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__lyla__layouts's Journal

__lyla layouts
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Welcome to __lyla__layouts, home to both pre-made and custom LJ layouts and otherparaphernalia you'd expect to find in an el-jay community of this sort.

For now, posts from anyone other than myself are moderated. While this means you can't post your own layouts, you can leave a request for a custom layout.

I will complete custom layouts as and when I can/the mood strikes. This community is run in my spare time, spurred on by boredom. I'm starting university in a month, so don't expect anything complicated to be done the minute you ask as of mid september.

Please note that layout previews are a lot lower quality to the actual layouts themselves. This is purely to save my bandwidth.


Feel free to ask for a specific layout, but only do it once. Nag me, and I'll ignore you.

Any credit tags I incorporate into the layouts should be left there. If you want to give saturrrday credit for icons and banners as well, that'd be just super.

Comment when you swipe something. Or even if you just like it.

Please don't hotlink. I'm a poor, lowly student. If anyone wants to treat me to a paid photobucket or some webspace, then you can steal all you want. But if you're going to do that, I'd rather you upgraded my personal journal first *g*



Born: August 16th 2005

Maintainer(s): saturrrday

Version: 1

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