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If you're sick of Rating Communities you've found the right place!

This is a really simple community.

1.Post lyrics,post them whenever you want.It doesnt matter which song. Make sure somewhere you tell us the band/artist and the song. Thanks!

2.You are allowed to post comments, regarding the band/artist or song. Say your likes and dislikes.

3.Don't do anything you would regret. We don't tolerate stupidity. Voice your opinion but don't fight with us, or you will be banned!

4.If you want lyrics, in the subject line write "Request". Hopefully someone will be able to find the lyrics you have requested. Don't get mad if it takes long, no one is here to wait on you hand and foot so be patient.

5.The only way you are allowed to promote other communities is if you ask one of the mods. If not, you will be banned!

To make promoting simple just type this (minus the stars (*):

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/__lyyrics_"*>
<*img src="URL OF PICTURE"*><*/a*>

all you have to do is save the picture and upload it to photobucket, put the URL in the place it says "URL OF PICTURE" It's pretty simple. I hope you can help us out!


Enjoy.. .