August 17th, 2004

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Nehernia stood pondering for a moment. A long, thin finger was perched on the side of her chin, the long nail shinning dangerously. "I don't know much of this time, last I saw the girl she was a senshi and tried desperatly to retrive Tuxedo Kamen for my dream castle."

Her head tilted up in perplexition as she thought the situation over. "Find her when she's alone? No one could protect her and she's weak without the help of the others." Nehernia nodded slightly in agreement with her words.

"What are these Starlights you mention?"

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Galaxia thought hard, then her eyes suddenly lit up,
"One of the starlights" She hissed "They have great power and can be a valuable ally, and why should anyone suspect them?" She gave an evil chuckle. But then her face hardened again, "but for now we get the brat, any ideas on how to get her?"

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Galaxia shrugged
"I do not know anything about Chibi-Usa except she is Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen's child. And their weakest point. Of course they are incredibly weak, they surround themselves with friends and family, so when you destroy one, all of them fall." She smiled cruelly "Thats why I never show any feelings for my aniamates, I know they can be killed and I do not want any emotion to get in the way"
She looked directly at neherenia
"I of course feel the same way about you. You are my partner, but do expect me to feel anything for you. I will help you if you are injured or being attacked, but do not expect me to put my life in danger for you" She stopped for a moment and then continued "The starlights, they came with their Princess Kakyuu they are staying with the Queen Serenity because their own planet has been destroyed. Quite powerful, would be useful on our team, but don't be surprised of they refuse."

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Neherenia rolled her eyes, looking at her partner. "Oh, and here I was thinking you'd be madly in love with me and we'd sacrific our lives for one another." She shook her head, sighing under her breath. "Really..."

The smirk returned to her lips as she thought over what Galaxia had told her about the starlights. "Yes, they do sound like they would be powerful allies, we could just go about converting them a different way. Torture, brainwashing, I could put a mirror shard in them and they would be brainwashed." Her smirk widened. "That worked on Tuxedo Kamen."
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