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If nothing is your fate...

there's no scenario

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This is the place for locating my fanfiction and icons. More rules about these things later.

My Icons:

-I take requests, whether they be a change of text, or a complete icon, I will do them.

-I must be credited in keywords, as either takemeunder23 or __mafalda (2 underscores)

-If you'd like a base to customize on your own, just ask.

-Comment if you take any. I'd like to know which ones people like the best, and also so I can keep track of them.

-If they are used outside of lj, let me know exactly were they're being used.

-Brushes: Evenstar brushes, inxsomniax, hecatesknickers, elli, aurey, inexorablyhere, merlyn_temple, ragingquietly, calixa, policeloveyou

-most PoA icons are using pics from teh_indy

My Fanfiction:

Disclaimer: I am not J.K. Rowling, nor do I claim to be. None of the people, places, or things from the Harry Potter universe are mine. However, certain people, places, and things in these stories are my own creation, like Ursula, Xander, and several other people. This story was written purely for entertainment value.

"A Web of Lies" is currently being beta-ed by smadronia. Thanks!



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