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lyric love.

are you lyrically inspired?

lyric love
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This community was made for you to post lyrics. Post lyrics that you have written and want to share. Or post lyrics that you heard and you want others to hear them. These lyrics should inspire, move, or relate to you in someway.

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1. Please don't introduce yourself when you first join. An explanation on why the lyrics relate to you is fine, but I don’t think the world wants to know your life biography.

2. If you post something that someone else did, please give credit.

3. Comments made on posts are to be either feedback or constructive insights. If you do/don't like a piece, tell us why. We don’t want to hear: “LyKe tHaT suxxxx!!!!111one11!11”

4. Please do not spam your new community. Most of us don’t want to hear about your new rating community.

5. Be honest. If you didn’t write it, don’t say you did. That is why the world has copyright laws.

6. If you have written something please spell check and proofread your work before posting. Misspelled words & improper grammar are fine if they are meant to be poetic and such. We don’t want careless spelling errors. It will take away from the meaning and purpose of this community when there are typos and misspellings.

7. Do not make posts in different font colors. They are hard to read for some members and it's annoying. If any posts are made in anything other than the default, we will delete them.

8. Lj-cut all your lyrics please. Learn how to use lj-cut’s here.

If any of these are broken in any form or fashion, I reserve the right to delete the post and/or restrict posting access. Also, we are quick to ban any user who offends the mods or another community member or who doesn't abide by the simple rules and guidelines above.

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bottledstatic__ & h2o_sucker

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