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Galaxia gave them all evil looks.
"I am not interested in your excuses" She said firmly.
"I know what I am going to do, I will use the old bracelets of my animimates to bring them back. Neherenia, I suggest you use your mirrors to bring back the Amazon Quartet"
She picked up a half rusted bracelet, which had previously begun to Tin Nyanko. She tossed it to the ground and pointed her finger at it, slowly a white figure started growing.
When the transformation was complete, Tin Nynako stood where the bracelet had once been.
"You see, when I killed her, her esscence of evil was left in the braclet" Galaxia explained "So when I command the evil can regrow and create her again"

OOC: is this okay 0_0; I think thats what susako meant ^^; and this is the only animiate wth a player so yeah >p


Neptune laughed as Haruka followed her, and held on to her,
"You're so protective Ruka" She said with an amused girn.

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    i am new here

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    THIS RPG IS DEAD! Thanks for everything guys. This RPG was fun but now it's time has come to end.

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    Hello all I must too drop out of the rpg! I really enjoyed it but due to the fact i'm in so many rpgs already and I run my own and I have my C.N.A…

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