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like the petals off of a flower [entries|friends|calendar]
Loves Me, Loves Me Not

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[24 Jul 2005|05:19pm]

join ___next
love me not

[23 Jul 2005|02:35pm]

join ___madd_hot
love me not

[21 May 2005|01:53pm]

1 love me| love me not

i love this guy [14 Feb 2005|02:07am]

love me not

hey [12 Feb 2005|10:21am]

hey guys sorry this community is going so down hill, we just need people to keep promoting and write more often---POST SOME PICTURES!.

anyways..if anyone wants to join this community go for it

love me not

[30 Jan 2005|09:38am]

i messed up my layout for my journal. i went to go put in a new picture and i think i deleted something because it isnt showing up. can someone help me re-do it? please
8 love mes| love me not

[26 Dec 2004|10:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]

hey guys...happy holidays and merry christmas!
get anything good?
what was everyones favorite present?

for me it was ddr...im TOTALLY obsessed....im in love with it and any game thats fun AND some kind of workout is definately for me.


2 love mes| love me not

christmas favor? [23 Dec 2004|12:11am]

[ mood | anxious ]

everyone want to do me a christmas favor?
send an email to photos@ipath.com
have the subject be 23

the email doesnt have to say anything
just have the subject be 23
...please do that for me!
ipath is having a contest
where if you take a pic w/ an ipath shoe on your head
you send it in
and people vote for wich they like best
if you do that you'll be really helping eric out
because he's trying to win...
it'd be awesome..
thanks everyone and merry christmas!
<3 kate

love me not

[19 Dec 2004|12:28pm]

Sorry, I have no time for communities anymore... I guess I've just lost interest. Sorry. Thanks for the time spent here, though. ~Brie Rose
love me not

[16 Dec 2004|04:34pm]

join--- ____thesex

-hows everyones week going?
..anyone doing anything special for christmas?
1 love me| love me not

[01 Dec 2004|07:32pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

does anyone know any good sites for dresses
cause we have this "christmas dance" coming up
and i guess it's formal and i need a dress
...help help help!!
<3 kate

snowboarding is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
love me not

MOD [27 Nov 2004|02:19pm]

[ mood | curious ]

hey everyone...
how was everyone's thanksgiving?
lets hear about it!!
<3 kate

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[25 Nov 2004|11:40am]

and if you would like a x-mas card form me
email me your address at: all_wasted_on_you@yahoo.com
1 love me| love me not

MOD [22 Nov 2004|03:42pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

hey everyone!

new pictureCollapse )
of my boyfriend eric and me
it's over 4 months now
everythings great!
i hope everyone has a really good thanksgiving
the big 1-5! whoo hoo!
love you!
<3 kate
4 love mes| love me not

[19 Nov 2004|04:39pm]


guess what kids..i have more pottery
i bet you just wet your pants in anticipation when you read that...

dreamin' what your seeing and knowing that I can read it, it's all for you Collapse )

1 love me| love me not

look at all the lonely people. [13 Nov 2004|11:12am]

hello hello
ive realized i dont post as often as i should...
with thanksgiving coming up in a few weeks
what is everyone doing?
whats your all time FAVORITE thanksgiving food...

im going over to my grandmas...and im definately looking forward to the turkey and the french silk bakers square pie...yummm
2 love mes| love me not

nothing's better then snowboarding.... [13 Nov 2004|08:59am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

i love snowboarding!!

went to ski brule yesterday
tons of friends from town were there
we all skipped school to go snowboarding
it was so awesome
i've missed snowboarding so much
i love it more then anything.
wow..it was great.
sam, you rock!
i love you and im glad you went! :)
<3 kate

6 love mes| love me not

MOD [10 Nov 2004|09:08pm]

[ mood | sad ]

i miss my friends.......

<3 kate

2 love mes| love me not

poems. [07 Nov 2004|10:01pm]

[ mood | creative ]

hey dudes, just wanted to let you know...i think i might gather up the courage to put the poem on here that i wrote when my cousin tommy died...katie, i don't even think i showed you...it's something a read a lot, but never really showed to anyone before...it probably doesn't make complete sense either b/c i wrote it the day after the wake, and i was upset. i think maybe if i let people read it, i would get it off my chest better...i will prolly post it tom. or something. well, that's all i had to say, i also wrote something called 'young and in love', but it's not done/good yet haha. pc dudes. i'll keep ya posted.

1 love me| love me not

[07 Nov 2004|07:34pm]

1 love me| love me not

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