susako (susako) wrote in __makenai,

Jupiter had been thrown backwards when the doors had shut. She was lying in the shadows when she saw Neherenia running along and slipping into the throne room.

"This is my chance..." she said out loud, seeing the crack in the door as Neherenia slipped through. Neherenia entered and the door slowly started to close.

"Flower hurricane!" Jupiter sent a blast of wind towards the doors, blowing them open. "Everyone!" she yelled. "Run now!"

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    i am new here

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    THIS RPG IS DEAD! Thanks for everything guys. This RPG was fun but now it's time has come to end.

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    Hello all I must too drop out of the rpg! I really enjoyed it but due to the fact i'm in so many rpgs already and I run my own and I have my C.N.A…

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