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How to Achieve "Perfect" Brows

Before I begin, I want to be quite frank with you. Eyebrows are the finishing touch of your look. Let’s pretend you’re wearing this banging outfit, your trendy handbag, and a perfectly executed makeup application…but you have no eyebrows! The look is completely thrown off without some sort of finished eyebrow.

Before I started working for MAC, I struggled (and I still do, don’t get me wrong!) with eyebrows. I never filled them in, I went months without plucking, they had no shape, and they were just plain ugly! I didn’t realize what a great tool they are until I became a makeup artist. This is why it’s important to get a consultation once and a while, even if you can only afford it once a year, because artists can tell you what you’re doing right and maybe what you can improve on to feel more confident in your applications.

The basic tools you’re going to need for this are:

  • · Eyebrow powder (eyeshadow, shader, pencil, wax) & an eyebrow brush
  • · Highlight eyeshadow color
  • · A professional waxer, threader, or plucker. Or just have great experience shaping your own brows.
  • · Stencils &/or a steady hand.
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