Chibi Usa (aikosenshichibi) wrote in __makenai,
Chibi Usa

Tuxedo smiled at Moon and grasped her hand tightly, starting off into a slow jog with her by his side. He took deep breaths and paced himself.....with the peace that had lasted, he had not had too much physcial exertion or excerise in a while.
While he felt his heart beat faster and sweat begin to drip down his face, he said to his wife through breaths, "That its! When peace is restored to our kingdom, we are keeping up regular excerise sessions to keep us in shape!"

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    i am new here

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    THIS RPG IS DEAD! Thanks for everything guys. This RPG was fun but now it's time has come to end.

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    Hello all I must too drop out of the rpg! I really enjoyed it but due to the fact i'm in so many rpgs already and I run my own and I have my C.N.A…

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