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I've never posted in here before, but I have a pretty shitty life thing at the moment....

My boyfriend (Matt or Michael, 15) and I (Codi, 17) have been going out for over 3 months. 
He lives in Georgia.
He used to live in New York (which is where I live, and how we met)
I've been kicked out of my house for dating him.
I sold my guitar when he owed some people money. 
I bought him the puppy he really wanted.
He's been running away because his dad hits him.
Running away is against his probation.
The last time he ran away, he went to Pennsylvania (he didn't have the money to get to New York).
We have a mutual "friend" in New York. 
Or should I say slut.
She decided to screw him while he was there.
She's 21.
And she feels the need to call me a whore because Michael is 2 years younger than I.
Michael and I haven't had sex yet.
She fucked him.
And he's 6 years younger than her.
Anyway, back to being against his probation.
"Violation of probation" may land him 6 years in jail.
Or a work camp.
He's in there now 
(he got arrested on our 3 month anniversary)
He's suicidal, and cutting, and all this other stuff. 
I'm also cutting, and other stuff, especially since he got in there. 

Well, I'm now stuck.
I'm homeless.
I'm graduating in a month.
I'm moving to VA.
My boyfriend is in jail in GA.

All of his friends keep hitting on me too, and trying to get me to sleep with them.

I'm just very stuck in life right now.
It sucks.


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