Amy (caloris) wrote in __makenai,


Hi all...

I’m waiting for el_mihoshi to post again as Princess Kakyuu before I can post again as Pallas. Since sailorneptune13 appears to be unable to post, perhaps el_mihoshi could post as Galaxia and Kakyuu in the next post.

With sakuradolly having left, I’ll take both Mars and Jupiter (I think I might make a new LJ for Jupiter, already have one for Mars, but I’m not sure) unless someone else comes to take Mars. I have some vague ideas about what to do with Pallas, but none for Mars and/or Jupiter as of yet. I’d like to talk to Pluto and I think Endymion about plotting for that if possible.

Since sailorneptune13 is MIA and we’re down Ami *haggles evil ami-sama*, Galaxia and Michiru for now, maybe we can have them as NPCs until she is able to get access to a computer again?
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