♥Liz♥ (minioko) wrote in __makenai,

Hotaru sensed that something was going to go terribly wrong. She looked at Pluto.
"Setsu-mama...I need to talk to you alone.."She said taking Pluto's hand and walked off into a corner.
"Setsu-mama...Something doesn't feel right...Neptune and Uranus....something might happen...and I think Mistress Nine might go after them... Mistress Nine was freed from my body..."She said.
She walked back over to the King and Queen. "May I talk to you both...alone?" She said patting Chibi-Chibi on the head.
Mistress Nine walked out of the Castel. "Now if I were Neptune and Uranus where would I run to?"She said to herself.
"Maybe...I feel their starseeds...they aren't that far!" She thought and started off toward where she felt their starseeds.

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    i am new here

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    THIS RPG IS DEAD! Thanks for everything guys. This RPG was fun but now it's time has come to end.

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    Hello all I must too drop out of the rpg! I really enjoyed it but due to the fact i'm in so many rpgs already and I run my own and I have my C.N.A…

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