed to herself.


Taiki saw Yaten hold back his anger. Taiki smirked a bit at the humor that Yaten emulated when he was angry. As hard as Yaten tried, Taiki thought, he could never fool him. Deep inside, past Yaten's facade, he was the most unlikely person to be angry.
"Serenity, thank you. We can't stress our graditude enough. Thank you," Taiki said.

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Hotaru nodded at Serenity. "I'll come, Serenity."

"Saturn Planet Power, Make up!"

Hotaru waved her hand in the air, the nails turning a dark purple. A blinding flash of purple light appeared, then disappeared along with the old Hotaru. She stood as Sailor Saturn, her Silence Glaive in hand. "Let's go see Pluto." She looked over at Chibiusa, who had a worried look on her face. She tried to smile for her. "Would that make you feel better, Chibiusa?"
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chibi-usa looks around her, everyone looks so worried.
and she had no idea what was going on. she looked around for helios agian, but didnt find him, as usual.
where has he gone? she wondered to herself.
she began to feel a bit lonly, so she went over to her mother and sat next to her .
"mother, why is everyone so worried?" she askes her.
break the silence

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"I will come too..." Kakyuu said to Serenity, "I might be some help to you. It's the least I can do..." Kakyuu clutched her fist as she thought of the enemy. The heartless souls that destroyed her kingdom. Saddness and anger filled Kakyuu as she stepped towards Serenity. "We will stick together though this, right?"

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Haruka holding Michiru's hand nodded her head.

"I will go" she said "I think it may be best if the outers all went" she said looking at Hotaru who already said she would go.


Mina looked around. "I don't think everyone should go" she said "To many of us may draw attention" she said "I'll stay here" she volunteered "Keep an eye on things around here" she smiled.
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Rei watched the scene unfold and as her Queen stumbled, she moved forward, about to help. However, she stepped back again when she saw that Queen Serenity was all right.

But something pricked at her conscious, almost like an itch she couldn't quite scratch. Something wasn't entirely right. It was probably a good idea that they go and see Pluto, she had mentioned something passing through the door before she had returned to her post.

"Queen," Rei said after Minako had finished speaking, "I think I will stay also." She wanted to go back to her room and see if she could sense anything more if she had space to concentrate.